Christmas Candy Bar Wraps

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Christmas does not have to be only about the kids! The holiday season is the perfect time to show your spouse some love too! In the hectic days of the holiday season, it can be so easy to focus only on the children. Instead – give your spouse some of the  attention and lovin’ they deserve!

This gift idea is quick, easy and involves chocolate – it is sure to be a hit!

Santa Baby


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Materials Needed: 


Here is what you do:

Print the adorable Santa Suit labels on Avery 8160 Ink Jet Address Labels.

*Helpful Tip: Printing using Adobe Reader is recommended for getting the precise sizing of these candy wrappers.
The design is specifically made to fit those exact labels so make sure you get the right kind!


Wrap each Hershey Nugget with a Santa suit label. They are the PERFECT size to fit around a Hershey Nugget! I recommend lining it up from the middle and then pressing outward to make sure that the belt is centered.


The trick is to leave some for your spouse. Cute AND yummy = major temptation!


Fill the jar with your newly wrapped chocolate!


Print and attach the tag “For My Santa Baby” to the top of the Jar. Since jars come in so many sizes you may need to trim it down a bit OR use it as a tag instead of a topper.


If you are feeling a little more saucy, you can add this flirtatious message as a tag. Oh yeah – this gift idea just got sweeter!


And there you have it! A sweet, simple gift to make your spouse’s holiday a little sweeter!


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Santa Baby Chocolate Wraps

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Recent Comments

  1. These are not printing out properly for me. I am using the 8160 labels as directed. None of the labels come out with the heart centered. Very disappointing as it’s such a cute idea….

    1. I am sorry that it isn’t lining up for you. It has been a long time since I originally made these. What about printing to an 8.5 x 11 full sticker sheet and then cut? That would still give you the sticker effect without the trickiness of lining things up with labels. It might be worth the try.

  2. Love the idea, but the labels print off because of the copyright notice at the bottom. Is there a way to get the labels to center and print correctly and keep the copyright info?

    1. Jennifer –
      I am sorry you are having problems with your chocolate wraps! I know that when I made these, the copyright still printed at the bottom but the wraps still centered on the labels. I am racking my brain to think what is messing up. A couple of things you could try:
      1. Play with how you orient the paper going into the feed. Perhaps you just need to flip it so it goes in the other way?
      2. How are you printing it? When you click to download the page it will open up in another tab. Sometimes if you print from that page it isn’t quite true to the size. I have found that things line up better if I download it from that page and open it in Adobe. Maybe try that?
      3. Make sure you have the exact labels listed in the post. Label and page size could make a difference.

      Those are my best ideas! If those still don’t work, please let me know and I do more to help.