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Romantic S’mores Under the Stars

Cuddling up with your sweetheart while doing some serious star gazing seems like the PERFECT romantic date night for summer! We’ve got the best star gazing ideas and hacks for you, to help you pull off an amazing star gazing date!10 OH – I forgot to mention the best part – CHOCOLATE! S’mores and hot chocolate make any cuddle session great! Whether you’re at the fire pit in your own backyard or loading up a basket for a trip up the canyon – enjoy making s’mores together while star gazing! Talk about romantic! Pull everything together in a darling star gazing date night basket and you are ready to go! S’mores and star gazing is an easy and fun date night for a romantic summer evening!

This Star Gazing Date Night is so romantic!! I'm packing my S'mores Basket tonight! #SmoresUnderTheStars #StarGazingDate #EasySummerDateIdea

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Before we get into all the details, have you seen our DIY Star Gazing Video? This stargazing hack is the perfect creative companion to this date night! Who knew a kiddie pool could be so comfortable?!

Summer nights are my favorite time of the year! It is so important to make the most of them before they’re gone. Take your sweetie out for a romantic evening of cuddling and chocolate – the ultimate dynamic duo! With the help of one of our all-time favorite designers Leah of January & May, we’ve created everything you need for an OH-so romantic star gazing date night!

Everything You Need to Know about Star Gazing

So what is star gazing? And why is star gazing so romantic?

Star gazing can be as simple as you want it to be – if you want to just lay back with your spouse and admire the stars, that’s all you need to do for date night. This makes me think of the Snow Patrol song “If I just lay here. Would you lie with me and just forget the world?” How romantic is that!?! I think you’re starting to understand the romance potential here.

If you want, you can really get into star gazing and learn more about the names of stars and constellations. Grab a map of the night sky and a pair of binoculars to get a closer look. Don’t forget to choose a place away from pollution to set up for your star gazing date!

One last tip before we get into the star gazing date details – be patient and let your eyes adjust to the dark. It can take as long as 30 minutes to just adjust to the dark, so just lay back and enjoy your spouse’s company. Pretty sure you can come up with something to do while you wait! 😉 The romance comes when you disconnect from the world and connect with each other. You don’t need anything fancy to create the romance.

Star Gazing Date

Give this printable invite to your sweetheart a few days before the big night! Believe it or not – this is always one of my favorite parts of any date night. Anticipation for the date keeps me on cloud 9 for the rest of the week. Love it!!

S'mores Under Stars Date Invitation

Star Gazing Constellation Guide

I can point to the big dipper … and that’s about it! When it comes to star gazing, I need as much help as I can get and we know many of you probably fall into this same category. We’ve created a Star Gazing Constellation Guide to help every beginning star gazer navigate the heavens.

S'mores Under Stars Constellation Chart

Now when you head out to gaze at the stars, you’ll be prepared to find some of the most well-known constellations out there – that is once your eyes have adjusted to the dark.

DIY Star Gazing Constellations

If the stars aren’t cooperating {curse you, clouds!}, create your own constellations with our flashlight star gazing cheat sheet. Simply cut out each circle, glue it to the bottom of a cupcake liner, punch a small hole in each little star (I used a pin), and tie or tape the liner onto the end of your flashlight. TA-DA! Turn on your flashlight and let your star gazing date night begin! This would be such a fun activity!

S'mores Under Stars Constellation Cards

S’mores – Hot Chocolate – Star Gazing Basket – Oh, my!!  

On date day, gather a soft blanket for cuddling and everything else you need into a basket, put it in the back of the car, grab your spouse, and head off away from city lights! Do you see those darling hot chocolate cup wrappers?? I can’t get over how CUTE those are! (Good job, Leah!!)

S'mores Under Stars Date Basket

What are you waiting for?? Grab our FREE Star Gazing printables and plan your S’mores Under the Stars Date Night TODAY!

Free Download

S'mores Under the Stars Date Night

Printables Designed by Leah @ Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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  1. Did this with my honey! He was impressed by an actual invite! This was so much fun to do after the kids went to bed. Perfect summer date night! Thanks for the printouts and ideas! much appreciated.

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