Name That Treat Sexy Game

Seductive and Yummy Guessing Game For Two!

Looking for a way to change things up tonight??? Here’s an easy and sexy idea that is sure to please! Raid your kitchen for scrumptious treats to ignite sparks in the bedroom. Tease your spouse with a yummy and seductive guessing game of “Name that Treat.”  

Intimacy Disclaimer

Each of you secretly collect an array of yummy treats like peanut butter, cool whip, pixie sticks, honey, cream cheese, strawberries, caramel syrup, pudding, frosting, etc. Don’t show each other what you’ve selected or you will ruin the fun!

Seductively blindfold your spouse. Place a treat on your body wherever you want. Have your spouse lick it off and guess what it is. They have to keep licking and guessing until they get it right. Take turns and get through all your treats before you dive into the best treat of all, each other!  

PS. If you don’t want a huge mess to clean up, lay a spare sheet down before bringing out all the treats!

About the Author: Michelle

I love anything that sparkles, everything dealing with love, warm summer rays, and my hot hubby. I find balance in life by staying physically fit and keeping it real. My purpose in life is cherishing my marriage and making our adventure shine!

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13 Responses to Name That Treat Sexy Game

  1. Just a tip — if trying to locate/lick off the treat while blindfolded sounds tricky, you can try this: blindfold the “guesser”, put the treat on the body part of your choice, lick it, then kiss them to give them a taste so they can guess.

    This sounds fun!

  2. Whoot! Michelle, this is such a super fun idea! I have to share this funny story… I bought some chocolate body paint a while ago and you are supposed to keep it in your fridge. Well, I had it in the back so people wouldn’t see it since it’s in a fairly conspicuous container… then my father-in-law and bro-in-law wound up staying at our house for about 5 weeks. I didn’t realize until later that it was pretty obviously placed for all eyes to see. Guess they got more than they bargained for staying at my house! Hahaha!!! This post just reminded me of that so I have had a pretty good laugh. Love this post!

    1. Kari, that is hilarious! Sounds like your guests got quite the warm welcome! lol We have embarrassing things happen to us all the time, but we ask for it since we never hide anything from guests in our home, we kinda leave it out in the open. We have no shame! xox <3

  3. I am SO glad I came across this website. I love to do things like this for my husband. I have done a Nerf Gun war as well as a scavenger hunt for him before. I am going to do the Wal-Mart Bingo and combine with the Guess That Treat game tonight! Thanks!

    1. Awe Kerri you are two sweet! You are going to have so much fun searching through all of our ideas for your date nights and romantic moments. You’re hubby is one lucky guy!!!! xox <3

  4. Just a warning…spraying whipped cream on um, sensitive parts, like your husband’s eh-hem, can burn or sting. (Must be something to do with the propellant that makes it come out.) Not that I would know…. 😉