The “Sure Wife” Chart

A Positive Way to Track Your Marriage Progress

My husband received the best chart in a church class this past year.  The chart is titled, for my sake, The “Sure Wife” Chart.

Our friend who gave me permission to share his idea with our readers explains the chart like this; Every time you ask your husband to do something and he immediately says, “Sure Wife” (or your spouse does something without even being asked) he can mark the chart.  If he hesitates at all- NO mark!  Once your spouse reaches a smiley face on the chart he is given a reward.  This chart should encourage you to talk about your marriage with your spouse and hopefully help him and you become a more positively responsive and attentive spouse.

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 When you download  The “Sure Wife” Chart, you will notice that I left the wife part blank…for that reason you can change it up to be a “Sure Husband” chart or maybe even a “Sure Mom” and Sure Dad” Chart.

Don’t forget to download the detailed Chart Explanation.

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10 Responses to The “Sure Wife” Chart

  1. I think this is clever! If you & your spouse are BOTH on board…how fun! The best part? That a HUSBAND thought this up! Absolutely fabulous! 🙂 Thanks for passing this along, Kristen!

  2. I came across via Pinterest last week…and have subsequently fallen in love with your blog!

    I tentatively suggested to my husband the idea of using the chart which he loved! It is now displayed in the kitchen and he’s very excited about earning his rewards!

  3. I really love this idea! I’ll be sending a lot of people over to your website to download this for themselves! I’m the RS Pres. in my ward and this year we are studying the Family Proclamation. So when we get to the section about husbands and wives I’ll be suggesting this idea. What’s even better is that a MAN came up with this! Love it!!