Ocean’s Thirteen Movie Date

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We all LOVE the Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13 movies…so we’ve put together our best ideas for YOU to make into a super fun and creative date night at home. The list of ideas is a little longer than normal because there were just too many good ideas to choose from!

The Players Invite

  • Invite him to the date with a stack of $1 bills with a note attached! (These bills will be used throughout the date.) Hide the money in his wallet……so that at some point during the day, when he pulls his wallet out to pay for lunch he’ll find your invite! The attached note could say something like, “You bring all the money and I’ll let you call me honey! Meet me in our “home’ theater tonight at 9pm baby!!”
  • This movie is all about the money. Create a fun/silly reward system a week in advance. Set up two jars….one for you, one for him. Get a couple rolls of pennies from the bank. For every kind or thoughtful thing the other one does or says….drop a penny in his/her jar. Don’t tell your spouse WHY you are doing this….just let him/her know that they will definitely want as many pennies as possible by Date Night. THEN – before your movie….switch out all the pennies with dollar bills…and play a friendly game of poker….or see below for other ideas. lol


The Buffet at The Bellagio

Make or buy buffalo wings to snack on throughout dinner. To make it a real poker night, only eat snack foods including veggies (to be healthy of course) OR have a cheap food buffet like they do in Vegas. Download our recipe printable below for two of our favorite recipes…buffalo wings and Virgin Strawberry Daiquiris!

The Disguise

  1. Make a series of dates! Watch the trilogy for 3 date nights or weekends in a row. Mix it up so one night you’re his casino “waitress” and bring him everything. On the second movie date, he’s your “dealer” and he gets you everything, etc.
  2. Using fishing line and a package of cards, you can make a banner to hang as decor to set the mood. Have plenty of items scattered around the room that relate to casinos (i.e. cards, bingo, dice, Poker Chips, etc)
  3. Keep in mind that in a casino the cameras are ALWAYS rollin’! Create a little playful “revenge” (prank) on your hubby OR the 2 of you plan a little friendly prank on your other guests and secretly have the camera videoing the whole thing – like sitting in the corner of the room or up high pointed down at the action. The prank could be as simple as the appetizers being WAAAY too salty or as elaborate as a mysterious disappearance of one person’s Poker Chips. Then afterwards watch the short video clip and see their surprise reaction or solve the crime. Ha! This could be way funny!

Roll The Dice

  1. Play some Blackjack, 5 card draw, or even Bingo to get the night rolling. Use chocolate truffles as your game pieces for betting…these can come in handy later on (Wink). Since “Ocean’s” crew are constantly in disguise, it would be fun for you and your spouse to dress up as well. He can have a mustache and a Fedora-ble Hat while you are dressed to the nines as a model/cocktail waitress. Have a yummy drink mixed up and serve it to your spouse “cocktail waitress style”.
  2. Using the money you put in his wallet earlier (as his invite…see above), it’s time to put the money to good use. Divide the money equally between the two of you and play a game of poker or Blackjack, or any of the games listed above. The loser pays up, surrendering all the money to the winner! Now that the winner is armed with all the money, they can use it throughout the movie!! Pay your spouse if you want a kiss or to hold hands (price will be at your discretion!) Once the spouse starts gaining the greens he too can pay for some loving! The idea to this is to get cozy with your spouse during the flick!
  3. If you live near a casino, each of you take $10 and see who comes out with more winnings. If you don’t have a casino nearby, you could play the money game called CLR. It’s a fun one! Or you could always play a game of truth or dare.

Play Your Cards Right…

Something hilarious…and a little risque`….would be to give your husband a strip tease. He can use the wad of dollar bills you used as his invite (above) so you feel like it was worth your time {wink} lol!


Ocean’s Thirteen is all about Benedict going to the hospital so why not play ‘doctor’ at the beginning of the night and have one or both of you in robes. One of you gets to be the patient and the other gets to be “Dr. Ocean”.


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6 Responses to Ocean’s Thirteen Movie Date

  1. So…I’m embarrassed to ask. But I will anyway. I would like to do a strip tease for my husband but really have no idea how to do one and not very comfortable with myself, my body I guess? Any tips or suggestions? First on how to learn or know what to even do and second how to feel confident doing it instead of scared and stupid?

    1. Hey Curious!

      Don’t be embarrassed! 🙂 I am probably not the best diva to give out advice on this topic….we have other gals on board who are WAY better at advice when it comes to this……but here are some ideas:

      I live in Vegas…and I see pole dancing & strip tease classes going for 60% off ALL the time on Groupon! I have thought about taking those classes myself! Google your town & see if there are any places nearby who offer classes. I would go with a girlfriend to make it more fun. Another idea is to rent those striptease work-out videos….I have seen the infomercials for those on TV. My last idea would be to take a ZUMBA class…and show off some of THOSE moves to your husband! Not kidding! I love Zumba, and I gotta say, some of those moves are SEXY! I know another one of the divas actually does this and her husband LOVES it! 🙂 Good luck!

    2. Hi Curious! You are not alone girl! I’m in agreement with Tara, you can either take a class or Zumba is fabulous b/c it teaches you how to move your hips and shake your money makers! haha! If you want to learn in the comfort of your own home and have Netflix, you can rent the Carmen Electra striptease workout videos that have pretty good ratings on Amazon. Another tip is instead of starting out with a striptease where you may feel a little self-conscious, put on some music and have your hubby dance with you then just sporadically start to undress….lol! A little dirty dancing can go a long way! You can have him sit down and watch for short periods of time or just warm yourself up to the idea until you feel comfortable doing a striptease solo. Either way, if you’ve never treated your husband to one of these, I can guarantee you are both in for a good time!

  2. Dear Curious,

    I see these girls have answered you already, but I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents! The first time you try this, you might laugh, but there’s nothing wrong with laughing together and enjoying the moment along with being sexy & seductive.

    As far as what to do… I totally own the Carmen Electra Striptease DVDs, and they are basically a dance instruction – definitely not anything like the title might suggest. They are totally step by step instructions (she even tells you to bite your finger while looking at him! LOL) As a side note: you can also get a great workout with these dvds… just sayin’! But other than that, think of ways to move in front of him, up against him, and around him that are seductive. Use a chair (facing him) part way through to mix it up – stand on it, sit and spin around on it, straddle it… throw your layers of clothing at him or around the room, LOL. The possibilities are endless, and don’t forget to involve him… Pick music that has a beat that you can move to. Have a few “key” moves that you can rotate through – I’m sure he’ll have no problem with seeing the same moves a few times in a routine!

    Then regarding how you can have confidence (don’t we all wish we could pick up a bottle of this at the store?!) If it makes you more comfortable, you don’t have to give him eye contact the whole time. Also, turn down those lights! That might be more comfortable the first time… but not too low of course. He DOES want to see you. You might also gain confidence if you take a little extra time to doll yourself up. Do curls if you usually go with straight hair/ wear some false eyelashes that will totally dress up your eyes, etc. Another option that might give a boost to confidence is dress up in a costume. Sometimes we find courage because we’re not “us” but instead we’re “somebody else that does this!” Wear a cheap wig or… I dunno… Am I saying too much? LOL.

    It’s all about the memories with your spouse… enjoy each other!