The Greatest Stocking Stuffer Ideas for 2021

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas By Age

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care… And they were filled with random, unnecessary items, right? Not this year! We found the best stocking stuffer ideas by age for everyone in your family!

Before you set to scrolling through all the stocking stuffer ideas, check out the CUTEST stocking stuffer printables! This pack is perfect to add a little personal touch to their stockings this Christmas.

Quick and Easy Stocking Stuffers

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Table of Contents
  1. Stocking Stuffer Ideas By Age
  2. Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men
  3. Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Women
  4. Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Teens
  5. Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids
  6. Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Babies

Alright, you don’t have to stress about those stocking stuffers for another minute! Let’s get started and make your Christmas shopping a breeze!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men

Useful, practical, and unique stocking stuffers that your man will LOVE!

1. Money Clip – Maybe you could include a few bucks — after all, who doesn’t love getting a little money?!

Money clip | The Dating Divas

2. Pocket Knife – This stocking stuffer will make your hubby smile. Pocket knives are so fun — and check out the reviews on this one!

Pocket knife | The Dating Divas

3. MagnoGrip – A magnetic wristband that is great for your handy husband! Can hold screws, scissors, and other tools while he works on his projects.

Magnetic Grip wristband | The Dating Divas

4. Burt’s Bees Men’s Gift Set – A kit full of everything your man will need to clean up and get feeling fresh!

Men's Burt Bees set | The Dating Divas

5. Portable Charger – One of my favorite stocking stuffers for him! This portable charger will come in handy often, from vacations to long work days — or just when he forgot to charge his phone the night before!

Portable charger with built-in outlets | The Dating Divas

6. Bluetooth Headphones – These headphones are wireless, making it so easy to do anything while wearing them!

Bluetooth earphones with strap | The Dating Divas

7. Personalized Watch – Leave your babe a personalized message on the back of this beautiful watch and he will always feel your love!

Men's watch with inscription on back | The Dating Divas

8. Sex Checks – This is a steamy idea! 30 IOU’s and UOME’s so this stocking stuffer is a win/win!

Sex checks | The Dating Divas

9. Massage Oils – Who doesn’t love a massage?! Five different scents filled with essential oils to create a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

Massage Oil | The Dating Divas

10. Cologne – Check out those reviews! Your man will be smelling amazing thanks to this stocking stuffer.

Nautica cologne | The Dating Divas

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Women

With relaxation gifts, cute accessories and more, you can’t go wrong with these stocking stuffer ideas for girls! 

11. Bath Bomb – This variety pack of bath bombs will create a relaxing evening. One of my favorite stocking stuffers for girls!

Bath bombs | The Dating Divas

12. Slipper Socks – Cozy slipper socks are the perfect stocking stuffer for her! Plus they have grips on the bottom, so no slipping!

Slipper socks with gripped bottoms | The Dating Divas

13. Beauty Blender – These makeup sponges are such a great way to apply makeup — they create a look that is so smooth and natural looking, all while being totally effortless!

Beauty blender sponge | The Dating Divas

14. Blow Dry Primer Spray – This spray allows for a quick, smooth dry all while protecting her hair from heat!

Blow drying pillow proof spray | The Dating Divas

15. Nail Polish – Nothing like a little nail polish to make a woman feel polished! HA! Seriously though, nail polish is so fun and these colors are so pretty.

Essie nail polish | The Dating Divas

16. Lip Gloss – These butter glosses are smooth and they have such a great selection of colors!

NYX butter lipgloss | The Dating Divas

17. Makeup Brushes – Nice brushes go a long way when it comes to makeup! These are a great (and super affordable) option that she will love!

Makeup brushes | The Dating Divas

18. Perfume – This rollerball perfume is perfect for travel, to keep in a purse or car, or in a makeup bag for everyday use!

Gucci roll-on perfume | The Dating Divas

19. Necklace – Love that this layered necklace is an effortless piece of jewelry and will match with anything. Talk about the best stocking stuffer for your girlfriend or wife!

Women's necklace from Nordstrom | The Dating Divas

20. Earrings – Of these stocking stuffer ideas for women, these might be my favorite! Simple, dainty, and feminine earrings!

Small gold earrings | The Dating Divas

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Teens

Christmas shopping for teenagers in general is SO hard — and finding the best stocking stuffers for teens is no exception. Luckily we have some great ideas your teen will love!

21. Sephora Gift Card – Sephora has SO many great options, from makeup to skin and hair care. Your teen will love this!

Sephora gift card | The Dating Divas

22. Theatre Gift Card – Going to movies as a teen were some of my favorite memories. What a fun stocking stuffer! I love that it is an experience.

AMC gift card | The Dating Divas

23. Restaurant Gift Card – These always come in handy! I love being able to eat out and not have to use my own money! HA!

