Love is a Battlefield

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All is fair in love and war, right?! Well, today we are going to find out. I have the perfect end of summer date night for you and your hubby OR for a big group. Leave this invite with a bag of ammo to get them excited.

Next up, you’ll need to prep your weapons. Lucky for me, my awesome brother made these for us for Christmas this past year so the hard work was done for me. Here is a tutorial for a real simple one. Make sure you have a gun for each person and a bag of ammo – mini marshmallows.

Start the date off with a little target practice first to make sure you have the hang of the weapons. (You can download all the printables below.)

Then put a little wager down, whoever loses has to do the dishes for a week or some other chore like that. Once the bets are made, start a little capture the flag or a similar game. Set whatever rules you want, but we decided that if you were hit you had to return to your original base.

Once you are worn out and covered in marshmallows, it’s time for S’MORE fun!

Light a fire, cozy up together, and end your night roasting some marshmallows. There are TONS of ideas out there on Pinterest with a wide variety of S’MORES you can make but we went with the original. And you can ALWAYS roast a marshmallow over a candle if you don’t have a fire pit. Although, this would be a super fun date while camping!

A perfect ending to an end of summer date – or family activity. I’m sure the kids would LOVE to get in on this date night idea.

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