New Year’s Eve Win It in a Minute Games

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New Year’s Eve Games

Let’s face it, New Year’s Eve is basically just a gigantic party where everyone is celebrating at literally the exact same time—what could be better than that?! Since New Year’s is all about timing we thought it would be absolutely perfect to create a set of games where timing matters. Welcome to the party… Win It in a Minute Games. With a short time period to play and everyone frantically playing, these games always fill the house with shouting and laughter.

New Year's Eve Edition of Win It in a Minute Games

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To help us whip up these frenzied games, we enlisted Leah of January + May to design these gorgeous printables. She included such fun glittery gold accents that it already feels like NYE!

Fun and Quick Family Activities for New Year's Eve

To keep the fun going allllll night long {or at least until the ball drops} we’ve got eight fun game ideas that only require a quick trip to the store or adding a few things to your online shopping cart. To make things a little easier for ya, here’s everything you’ll need if you want to play all of the games {you probably have lots of it on hand already!}:

Confetti Celebration

Confetti Celebration Game

For this crazy, messy, and celebratory game all you’ve got to do is fill some balloons with confetti. When the time starts, partners have to work together to pop the confetti-filled balloons. Sounds easy, right? The trick is—no hands! Let me tell you, it’s fun to watch and participate. The goal is to pop as many balloons as possible and fill up a bowl with confetti {which, you can totally repurpose later and throw at midnight!}.

Start the Clock

Win It in a Minute Game for New Year's Eve Party

Speaking of midnight, in this game you’ll need some candy, paper plates and straws. The goal is to create your clock as fast as possible!

Toothpick Time

Midnight New Year's Eve Game for Groups

Since midnight is that special moment everyone came to celebrate, we’ve got a game centered around creating it. It’s one of my favorite games because the set-up is SO easy—just grab a ton of toothpicks! See? So quick.

New Year's Eve Games for Couples

Well, what are you waiting for?! Send out your invites and get ready to host the best New Year’s Eve bash ever!!

Free Download

Win It in a Minute: New Year's Eve Edition

Printables Designed by Leah @ January + May Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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