Sexy Chore Chart for Couples

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The Only Chore Chart That Takes the Bore Out of Chores

Sexy chore chart. We bet you’ve never heard those three words associated with one another, ever! Lucky for you, the Divas think of everything, even finding a way to make chore time a little less boring!

This chore chart will be a favorite in your home! We’ve created a list of household chores as well as a list of sexy chores for you and your spouse to complete together. In the end, your house will be squeaky clean while you and your spouse are feeling a little dirty! {Wink!}

Just an FYI: this is a chore chart for adults. We made sure to make the printable chore chart family-friendly, so it can be hung anywhere in the house, but the list of sexy chores should stay out of reach from the kids.

This sexy chore chart for adults is nothing like you've ever seen! | The Dating Divas
Sexy chore chart for adults

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Table of Contents
  1. The Only Chore Chart That Takes the Bore Out of Chores
  2. Chore Chart Printable
  3. How to Use Your Sexy Chore Chart
  4. Preparing Your Chore List
  5. How to Make Chores More Fun

Chore Chart Printable

You are going to love this printable! As we mentioned above, it’s very “mild,” so it won’t cause any awkward questions if the kids happen to see it hanging on the fridge. However, you may want to keep the list of sexy chores somewhere else.

This chore chart for couples takes the bore out of housework! | The Dating Divas
Chore chart printable

In this free printable set, you’ll find:

  • One chore chart for adults
  • A chore list
  • 20 sexy chores for him
  • 20 sexy chores for her

How to Use Your Sexy Chore Chart

Now for the fun part! You’ll notice that your chore chart for has a blue rectangle and a pink rectangle next to two rows of 10 boxes. Be sure hubby writes his name in the blue box, and wifey writes her name in the pink box!

One section of 10 boxes has a picture of cleaning supplies next to it, while the other 10 boxes have lips next to it. This is how you’ll keep track of all the chores you’ve completed! We recommend using stickers or a pen to mark off each square.

This chore chart will become a favorite among husbands and wives! | The Dating Divas
Chore chart for husbands and wives

We have provided 30 household chore cards and 10 blank household chore cards. Use the blank cards to write down chores that are specific to your home!

You will also find 15 sexy chores for him and her, as well as 5 blank cards for each. This makes 20 sexy chores in total for both of you. We thought it would be fun if you could customize some of the sexy chores as well!

At the end of the day, you and your spouse will have completed 20 household chores combined with 20 sexy “chores”.

Organizing this chore list is easy-peasy when you use three jars or bowls. | The Dating Divas
Chore list separated into jars

Preparing Your Chore List

Start by cutting out the chore list and the sexy chores and divide them into three separate bowls or jars. One bowl will be for the household chores, the second bowl will be for the husband’s sexy chores (these are blue), and the third bowl will be for the wife’s sexy chores (these are pink).

Select a day where both of you have the time to do the housework together. Once you’ve set a day, hang your chore chart somewhere neutral, preferably where both of you can easily see it. Mark off the squares as you complete each household chore and each sexy chore. Whoever is the first to complete both of their lists of chores wins, and that person gets to choose the activity for the evening! 😉

When you’re ready to begin, each of you will draw one household chore as well as one sexy chore. Be sure to draw the sexy chores from the appropriate bowl!

Both of you have the duration of the household chore to complete the sexy chore. For example, let’s say the husband draws “take out the trash” as the household chore and “kiss her neck” as his sexy chore. This means he has to kiss his wife’s neck before he is finished taking out the trash! Once he finishes both chores, he can draw one new household chore and one new sexy chore.

This adult chore chart makes housework FUN! | The Dating Divas
Fun chore chart for adults

Are you blushing yet? This cleaning experience is anything but boring!

How to Make Chores More Fun

We don’t know about you, but we love jamming out to some good music while cleaning the house! Here are five of our favorite Spotify playlists that will help you stay motivated while doing the housework:

We've got a sexy chore list just for couples! | The Dating Divas
Sexy chore list for couples

We hope this chore chart helps you and your sweetie stay connected while doing something that usually keeps you apart! Have fun!

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