Summertime Secret Service for Kids

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Secret Service Projects for Kids

Summer is an exciting time full of vacations and adventures! Inevitably, there will come a time between adventures when the kids might mention that they are bored. If you’re a mom, you’ve heard it before! Instead of dreading the complaints, take advantage of those moments and get your kids thinking about others and how they can make a difference in their home and community! Enlist them in the Secret Service for Kids!

It’s easy… when the kids have a little downtime, introduce the Secret Service project for kids so that they can stay busy doing fun acts of service for family, friends and even community members!

Defeat the boredom this summer with these Summertime Secret Service activities! #ActsofService #SecretServiceforKids #thedatingdivas

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This isn’t your typical idea for summer fun, but this is definitely a very productive and meaningful way to keep your kids busy. Out of all the summer activities for kids, doing a little service is a great way to help them learn and grow! Stop the complaints before they even start rolling in by creating Secret Service projects that the kids can easily take charge of!

Secret Service Ideas for Kids at Home

As parents to four kids, we have our fair share of arguments, fighting and sibling rivalry going on in our home. At one point, all this negativity got so overwhelming for me as a mom. I didn’t like seeing my kids constantly bickering. So my husband and I worked together to come up with some ideas to help them flip the switch! We started simply by encouraging kind words. After a couple months, the tone of our home totally changed. But it was time to take it up a notch! We decided to talk to the kids about kind deeds.

Ideas for Secret Service Projects for Kids

That’s how the Secret Service for Kids idea was born! We wanted this to be something that would help the kids form habits of serving. So we wanted to come up with something that would encourage them to serve. Having this be TOP SECRET and presenting it in a fun way made all the difference!

Secret Service Treat

Now its time to start serving! These kisses turned out SO cute and are huge motivators in our home! Seriously, you would be surprised how exciting it is for the kids to pick out a kiss or two to give to someone else… So far, the kids have absolutely loved having the opportunity to do things for others and give these sweet kisses.

The morning after I introduced the Secret Service project to my kids. My daughter ran into my room and whispered, “Guess what mom!? I made the boys’ beds without them even noticing!” And she was giddy about it. It brought her joy! That, my friends, is the goal…

You may have heard the quote “We rise by lifting others!” And that’s exactly what this activity can teach your kids. Service is like a happy vitamin that everyone needs to take a little more of!

Secret Service Journal for Kids

Help them notice how their actions affect those around them with this secret service journal. By observing and recording the fruits of their actions, they’ll be motivated to continue to serve others. Developing a habit of looking outwards instead of being focused on themselves is a great way to spend free time during the summer, don’t ya think?

Secret Service for Kids Printables

One of our favorite designers, Messes to Memories created these bright, summery printables with kids in mind! They are perfect for some summer fun! Here’s what you’ll find in the downloadable Secret Service printables below:

  • Summertime Secret Service Envelope Covers – Attach these bright envelope covers to a 6×9 envelope to place instructions and service ideas in.
  • Secret Service for Kids Instructions – This instruction card helps make this an independent activity for the kids. They should be able to follow the instructions without help from parents!

Summertime Service Projects for Kids

  • Secret Service Brainstorming SheetFor service within the home, we’ve got a sheet full of ideas you can include to help kids get started.
  • Secret Service for Kids Idea Cards – 8 cards with secret service ideas to place in envelopes.
  • Editable Secret Service CardsMake your own cards by adding ideas to the editable cards included.

Acts of Service Ideas

  • Summertime Kisses StickersAttach these stickers to kisses to leave at the scene.
  • Secret Service Journal – For older kids, have them use the journal to record their actions and results.

Secret Service Journal

Secret Service Ideas Set-Up

There are a couple ways you can set up your Secret Service. All you {as the parent} need to do is put together these cute Top Secret envelopes and then choose which printables you want to add to help your kids independently perform acts of service this summer!

Top Secret Envelopes for Secret Service Activity

  1. Place Summertime Secret Service Instructions and cards in envelopes for kids to pull out whenever they have some free time. Whatever card they pull out, that’s the service that they will perform. This is recommended for the younger kiddos!
  2. Place Summertime Secret Service Instructions and Secret Service Brainstorming Sheet in envelopes for kids to pull out when they’re bored. With this option they have the freedom to choose something from the list or come up with their own service idea {which is great for older kids}. Pair this with the Secret Service Journal so that the kids can record what acts of service they perform and maybe even how it affects them and those around them!
  3. No matter how you set it up, prep the kisses to leave behind after an act of service is performed! Now you are ready for your Secret Service for Kids to begin!

All it Takes is a Few Simple Acts of Service

 Mother Theresa said that “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Make it easy to get started with small things by adding these acts of service cards to the envelopes! Keepin’ it simple with easy ideas is the best way to get kids hooked on service.

Acts of Service Cards

But remind your kids that the sky is the limit when it comes to service. Teach them to use their creativity to help those around them! Once they’ve mastered little acts of service in the home, help them expand their network.

More Community Service Ideas for Kids

Take service outside the home as well with these printables! We’ve included a brainstorming list of 26 service projects for kids that they can initiate and take ownership of… although some might need a little parental help getting supplies or chauffeuring. This list is just a jumping off point for kids! They can be creative and come up with their own ideas too!

While there are a few ideas on this list that would be hard to remain anonymous, keep anything that you do for your neighbors TOP SECRET, if possible!

Service Projects for Kids Ideas

It’s time to get your kids out there serving! Grab the Summertime Secret Service for Kids printables below and make a difference in the community and in your home this summer! And since this post is so full of ideas to make this work for your family, it might be helpful to save it to Pinterest so you’ve got them all in one handy place!


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