Mexican Fiesta Date!


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Life has been super busy for us lately! I decided we needed a night in that was fun but relaxing.  Welcome to the date night known as, “MEXICAN FIESTA EXTRAVAGANZA”!

The Invite

I found a few cheap decorations at the Dollar Tree to add to the evening’s ambiance.

Print your invite!

The Dinner

One of our favorite restaurants on the planet is Cafe Rio! Ooh, just typing the word makes me crave one of their famous pork salads.  My ultimate goal was to have a date night at home, so I found an incredible recipe from Favorite Family Recipes.  You will also find recipes for the beans, rice, tortillas (basically a recipe for everything you will need).


The Drinks

Pina Colada’s via a frozen pina colada mix for $1 at the grocery store.

The Dessert

My friend Ali makes delicious fried ice cream. Her secret ingredient is to use Frosted Flakes instead of regular Corn Flakes. It gives your fried ice cream an extra sweetness!  I used a fried ice cream recipe from Favorite Family Recipes.


The Entertainment

My husband is a huge fan of salsa!  I surprised him with his favorite tortilla chips and two new brands of salsa.  We sampled each salsa and named, “Pace Picante Medium Salsa” as our new favorite!

We also visited YouTube to learn some basic Salsa dancing moves!  We loved learning new moves and ended up laughing at our attempts to be Salsa dancing stars!

We ended the night with one of my favorite movies of all time, The Three Amigos!  This is a classic movie and a great way to end this date night!


There you have it….a HOT date night at home!

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8 Responses to Mexican Fiesta Date!

  1. I recently stumbled upon this site, and I’m in LOVE! My husband and I started dating in high school almost ten years ago, so it’s easy to let the fun and romance slip. You guys are so great to remind us how to keep it feeling “new.” 🙂

  2. The invite is what makes it seem like a real date night – gives it a kind of anticipation and something to look forward to, just like how it used to be when you first started dating each other.

  3. So awesome! We had our own Mexican date night at home last week. Your’s was much more involved with the invitations and decorations but it’s so great to cook spicy fun food together and try new things. I totally recommend! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Um….yeah! I am LOVING all the food involved in this date! That Cafe Rio salad is a little bit of preparation! We did it on one of our group dates & split it all up. If it were just Jamie & I, I would probably just go get the Cafe Rio. lol I am excited to try the ice cream! 🙂 Fun date. 🙂