Love Note Clothespin Wreath

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Love Note Valentine Countdown 

Countdown to Valentine’s Day with this fun and festive clothespin wreath! With these adorable printable love notes you can clip a new note each day from February 1st leading up to Valentine’s Day! What a sweet way to show your love AND add festive decor to your home! Love Note Clothespin Wreath Tutorial

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Materials Needed:


Love Note Clothespin Wreath Instructions

Step 1: Placement

Start by placing your undecorated clothespins around the wreath frame. You will want to figure out how many you need AND make sure they will fit just how you want them. I chose to have the clamp ends face out of the circle to have more room. However you choose – just make sure you are consistent to have them all face the same way!Love Note Clothespin Wreath Washi Tape

Step 2: Choose your washi tape! 

I have FALLEN IN LOVE with wash tape. If you haven’t used it yet – you have got to try it on all of your craft projects. There are oodles of colors, patterns and styles to choose from and a variety in sizing. For this project I found this website where you didn’t need to buy the entire roll, but a few yards – EXACTLY what I needed for this type of project. I was able to my more patterns and didn’t have too much extra. Warning: you might get addicted. There are so many to choose from!

Love Note Clothespin Wreath Decor

Step 3: Washi-ize your clothespins

It is time to give those boring clothespins a makeover! Add your wash tape to your clothespins. Even though clothespins are typicality 3/8″ wide I went with the 1/2″ (15 mm) tape so I could wrap the edges. It was JUST the right size. It was so incredibly easy to place the tape, cut and wrap around the edges.

Love Note Clothespin Wreath Example

Step 4: Get Creative!

I went for a color scheme or reds and pinks (typical Valentine/love colors) and got creative with the patterns. I even found these fun jewel stickers at my local craft store and added those too! I think they added a nice touch. You can get creative with what you want to add to make it personal to you!

Love Note Clothespin Wreath Idea

Step 5: Put It All Together!

Now the fun part: putting it all together! You get to start clipping those fancy clothespins onto your wreath frame! Find patterns that look well together and clip away!


Love Note Clothespin Wreath Printables

Now that you have a cute clothespin wreath – you need some love notes to put on it! Our fabulous designer Erin from Printable Crush has come up with some love note prompts for you and your spouse to fill out and attach your new wreath.  She did an AMAZING job of capturing my vision for these notes and she nailed it the first round! Check them out and you can see what I mean . . .

Clothespin Wreath Love Notes

Now, you can attach your love notes anytime your heart desires, BUT we conveniently created 14 days worth of love notes for you. The idea is to place a new love note on the wreath every day from February 1st – February 14th like a countdown to Valentines day!

Clothespin Wreath Love Note

Imagine your spouse’s reaction every morning as he eagerly anticipates your love note each day. PLUS with the prompts – writing 14 days worth of love notes is super easy!

Valentine's Day Clothespin Wreath Idea

Finally – attach your notes to your wreath each time you write one. Rather than tucking them away – you can have them on display to see again and again!

Clothespin Wreath For A Valentine's Day Countdown

There you have it! A super simple DIY Valentine love note holder! I am so excited to try this out with my hubby this Valentine’s day PLUS my mind races with other creative possibilities! You could make one for your anniversary or a birthday or even just because! The possibilities are endless!

So what are you waiting for? Go gather up your clothespins and get your adorable love note printables!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! 

Free Download

Love Note Clothespin Wreath

Printables Designed By Erin @ Strawberry Mommycakes Exclusively For The Dating Divas


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  1. Hi, what size clothespins did you use for this? I bought 3 inch ones and they are too small for the wire wreath i bought

  2. I have the most recent adobe and they are still not printing out for me 🙁 Everything else from your site is printing correctly, but this one is not and I wanted it the most!! Haha
    Thanks for the great posts. I wish this would work for me 🙁

    1. Lilly – So sorry that is happening! We can try something else. Shoot me an email ( and I can attach the file. Perhaps that might work for you!

  3. I keep trying to print them, but it doesn’t work:( I get three large ones per page and miss all the others……

    1. I’m having the same issue with the printables. I’ve tried to redownload them and restart my computer even, but nothing’s working. So bummed…

      1. Hey Lacey {and everyone else}!

        The printables are uploaded to this post and are working just fine for us. We’ve talked to our tech gal and the only thing we can figure out would be that you don’t have the most recent Adobe Reader on your computer. You can download that here: Good luck! XO

  4. I love this idea and am in the process of making this right now! :)They were out of the wire wreaths but I found a flat 12″ wood crafting wreath that I painted pink. Instead of the tape I am cutting out various colors/patterns of scrapbook paper to modge podge to the clothespins and found some cute heart ribbon to hang the wreath with. Can’t wait to give it to my hubby!

  5. I got a grapevine wreath and just attaching the clothes pins around it with the first letter of our names wrapped in red ribbon and some sparkly ribbon woven through the grapevine. Because glitter and sparkles make everything perfect. Leaving this for him to find when he comes home from his business trip with the first 7 days notes on it as I will be gone that long.

  6. I’m doing this this Valentine’s and I can’t wait to see his reaction each day. This is such a great idea! Do you glue the ribbon on the back of the heart? That’s the only thing I can’t tell how it was done. Thanks!

    1. For the heart in the center, I used double-sided tape and attached the heart to one end of the ribbon, strung the ribbon through the wreath and attached the other end of the ribbon back to the heart. I hope that makes sense!

  7. I’m sure I could get some Sharpies (I already have these!) and decorate the clothes pins as well. May help out with the budget some. 🙂

  8. Sarina girl, this is fabulous! I am loving the gorgeous tape. I am checking that out asap! The printables are gorgeous and I can’t wait to make this!!! xox