Nerf Gun Games For Family Date Night

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Time For Nerf Gun Games

It’s time to get your Nerf guns out for an epic nerf gun WAR!! It’s summertime and the best time to get outside for this Nerf Wars Date. This is the kind of date that my husband loves! I’m all about finding activities that he’ll enjoy for date night.

Even though I might not have the greatest aim, these challenges are designed for everyone to have fun! And let’s be real, we both love a little friendly competition. This date is the perfect combination of competition and fun. Invite your favorite couple friends to join you and see who has the best aim in these 3 unique and clever Nerf War challenges.

Nerf Wars Battle

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These awesome Nerf Wars printables were designed by Messes to Memories and they are so perfect for this fun group date!

Nerf Wars Date

We planned a great night consisting of three different games. But before all the date night fun can begin, make sure you send out an invitation to get everyone excited about the upcoming competition! Grab your nerf guns (our favorites are found here and here) and let’s get started!

Nerf Wars Invite

The first game is your classic battle! We wanted to make it a little more official and have each person keep track of how many times they were hit. That way we could keep track of the scores and know who totally dominated at the end of the night! In order to keep track, we made little “NERF WARS” tags (one tag for each letter) that fit onto a key ring and attached to a belt or could be worn as a necklace. In the Nerf Wars Battle, each time you are hit you flip a letter and when you are out of letters you are out of the game. Pretty easy and lots of fun, the only thing is everyone must commit to being honest!!

Of course, if you want to play just for fun, that’s cool too!

Nerf Wars Battle Game

The battle can be played two ways, either set a time limit or create a goal for your battle, i.e. grabbing a hidden flag. The number of letters you have left at the end of the game is your score. At the end of each round, make sure to record your score on your nifty scorecard! There’s room for 3 different battle round scores…

Nerf Wars Scorecard

Everyone enjoyed the hiding and running around in the house and backyard and we could easily keep playing the Nerf Wars Battle game all night, but we knew there was more fun to be had!

Nerf Wars Date Battle

The second game is Target Practice! It’s time to see who can shoot the most accurately. Print out this adorably awesome dartboard included in the printable pack. I printed on 11×17 paper to make the target a little bigger.

Nerf Wars Target Practice

We divided up into teams – men vs. women! But, we also kept track of our individual scores. It’s always fun to see if you can improve on your own score!

Nerf Wars Rewards Games

 Our third and final game was the best game of all – The Rewards Game. We set up blocks with different prizes on them. The prizes are vague enough that you can be creative and choose what to grab for each prize. You can also determine ahead of time how to gather the prizes, either grab something for each category on your own. Or you can have everyone contribute here so that there are fun surprises that everyone will want to win! We love the idea of everyone contributing a small dollar amount for a cash prize and then making that one really difficult to hit!!

Nerf Wars Rewards

The object of the game is to hit and knock over the blocks with your Nerf darts. Sounds like a blast, right!? It worked really well and it didn’t take us long to figure out that you need to shoot low to knock over the blocks.

Nerf Wars Snack Bar

Every good date night needs some munchies so we decided to go with a Nerf Wars Snack Bar. We decided that finger foods would work best, that way we could leave them out all night and just let everyone snack when they wanted to! This is another great way to allow everyone to contribute to the date night! Everyone loves to share their favorite snack foods, right?

Nerf Wars Date Night

This would also be such a fun family game night with kids! I know my kids would have SO much fun with these three competitions! Be sure to grab your Nerf Wars Date Night printables below and prep your own epic battle!

For you competitive couples, check out our Competition at the Park Date and our Lovey-Dovey Win It In A Minute!

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Nerf Wars Printable Pack

Printables Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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  1. I’m considering taking this up another and planning my husband’s 25th birthday around this group date. Anybody have suggestions on ways to make it successful?
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  2. HAHAHA… can TOTALLY see the teacher coming out in you! Maybe it’s the font you used…..that totally reminds me of our classrooms! Super cute idea! I think target shooting sounds like SO much fun!