Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day!

Did you know that September 13th is Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day!?  That sounds like a great creative family date idea to us! SOO… we’ve put together everything you need to have your own Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day Family Date! {Gosh, you’re totally welcome!}

Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day!

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Move over Mom and Dad, it’s time for the Kids to Take Over the Kitchen!  But this would be a fun idea to do ANYtime.. you don’t need to just do it on that specific day! Our amazing designer Courtney from Paperelli created all of these adorable printables to help make this day even more special! {Check her out! She is bursting with design talent!}

Setting Up

Whenever we have a family date around my house everyone gets excited! I have a white picture frame in my kitchen and I put in this printable page at the beginning of the day so the kids could see it.  Every time they walked by they’d look at it, get excited, and ask me if it was time to start cooking! 

Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day Art

This little apron was a perfect surprise for my little chefs! Plus – it was SO easy to make.  Picked up some Fabric Iron-On Transfer Paper and a few Small White Aprons.  I printed out the flipped design on to transfer paper and ironed it on to the apron. Done!! Really – it was so easy and I couldn’t be more happy about the way they turned out!


A few days before our family date we sat down together and planned the menu and the shopping list.  Some of the items we had and some we didn’t.  I dumped all three kids into one shopping cart and off we went with their shopping list. Some call me crazy – some call me mom! 🙂

Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day Recipe Ideas

Here is the little invitation I gave to the kids to introduce the idea.  Most of my little ones can’t read very well yet, so I gave it to them at bed time and we read all about it. {That’s a picture of the yummy smoothie they made for dessert.  Pretty darn good, guys!}

Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day Invitation

Time to Cook

They LOVED picking out the menu and making dinner!  As you can imagine all of the dinner items were very kid friendly! We feasted on chips & salsa, quesadillas and blueberry smoothies. I added the green pepper to my plate just so I could feel good about myself.  🙂

Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day Menu

Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day Little Chef

This is what happens when your 2 year old doesn’t put the top of the blender on tight and smoothie goes all over the kitchen.  Cautionary tale.  Don’t worry,  he recovered quickly and started licking smoothie off the counter.  Yummy!!

Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day Kids Cooking

We had a blast!  The kids loved being in charge and making all of the choices.   My husband and I loved seeing them work together.  All in all – a GREAT family date night! Now it’s your turn!

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