Love Emergency Kit

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Love Gift Box Idea

Is your sweetie feeling down in the dumps and less than impressive? Maybe your better half is sick, your relationship is in a bit of a rough patch, or the two of you are more stressed than serene. Whatever the case, we have the perfect solution! Our Love Emergency Kit makes a fantastic surprise gift for husbands or wives and is oh-so-easy to use (not to mention super fun to assemble)! This Love Gift Box is part candy box, part love letters, part gift box, this is truly one surprise gift that keeps on giving and will perk up your love life (and your lover!) in no time at all.

Love Gift Box Kit for Couples #lovegiftbox #surprise gift #giftsforhusband

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But before we take a look at this snazzy little love gift, we have to give a shoutout to Courtney from Paperelli for designing such wonderful printables for us! She did a fantastic job and definitely made the Love Emergency Kit a reality.

A Surprise Gift to Say I Love You

On to the good stuff! While expected presents are totally awesome, we think there’s something extra special about a surprise—this gift definitely fits the bill. Everything can be created on your own timetable and the entire gift is small enough to not raise any suspicion from your sweetie. Not only that, but each item placed inside the box is simple, affordable, and bursting with “I love you’s.” Plus the overall medical/emergency design is nothing short of adorable and puts a whole new spin on the classic “get well soon” idea! We call that an absolute win.

Candy Box Love Gift Box #lovegiftbox #surprise gift #giftsforhusband

Love Gift Box Assembly

Creating your love emergency kit is easy breezy and we’ll show you just how it’s done!

Love Gift Box Tags #lovegiftbox #surprise gift #giftsforhusband

Step 1- Print the downloadable pack at the end of this post. It contains everything you need to craft your one-of-a-kind box of special gifts for your Husband (or Wifey!). We love using high-quality cardstock with our printables to make them more durable.

Step 2- Cut out each individual item (hint: using a paper cutter will make this step a whole lot faster). Included in your pack are a box cover, note insert, printable gift tags (ie. those DARLING miniature love letters we talked about!), and a set of heart-shaped embellishments to really help take things to the next level.

Step 3- Find a box roughly the size of a shoebox. Affix your box cover and you are well on your way to making your surprise gift box of love a reality! At this point, you may choose to use those embellishments to add some more pizazz to the inside or outside of your box, but feel free to use them later or in a different manner.

Step 4- Each of your printable gift tags contains a super sweet message of love that will be attached to a particular gift item. While you certainly have the option of choosing your gifts, we’ve come up with a few sweet and simple ideas to make your job even easier. Take a look at the list below for ideas to stick on those sweet little love letters or keep reading as we help you put on the finishing touches! Save these steps on your Pinterest board now!

Love Gift Box Tags

Love Letters Love Gift Box #lovegiftbox #surprise gift #giftsforhusband

Each set of text is the quoted wording that appears on that particular tag, followed by the suggested gifts.

  • To remind you I’ll always stick by you!
    A stick of gum or pack of stickers would be perfect sticky gifts for this tag.
  • To remind you of my sweet kisses.
    A tube of chapstick or a handful of Hershey’s Kisses (remember, it’s part candy box!) will certainly help seal the deal!
  • To remind you you’re My love and My Life.
    M&M’s anyone?
  • To remind you how attracted I am to you.
    A fun magnet or handheld mirror are great options for this little guy.
  • To remind you how hot you are.
    Anything that raises the temperature will work! A pack of Red Hots or a new pair of sunglasses are ideas worth an A++.
  • To remind you how much you rock (my socks!)
    Not much explanation needed here! A new pair of soft, cozy socks will get the job done.

Once you’ve gotten your nifty-gifties together, you’re practically done-zo! Just attach each tag to your gift of choice, pack everything inside your box, top with the note insert, and pop on the lid. How sweet and simple is that??

Love Gift Box for Husband #lovegiftbox #surprise gift #giftsforhusband

The only thing left for you to do is present your truly fabulous surprise gift box to your sweetie and watch them unpack the love.

Love Gift Box Surprise Gift #lovegiftbox #surprise gift #giftsforhusband

Pin this idea and use it for later!

Free Download

Love Emergency Kit

Printables Designed by Courtney @ Paperelli Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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  1. Probably most of your readers will be MUCH younger than we are! I love many of your little suggestions, but at our age (69-me, 73-hubby) in the real world “sexy” is no longer in our vocabulary (not by choice, but due to medications that diminish that drive). Also, hubby is diabetic, so some of the “sweet-treats” won’t work. Might your creative staff have any other suggestions for a couple who’s been married 50 years? (!)

    1. Hi Karol! Thanks so much for your comment! We totally understand that not every idea will work for everybody, so we encourage you to make any changes you need to fit your situation! Definitely feel free to add/omit things and make each idea work for YOU. You might also consider taking a look at some of our family fun activities as those tend to be tamer and focus less on the ‘sexy’ side of things. As far as treats go, you could try using nuts, a favorite beverage, popcorn, or sugar-free candies. We think you’re never too old to add a little bit of spark and fun to your marriage, and even if it doesn’t end up in the bedroom that’s a-okay! 😀 Best of luck to you and your sweet hubby! Xoxo

  2. Elizabeth,
    I really like this idea, plus it is perfect for us as my husband is a paramedic and the whole emergency thing really fits with our life due to his career.

    1. Eva, oh my goodness that really is perfect!! I’m sure he’ll love it and you’re fantastic for putting it together for him! Xoxo

  3. This is the sweetest!! I think I’ll prep it NOW and hide it so it’s ready whenever he’s having a really rough day or week. Thank you! I love this idea.