Taking Down The Christmas Tree Date

Christmas Tree Removal Date

Timber! We’ve fallen for you! And your tree’s close behind… those needles have got nothin’ on our Taking Down The Christmas Tree Date and we’ll tell you why! With a printable download that’s packed with games, activities, and an invite to unleash everyone’s inner lumberjack, this Christmas tree removal date will leave the two of you “pining” for more. We’re about to turn annual tree takedown time into something a little more happy and a LOT more fun. Let’s get chopping!

Christmas Tree Removal Date 

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A huge thank you to Brielle of Breezy & Co. for these perfect, piney printables! She was a ‘tree’-t to work with!Taking Down the Christmas Tree Invite

Let your sweetheart know about the flannel-themed fun with our ‘Timber! I’ve Fallen For You’ invite! This printable invitation not only features a loveable lumberjack, but will help set the tone for your very own takedown! Bonus points if beards are involved. {Would your sweetie go for these matching flannel PJ’s? Maybe these and these instead?} Taking Down the Christmas Tree Checklist

If the thought of saying ‘ta ta’ to your tree has you feeling a bit teary and weary, we’ve got JUST the thing! Our printable ‘Tree Takedown Checklist’ will guide you through your own Christmas tree removal in fine, fir-y (get it?!) fashion. But hold on to your tree trunks, because our ‘Timber! Tasks’ challenge game is going to take the fun to a whole new level! This timed, tree-themed activity can be played DURING your tree removal, and will let you and your sweetie give a few final “hurrahs!” to the holiday season! Simply set a timer to go off every ten minutes or so (we’ll let you decide!) and take turns drawing a new card each time it rings. You’re in for some laughs and a whole lot of lovin’.

Taking Down the Christmas Tree QuestionsOnce the tree has been tossed, settle down for a little holiday reflection, and some brief introspection. Our ‘Tree-Talk Questions’ for couples will give you all the feels and remind you of your very favorite festive moments! What a wonderful way to end a work-filled day.

Taking Down the Christmas Tree Door Hanger

No date ‘wood’ be complete without a little one-on-one time and we’ve got you covered! Our printable ‘Thanks for “chopping” by’ door hanger is the PERFECT Do-Not-Disturb sign for you and your lover. Hang it up and get it on…Taking Down the Christmas Tree Pack

Christmas may be over, but the party’s just begun! Give yourself and your honey a real post-holiday treat with our Taking Down The Christmas Tree Date, and say ‘farewell’ to Christmas in flannel-themed fashion!

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