Spouse Speed Dating

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Quick Couples Questions

Remember the nerves, the excitement and the energy you had on your first date? We’ve found a way to help you recreate those first date feelings, no matter how long you’ve been together! Try our twist on speed dating… where you switch questions, not partners!

Spouse Speed Dating

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We enlisted the help of Cassia from Cassia Leigh Designs to create an invitation and question cards to help your speedy date move quickly and smoothly. I just love the creative doodle borders she included – it totally brings me back to the days of doodling in my notebooks in school!

Speed Dating Questions, Name Tags, and Invite

You’re seriously going to love how easy this date is to set up. You’ll want to hand your spouse the invite, letting them know that you “mustache” them a few questions. {You guys – I seriously laughed WAY too hard at that!}

And what’s speed dating without some name tags? We’ve got a little twist on those, too!

Hello Name Cards

Your spouse already knows your name, so take this opportunity to come up with a funky, new name. Cut out the name cards and then draw three randomly to create a silly nickname for the night. Don’t show your spouse your cards – at the end of the night try to GUESS where each word came from!

Name Tag Ideas

On date night, grab a timer and choose a set amount of time. We chose to do five minutes. Then, pick a category, hit start and start chatting! You’ll be amazed at how much you learn about your spouse that you didn’t already know.

Speed Dating Question Cards

If you want to make it super simple, all you have to do is cut out the question cards. Then, you can just take turns passing the card back and forth to each other and either pick a question or go in order.

Speeding Dating Question Jars

If you want to make the date a little more adorable, you can use your handy-dandy paper cutter and separate each question. Grab a jar for each category (there are TEN) and then drop the questions into the jars. You can attach the category to the jar with a ribbon, like I did.

Question Jars

When it’s time to start speed dating, take turns grabbing a random question from the jar. This makes the date a little more spontaneous!

Want to know my favorite thing about this date? (Besides getting to spend some serious quality time with the hubby, of course.) I love that this could be a five minute date, every day for 10 days. You could sneak it in any time you’ve got just a couple of minutes. No more excuses for missing date night!

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Spouse Speed Dating

Printables Designed by Cassia @ Cassia Leigh Designs for The Dating Divas


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  1. I love this idea, butI’d have to come up with my own questions! I know the answer to most of them! We’ve been married too long, I guess 😉

    1. It is a ton of fun, maybe you could try answering the questions about your spouse and see how well you do… You might be even be surprised by a few of each other’s answers. And you’re right, you could always come up with even more questions! I hope you try it, and we already love to hear how it goes to!!

  2. I’m trying to print this out, and the sizing of each page is different. In print preview, page three is teeny tiny, and page one takes up about 80% of the page. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hey Jackie! I’m sorry it isn’t working right for you! It seems to be working okay for me but not for everyone, so I’ll see what I can do to get another set uploaded. In the meantime, it should still work if you have a “Fit to Page” or “Scale to Fit” option in the printer dialog box when it pops up!

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