New Year’s Eve Reflection Game

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New Year’s Eve Activity 

New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on the past year and remember all the good times! This New Year’s Eve Reflection Game is the perfect way to reflect this holiday either as a couple or as a family! 
New Year's Eve Reflection Game

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Last year for New Year’s Eve my husband and I enjoyed a quiet night in – just the two of us. While we definitely love a good party, we wanted this year to be an evening of reflection as a couple. Of course we had to make it fun – in the form of a game! So, we created this New Year’s Eve Reflection Game! Then, with the help of our Diva Designer Kristin from CdotLove we now have a game that is both a fun activity and a keepsake for years to come!

Here is how it works:

New Year's Reflection Game Questions

 Print and cut out all of the prompt cards. (psssst… use this amazing paper cutter to make your life so much easier!)

New Year's Reflection Game Question Bowl

Add the question cards to a bowl and mix them up!

New Year's Reflection Game Free Printables

Take turns pulling a card from the bowl and reading the question out loud.

New Year's Reflection Game Question Game

Everyone can then take turns thinking of their answer and sharing it!

New Year's Reflection Game Favorite Moment Card

While the cards have a variety of questions, each prompt should require you to think back on the past year in a way you might not have before!

New Year's Reflection Game Recording Answers

Flipping the card over, you can then record your answers to the question.

New Year's Reflection Game Envelope

Finally, you can use our printable envelope to keep all of your question cards (with your answers written on the back!) as a keepsake to remember the year!

New Year's Reflection Game Time Capsule Envelope

Think how fun it will be years from now to open up past envelopes and see how things have changed!

New Year's Reflection Game Question Jar

This is a tradition you can do year after year and collect your memories over time! You could even keep the envelopes in some sort of time capsule!

New Year's Reflection Game Printable Set

What do you think? A new tradition for your New Year’s Eve festivities?

To get your free printables, created by the talented Kristin from CdotLove, click the link below!

Free Download


Printables Designed By Kristin @ CdotLove Exclusively For The Dating Divas


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    1. I am so sorry for the difficulties. If you would like I could email you the pdf while we try to figure this out.Let me know if that would be helpful!

  1. We did this in 2015 and then again in 2016 (I’ve also printed out several copies for years to come). My honey complains about the questions and doing them at the time but he did enjoy going over last year’s questions. Thank you for such an awesome printable!

  2. Just used your awesome reflection cards for a Army reception all the way in Daegu, South Korea. Because of the type of event, we had everyone just pick a card and share their answer with the group. Great team building exercise. Thank you so much for sharing.