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A Private After Party for Two!!!

Or any date night that you want to celebrate your love.

 Are you looking for a quick and easy date night full of romance?! Then look no further, you are in the right place! This post is full of simple to put together printables as well as quick and easy ideas that will make your date night a fabulous party! This printable pack will bring back the romance – with just the two of you once the kids are in bed.

Sweetheart Bedroom Party For Two

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Diva Intimacy Ideas Disclaimer

Let’s be completely real for a second. Moms and dads spend the majority of their time wrapped up in their kids lives and forget to make their spouse their first priority. Let’s take Valentine’s Day, for example, most parents spend the day centered around their kids instead of basking in a romantic glow. It seems like most people just make Valentine’s Day a family affair these days. Which is fun – but this printable pack will bring back the romance… with just the two of you no matter the occassion.

This Valentine’s we are taking a stand to bring back the romance! We challenge you to take your marriage back and make your spouse your number one priority!

Say goodbye to feeling stressed out, being busy, and spending Valentine’s Day completely exhausted from making a bajillion class Valentines and V-day boxes. Say hello to loving your spouse and enjoying every moment of your special day.

Take note, this idea isn’t just for Valentine’s, it’s for any of those “just because” moments when you want some extra one-on-one focused romantic time with only your spouse!

No worries, this doesn’t mean that you can’t show a little love to your kids too. What this does mean is that you are going to make your spouse the center of your attention.

How are you going to do this? Follow these rules: 

1. Simplify!

2. Choose crafts that won’t suck up all your time, find something cute and easy.

3. Plan date night for the two of you, no excuses allowed.

Take a deep breath and relax because unlike most of our date night ideas, this one is easy, quick and simple, notice the rules above. We are sticking to them, too! You’re welcome!

Sweetheart Bedroom Party Intimate Hershey Kisses Challenge Game

Before we dive any further, we need to give a huge shout out to our lovely designer, Kayley from Ollie And Lulu whom we teamed up with to bring you this gorgeous printable party pack! Stop on over and say thank you to Kayley at Ollie and Lulu!!!

In this printable party pack you will find:

  • A Flirty Invite
  • A Do Not Disturb Door Hanger
  • Sexy Scavenger Hunt Clues
  • An Intimate Bedroom Game

Pretty much everything you need to make this night special, fun, and sexy night for the two of you.

Simply print all printables onto white cardstock. Cut out each printable — no crazy designs, just simple squares and circles to make putting them together easier.

Sweetheart Bedroom Party Invite and Door Hanger

Invite Your Spouse

Fill out the teasing invite with the time to meet in the bedroom. Hang the door hanger on the bedroom door on date night as a reminder of the party to come!

Put the Kids to Bed

It’s time for “putting the kids in bed” duty. {Let’s be real… getting a sitter on Valentine’s night can be close to impossible.} Once the kids are in bed it’s one-on-one time, literally! *wink*  Hurry off to your bedroom and get ready to par-tay. It’s time for your private After Party for 2.

Sweetheart Bedroom Party For Two Basket

Scavenger Hunt Tease

Now is when the fun starts!

Before date night, put together a sexy scavenger hunt that leads your spouse to the special gift.

**A little Diva tip: In our marriage we don’t buy individual gifts for Valentine’s. It’s a holiday that celebrates our love, so we buy something together that can be enjoyed by the two of us. If you choose to do this (totally up to you!) you can buy/gather items that will be used during your bedroom party or something else that will help improve your marriage. This will also ensure that you both get to enjoy the gift together!!! If you are particularly looking for something extra spicy, be sure to check out jimmyjane.com. You could always get each other a gift AND something sexy! *wink*

Sweetheart Bedroom Party Scavenger Hunt Clues

We have created 5 clues and a scavenger hunt invite. Simply hand your spouse the scavenger invite and clue 1. Or to add a little more adventure place clue 1 in a very obvious place so your spouse is sure to find it sometime during the night. Once the clue is spied, the hunt is on!

Clue 1 leads to a pillow.

Clue 2 leads to a towel, robe, or blanket.

Sweetheart Bedroom Party Scavenger Hunt Clue 2

Clue 3 leads to the sexy underwear drawer.

Clue 4 leads to a candle or light.

Sweetheart Bedroom Party Scavenger Hunt Clue 4

Clue 5 leads to the closet on your favorite spouse’s outfit.

Sweetheart Bedroom Party Scavenger Hunt Clue 5

Leave the gift basket hidden in the closet for your spouse to discover.

Sweetheart Bedroom Party Basket For Two

Intimate Kisses Game

Sweetheart Bedroom Party Intimate Game Printables

This printable bedroom game is the main party attraction of the night. This portion of the printable pack includes instructions, a checkerboard, and challenge pieces.

Sweetheart Bedroom Party Game Pack

You will need Hershey Kisses to complete this game. If you would rather not use kisses, then grab another candy or checker pieces to play the game with instead.

Sweetheart Bedroom Party Romance Game

Cut out 24 of your favorite circle pieces (we created a few extras to ensure that you find just the perfect game pieces) and using a glue stick or tape, attach the printables to the bottom of the kisses. The blank pieces can either be filled in with a challenge the two of you come up with or just leave them blank.

Sweetheart Bedroom Party Hershey Kisses Game of Checkers

Print off 2 copies of the checker board page, you will use both pages to make your checker board. Simply glue them together.

Sweetheart Bedroom Party Romance Game Items Needed

Follow the game instructions, gather any supplies needed beforehand, and get ready to bring on the spice!

Simple, Easy, and Sexy!

Well, there you have it folks! As promised, we have taken all the work out of Valentine’s Day and any other quick and easy romantic night for two! This date night is something that is super simple to print and put together.

What are you waiting for?! Put those kiddos to bed, hurry on into the bedroom, and get ready to par-tay!!!

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Sweetheart Bedroom Party Date Night Pack


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  1. Perfect! Super simple to prep and such a blast! This was the first game I tried from this site. Will definitely be trying more. Thanks for helping make our Vday so memorable! 🙂

    1. Hi Kristi, you are too cute. Yay, so glad you two enjoyed the game and the night! You two are so welcome. Enjoy finding more games on the site, we have plenty to choose from. xox

  2. Will definitely be trying this wonderful idea with my wife for Valentines Day this year! Hope it works out! THANKS!