“Punny” Gift Tags for V-Day

Gift Tags for your “Punny” Valentine

Oh puns, you make us laugh and make us cry. My husband and I love to have little “pun-offs” where we see how many puns or play on words we can work into our conversation. And since the Divas also love a good pun, we thought we’d come up with a few to help you out this Valentine’s day. If you are into lovin’ your spouse, but also keeping Valentine’s day a little low-key, then these are YOUR gift tags. The Divas came up with 12 different puns that you can use on their own, or bundle a few together.

Valentine gift tags to make your sweetie smile.

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Our amazing designer, Carisa of Messes to Memories, designed the most beautiful tags to add onto any gift you may be getting your Valentine. That’s one of the best things about puns—you can interpret them however you want! We’ll show you a few of our ideas, but the sky is the limit!

Valentine puns for your sweetie.

There are 12 different cards for you to play with. If you haven’t figured out your perfect V-day gift yet we hope this will spark those creative juices! One that we would love to get is “I have a MASSAGE for you… You’re the best!” Because in our book that means a nice relaxing massage is in the near future – maybe even a COUPLES MASSAGE! {You can usually find AMAZING deals through Groupon!}

You "Bake" me crazy Valentine pun.

This tag is a favorite because of all the options! You could include an adorable cupcake or other baked treat OR get your honey some baking supplies like this cute silicone heart mold!

Tell your spouse they're your "sole" mate with this punny gift tag.

This “sole” mates one is amazing! How fabulous would it be to get a new pair of shoes or socks with this punny card?!

Punny gift tags for V-Day.

There are so many options for little gifts throughout the day. {I’ll always be STUCK on you + a new pack of gum, or You’re my BUTTER half with some popcorn and movie tickets.} These ideas are GOLDEN, so you might just want to PIN this post so you don’t forget! You could also combine a few into an adorably funny gift basket.

A gift basket of puns is sure to make your sweetie smile on V-Day.

Enjoy your V – Day and tell us your favorite puns so we can all be in on the joke!

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