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Creative Step Card

Searching Hallmark aisles for the perfect card to show you care? What better way to show your love than a unique and personalized card made by you? The best part about this card is that you have numerous pages to share different reasons that you love about your spouse. And guess what? It is super easy to make!


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Here is What You Will Need:

  • 4 sheets of 8.5 x 11 colored paper
  • 1 ribbon about 30 inches in length
  • Hole punch
  • Favorite Traits Printable (provided below)


Here is What You Do:


Step 1: Take the four 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper and lay them out so that each sheet is 1 inch above the next. You now have the first four layers.

Step 2: Lay the papers in the order you want them displayed. Hint: If the backs of your papers are white, I suggest flipping them over so the colors alternate.


Step 3: Take the top section of paper and fold it over keeping the top edge 1 inch away from the next layer. Make sure the layers are all even before you crease the fold!

Step 4: The card should now look like this. If you need to – use paper clips to secure the top and hold it in place.


Step 5: Open up your card so that the inside is facing down.

Step 6: Using a hole punch, create a hole on each side of the card right on the crease. Be careful not to punch too close to the edge or your book won’t stay together!


Step 7: String each end of your ribbon through the holes on each side.

Step 8: Tie the ribbon pieces together to form a bow.

Close up your card and voila! You have your card! Now for the fun part: decorating it!

My absolute favorite part of this card are the flaps! Each section opens to reveal something more. For my card, I decided for each layer to represent a trait I adored about my spouse.

On the edge of the first flap I printed the words “You are . . . ” and then for each remaining flag I placed the different characteristics I wanted to highlight. You can easily create  your own on a word document or even handwrite it – but if you want, I am sharing mine with you!


After attaching each of the traits, I placed a photo or keepsake that matched the characteristic.


Then, on the upper part of the flap, I wrote my message.


And there you have it! A unique card that is personal and will really bring a smile to your special someone’s face.

Now that you have your memorable card – check out our Pinterest board of gift ideas including boards for the hardest to shop for: the husband!

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