Sexy School Girl Date Idea

A Sexy School Girl Date Night for Couples

School girl and boy, welcome to the School of Love! This school was created for couples just like you!

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive the old school days. That’s right, the days of young romance blossoming in the hallways! At the School of Love passing love notes is highly recommended, physical education is meant to get your heart racing, and chemistry is a class you won’t want to skip! 😉

This sexy school girl date night is perfect for the couples who want to experience the School of Love! | The Dating Divas
A couple participating in the sexy school girl date night

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We have everything you need for your time here at the School of Love, including a sexy notebook page (for steamy note passing!), a bell schedule, and a class supplies list. Come check them out!

Table of Contents
  1. A Sexy School Girl Date Night for Couples
  2. School Girl Printables
  3. Sexy School Girl Costume
  4. School of Love Summary

School Girl Printables

Before we dive into the date, let’s take a closer look at these darling printables! As we mentioned above, this date includes a sexy notebook page, a bell schedule, and a class supplies list.


How cute is this notebook page?! Use this to pass sexy notes back and forth to each other throughout the duration of the date. If you want to make the note passing feel even more nostalgic, check out this tutorial for Junior High Love Note Folding!

This sexy notebook page is perfect for passing sexy notes back and forth to each other throughout your school girl date! | The Dating Divas
Sexy Notebook Page for school girl date

Just like back in your school days, your bell schedule is important because it tells you what time each class starts as well as the activities you’ll be participating in for each class! No need to compare schedules this year, because we made sure you and your sweetie have these classes together! {Wink!}

  • CHEMISTRY: In this class you will experiment with different compounds. In other words, this class is all about the chemistry between you and your sweetie’s LIPS! Use ice cubes, mints, Pop Rocks, or any other type of compound while you and your partner participate in an old school makeout sesh.
  • MATH: In this class you will add your bodies together. We’ll let you decide how to do that!
  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION: In this class you will play games to get your heart racing. How about a game of Naked Twister? You could even play a round of Strip Go Fish or Naked Leap Frog!
You can't participate in the school girl date without a School of Love bell schedule! | The Dating Divas
School of Love Bell Schedule printable for school girl date

Last but not least, your class supplies list! Please note that all of these items are optional. You’ll also notice that there are five blank spaces for you to customize your own class supplies. Feel free to use whatever you want to take these classes to the next level!

This class supplies list has everything you need to enjoy your sexy school girl date! | The Dating Divas
Class Supplies List printable for sexy school girl date

Now that you’ve seen the printables, let’s talk about some ideas to make your own school girl costume. This will definitely enhance your sexy school girl experience!

Sexy School Girl Costume

There are plenty of school girl outfits out there, as well as sexy school girl lingerie (with plus-size options, too!). However, we’re sure a lot of you already have the staples in your very own closet! If not, don’t worry! We have linked up to a few options for you.

So, what do you need to create your own school girl outfits?

  1. Skirt
  2. Button-up white shirt or cardigan
  3. Neck tie
  4. Pair of glasses
  5. Scrunchie

Simple, right? The best part is your hubby can get involved, too! His uniform list will be nearly identical to yours, except he’ll want to swap the skirt for a pair of pants! EASY!

This school girl date is perfect for the couples who want to relive the days of romance blossoming in the hallways! | The Dating Divas
School girl date idea for couples

School of Love Summary

To summarize what you’ll do at the School of Love:

  • Invite your spouse to join you for a sexy school girl date
  • Present them with the 3 printables and any desired costume elements and school supplies
  • “Attend” each of your classes in whatever creative way you wish!
  • Send a sexy note or two during your date
  • Have fun!!

Well kids, are you ready? School is officially in session!

For even more roleplay fun, don’t forget to check out this serious steamy Roleplay Guide!

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