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I love the idea of decorating little tin mailboxes and displaying them in your home during the Valentine’s holiday.

I decided we should have a little fun during this season of love & give “love letters” to each other!  First things first – each member of the family needed his/her own mailbox!

I found these cute little tin mailboxes from Target last year and quickly realized I was not the only one with this idea.  All the crafting blogs I read had the same idea but were sprucing their mailboxes up with valentines scrapbook paper and Mod Podge!  BRILLIANT, huh?!?!  So if you’re not the crafty type you can leave them as is….or, grab some mod podge, scrapbook paper, scissors, and whatever other Valentine’s decorating supplies you have and craft away!

Thanks to you will be able to view many other valentines mailboxes to help inspire you in making your own this year! Here are my final mailboxes!  They make great decorations to display in your home.

For darling prinable love notes you can use, check out our Fill-in-the-Blank Valentine Love Notes. I printed off several of these love notes and left them in a basket available for any of our family members to have access to.  Then from the 1st of February through the 14th we secretly write love notes to one another and leave them in each other’s mailboxes.  This was a sure way to make everyone in the family feel loved!  I was so happy (and surprised!) to find a few love notes from my husband in my own mailbox.  I didn’t know if he would play along, but he totally did!



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    1. click on the “tin mailboxes” link in the post which will direct you to a site to buy them. Or just google it online and see what you can find. good luck!

  1. Hi

    Can anyone let me know if these tin mailboxes are still available at Target in L.A or San Francisco?
    I need help with acquiring a few of those.

  2. Hi

    Can anyone let me know if these tin mailboxes are still available at Target in L.A or San Francisco?
    I need help with acquiring a few of them.

  3. I totally used this basic idea for Valentine’s this year! I saw this post a few weeks earlier and then “happened” to be in Target (my mom laughs that my daughter has known how to say Target when she sees the big red balls since she was 2) and the mailboxes were there in the dollar bins! I didn’t end up covering mine in paper but used scrapbooking letters to write my hubby’s and daughters’ names. From the 1st-14th I put a little note and a “treat” in the boxes…a pack of gum, a baggie of the hubby’s fav trailmix, juice boxes or rainbow goldfish, etc for the kids. They LOVED it!!! Next year since my girls will be a little older (they’re only 3 and 1 right now), I’m going to try and gather love notes from our extended family ahead of time so they can learn to appreciate words of encouragement/love and not just treats, and just do a big treat day on the 14th (I’ve always done V-day basket stuff….with books, crayons, crackers, etc that i gather on sale throughout the year and keep in my present closet)! THANK YOU THANK YOU for inspiring me to do something fun and out of the ordinary for the family. My husband truly got a kick out of it and I loved being the “love fairy” each night!

  4. SO cute. I have the same boxes and I was thinking of covering them in paper but I wasn’t sure how to work around the flag that is attached since there is no easy way to take it off. Did you just cut around the paper?

    1. Thank you! Yes going around the flag was tricky. What I did was cut a small circle and then cut a line going out the right of the circle so I could slide the flag through and then mod podge over the paper so the paper doesn’t look like a line was cut through the paper at all. I hope that make sense.

  5. Love this idea but can’t get the free love notes to download!
    I am a subscriber and used the password as directed but still nothing!
    Help please!!

    1. Hey Nik! The password is the VERY first password you received when you became a subscriber. Make sure you are typing in all caps letters. 🙂

  6. I receive your newsletter and when I am trying to access the Free Love Notes to download there isn’t a password located with this project only the password for you to gain access to last year’s Valentine Surprise printable AND this year’s brand new freebie printable from Merrymint Designs. That password isn’t working for this project. Can you send me the password so that I may access this project, would love to do it! Thank you in advance!

    1. Thanks for writing in.  The Love Notes are exclusive to our Newsletter Subscribers.  Have you subscribed?  If you have, you should have received a password in your email.