Romance Movie Date Night

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Date Ideas for Romance Movies

We’ve started a new series of date nights that we are SO excited about – A Year of Movie Night Dates! {Psst… If you haven’t heard about it yet, you’ll definitely want to see what it’s all about!} This romance movie themed date is #2 of TWELVE at-home movie nights that are themed on different movie genres!

Pick out one of your favorite, sweetest, mushy-gushy romance movies, or try out a brand new one, and grab the popcorn. We’ve made this date adaptable to use with any of the films in the romance movie genre – from the Notebook to Pride and Prejudice. Just staring at a screen doesn’t always feel like the best way to get closer to your sweetie, but this is MUCH more than a typical movie night! Use our activities, along with the best romance movies, and you have an easy date where you can relax AND connect with your spouse. So, are you ready to take your movie night to the next level?? You can do it all from the comfort of your own couch!

A romance movie night you and your spouse will LOVE!! #MovieNight #DatingDivas

We enlisted the help of our talented graphic designer, Courtney of Paperelli Designs to help us create fun printables to fit every movie style. She rocked it and THEY. ARE. SO. AWESOME! Whether you are a hopeless romantic or just a casual viewer, these hearty printable activities will make your movie night WAY more fun!
Once you’ve picked out your flick, we’ve done the rest of the work for you! Just print off the following printables to enhance your romance feature experience.

Included in this Romance Movie Date Night:

  • Romance Movie Envelope Cover
  • Flirty Digital Text Invitation
  • Romance Themed Activity
  • Romance Intimacy Ideas 

Here’s a closer look into all the romance movie printables:

Romance Movie Cover Page

Date Ideas for Romance Movies

Each of our Movie Nights Dates comes with a colorful cover to stick on a manila envelope. The romance cover is totally sweet! Just glue it to the front and stick all of your Romance Date Night printables inside. That way it’s all in one place and ready for you whenever you are.

Romance Movie Text Invitation

Romance Movie Date Invite

Use the flirty, romance movie invite to get your sweetheart excited for a love-packed Romance Movie Date! Just download this fun digital invite and SEND! Then include the details (day, time, place, any hints) in a follow-up text. If your style is more old school and traditional, you can print the image and leave it as a paper love note for them to find as well!

Romance Movie Date Ideas

Romance Movie Date Menu

Turn an ordinary dinner and a movie night on its head! Fill in the menu items and movie info on the Menu & a Movie card, use the place cards to designate his/her meals, and affix the bottle tag to the bubbly of your choosing. Display the decorative print for a little extra flair, have your sweetie fill out the comment card once the meal is over, and voila! The perfect evening for two.

Romance Movies Intimate Activity

Romance Movie Date Scavenger Hunt

Once the film and feasting are over, get ready for a little one-on-one time. Send your spouse on a sexy scavenger hunt that ends in the bedroom! Print five copies of the included bag covers and affix each one to a paper lunch bag. Slip the numbered clue cards into the individual bags, add a sexy item of your choosing to each one, and hide them in their designated spots. Hand your sweetie the initial clue card and send them on their way for the hunt of a lifetime!

The Best Romance Movies for Date Night

To go along with this movie date, we’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite, clean (no R-Rated) romance movies to make your decision a little easier!

Romance Movie Date Ideas

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To get a more in-depth look at the printables for each of the movie genres in this Year of Dates set, click over to the post ideas below!

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