Subway gift card | The Dating Divas

24. Fidget Spinner – A fun spin toy that can help with anxiety or stress and is just fun to play with!

Multicolored fidget spinner | The Dating Divas

25. Gum – Fresh breath? Yes, please! These cubes are fun and so refreshing!

Spearmint ice cube gum | The Dating Divas

26. Texting Gloves – Your teen will love these while they’re in the cold — and you’ll love that they can still let you know they’re on their way home!

Texting gloves that work on touchscreen | The Dating Divas

27. Ear Buds – These headphones are reasonably priced and they have lots of color options — plus, they have hundreds of thousands of phenomenal reviews!

Wireless earbuds | The Dating Divas

28. Portable Bluetooth Speaker – I love a speaker like this — it’s perfect to take in the backyard, in your room while cleaning up, or while you do homework!

Portable bluetooth speaker | The Dating Divas

29. Popsocket – Allows for easy holding and also works as a stand to prop your phone up!

Pop socket for cell phone | The Dating Divas

30. Fidget Cube – This toy has multiple tasks as you try out the cube’s different sides!

Fidget cube | The Dating Divas

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids

These stocking stuffer ideas for kids are genius. Between fine motor activities and games, your kiddos will be entertained for hours — and getting smarter as they play! 

31. Tic Tacs – YUM! I loved these as a kid and we bet your kiddos will too!

Orange Tic Tacs | The Dating Divas

32. Fidget Toy – This little fidget toy will keep your kiddos busy for quite some time.

Kids' fidget toys | The Dating Divas

33. Magnetic Wooden Block Set – One of my favorite stocking stuffers for kids! Cute magnetic blocks for your kiddo to get creative.

Magnetic blocks | The Dating Divas

34. Road Play Tape – Use this tape to create a road — and hours of entertainment!

Road tape for playing | The Dating Divas

35. Toy TOOB – Tubes that are filled with different things to create different kinds of play! Safari animals, insects, and so many more!

Kids animal TOOBs | The Dating Divas

36. LEGO Blind Bag – Opening these packs will be a fun surprise! 

LEGO pack | The Dating Divas

37. Kinetic Sand – This sand is so fun, easily cleaned up, and allows for endless creativity!

Kinetic sand | The Dating Divas

38. Secret Message Pens – Invisible ink that shows up with the special lights included! So fun to write sweet secret messages to each other.

Invisible ink pens | The Dating Divas

39. Wikki Stix – Building options are endless with these fun stix — plus they are easy to clean up and reusable!

Fun play sticks for kids | The Dating Divas

40. Rainbow Mini Notes – Scratch art is the best! What a fun stocking stuffer — your kiddos will love scratching off special notes.

Rainbow notepad | The Dating Divas

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Babies

Those sweet little babes deserve a stocking full of goodies, and we found some of the sweetest things! Sentimental ideas, fun ideas, and fine motor skill ideas. Your baby will feel the love on Christmas!

41. Fine Motor Toys – These toys are great for perfecting those fine motor skills. Your little ones will love these!

Babies fine motor toys | The Dating Divas

42. Stacking Cups – Build towers, sort things, or learn colors with these fun stacking cups! A great stocking stuffer for babies.

Stackable cups for babies | The Dating Divas

43. Snack Catcher – Perfect for little hands to reach in and grab snacks but not spill them all over!

No-spill babies snack cups | The Dating Divas

44. Letters to My Baby – Of our stocking stuffer ideas for babies, I think this one is my favorite! Letters that are so sentimental and sweet, this is a gift that will carry throughout the years!

Letters to my baby book | The Dating Divas

45. WubbaNub – These have crazy good ratings! They help keep the pacifier in and it’s a cute little stuffed animal!

Wubba giraffe stuffed animal with pacifier | The Dating Divas

46. Baby Crayons – Safe crayons so your babe can join in on coloring!

Honey sticks crayons for babies | The Dating Divas

47. Tech Set Trio – What baby doesn’t want the remote or phone or keys? Now they can have them!

Electronic baby toys | The Dating Divas

48. Baby Bath Toys – One of the best stocking stuffer ideas for babies! Bath time is so much fun and this will just add to the party.

Baby bath toys | The Dating Divas

49. Color Bath Dropz and Crayons – Make bath time party time! Add some color and fun to the next tubby!

Babies bath color drops | The Dating Divas

50. Water Wow Book – Mess-free painting?! Sign me up! These books are the best — they only require water!

Water Wow booklet for kids | The Dating Divas

I cannot wait to fill stockings this year (and fill them with purpose)! Plus, I will be showing my hubby the list “for her”… cause mama needs some new makeup items! I know my baby will LOVE those Water Wow books and so will I ’cause… mess-free. Good luck filling your stockings and happy holidays!

And don’t forget to check out our gift guides for teens and for kids since they can be so hard to shop for! 

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