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Edible Massage Oils & More

Looking to turn up the heat in the bedroom without having to shop for potentially embarrassing sex products at the store? Well, this post is for YOU! We’ve gathered up some of the BEST recipes for the bedroom that you can make entirely from home, including edible massage oil, tasty body butters, and MORE! We figured that when looking into expanding your bedroom fun, you might not know that you can make some pretty amazing things from HOME! (Um, not having to look the cashier in the eye when you buy one from the store? Yes please!) So we rounded up this list for you, even including flavored massage oils, tantalizing sprays, and edible underwear! Ready to take a peek?

Bedroom Recipes for Edible Massage Oil

When it comes to the bedroom, it’s nice to know what chemicals you’re putting on your body, right? Basically, with just a few simple items, you can make your very own edible massage oil, lotion, or bubble bath! That means you can spice up the bedroom AND have the reassurance of knowing where everything in your sexy time products came from. PLUS, it’s a great surprise for a romantic night for two! 😉 Now, we’ve broken down this list of bedroom recipes into the following steamy categories:

Roll up your DIY sleeves for some easy and sexy recipes to spice up the bedroom!

First up…

Edible Oils, Lotions, and Butters You Can DIY

For the record, we assume you know the feeling of being rubbed down with sensational massage oil, lotion, or body butter. It just makes your skin melttttttt away into a puddle of relaxation, right? We wanted you to know that you don’t have to pay high prices or order online to achieve this feeling! You can incorporate yummy and edible massage oil, lotions, and body butters into your bedroom fun right NOW thanks to these recipes! So, let’s dive into them, shall we?

Edible Oils, Butters, and Lotions

  1. Whipped Chocolate Body Butter: Homemade chocolate body butter that looks and smells so good you could eat it?! Yes! While this idea works well as an edible massage oil, it will leave your skin smelling great. Get ready for some serious touching!
  2. Edible Whipped Love Butter: This recipe also doubles as edible body butter or massage butter! So the next time your sweetie asks for a flavorful rub down, you know just where to go!
  3. DIY Chocolate Body Paint:  This DIY recipe will please all of those chocolate lovers out there! The best part about this one is that you can really get creative with how (and where) you paint it on! 😉 (Not in the mood to make your own? You could also try this Diva favorite!
  4. Lick-able Oils to Use for Massaging:  With a couple of simple ingredients, you can make your own warming edible massage oil. For example, why not whip this up when celebrating an anniversary or birthday?
  5. DIY Pumpkin Lotion Tutorial: This article mentions that combining lavender and pumpkin actually improves blood flow. Who knew? Well, It can’t hurt to try this because pumpkin is delicious! No need to wait until Autumn to try this out!
  6. Whipped Massage Oil – With Tingling Peppermint: Surprise your spouse with a massage tonight! Expressing your love to your spouse in a physical way is never a bad idea.  Plus, this tingling peppermint oil is sure to curl some toes!
  7. Melts Massage Candle Recipe: Make your own warm, romantic, and rich sensual massage oil in the form of a candle. Yep, you actually melt the candle down and use it for a hot oil massage! You can thank me later for this one! 😉
  8. DIY Edible Vanilla Body Powder: Brush this little powder all over and let the fun begin! The vanilla scent will feel fun and flirty, so we have an idea or two of how your night will end {Wink!}
  9. Massage Oils that use Essential Oils: This includes more than one recipe for edible massage oils and they look AMAZING! Sweet and warm, tropical, OR floral! Definitely going to try these out!
  10. Lick-able Massage Oil: Strawberry Kiwi? Apple Cinnamon? Vanilla Orange? Okay, I’m hungry now. These different flavors will DEFINITELY be a hit!

Setting the Mood

In truth, you want the evening to go well RIGHT from the get-go. So setting the mood for a romantic evening is a step you don’t want to miss! Luckily, we have a great list of DIY items that will help make the mood romantic, sensual, and oh so relaxing. Ready to see what they are?

Setting the Mood

12. Homemade Bubble Bath:  Make some homemade honey bubble bath for a nice soak for two. It smells delightful and will leave your skin smooth and kissable! 😉

13. Honey Lavender Homemade Relaxing Bath Melts:  If you’re not a bath person, this particular recipe will make you a fan!  Pamper yourself {and your spouse} with glorious bath melts (so easy to make) and watch your troubles melt away. 

14. DIY Roll-On Perfume:  Smelling sexy will absolutely help your confidence in the bedroom. Try this amazing DIY perfume! Pair this with some edible massage oil and you’ll smell AND taste amazing!

15. Homemade Linen Spray: We couldn’t have a list of bedroom recipes without a little something for the actual bed! Infuse your sheets with the soothing smell of lavender or vanilla using this DIY linen spray recipe. Your bed will be so welcoming you’ll have no choice but to get in!

16. Turn Up The Heat With a DIY Sensual Soy Massage Candle:  This recipe is sure to spice things up! Introducing this hot wax soy candle to add to the massage portion of your evening. It’s healthy, smells amazing, and FEELS out of this world when applied. This is pretty much a WIN across the board!

17. Whipped Sleepytime Rub: When all is said and done, relax in each other’s arms and cuddle in with this bedtime rub. You’ll for sure wake up happy together!!

18. Homemade Grapefruit Foot Lotion: You know those scents that just make you instantly feel amazing? If grapefruit does that for you, this foot lotion recipe will undoubtedly be on repeat in your bedroom! Above all, this recipe is clean and easy to make!

19. Peppermint Foot Scrub: If you’re wanting to feel refreshed AND hydrate your skin, this foot scrub can do both! You’ll feel relaxed and ready for “other” activities in no time! 😉 Consider rubbing down other parts of the body afterward with some edible massage oil!

20. Relaxing Pillow Spray: Not only does a busy day make you want to hit the sack, but this spray will make you literally want to lay on your pillow for hours! Couple this with some romantic intimate time and you’re set!

21. DIY Bath Bombs: Bath bombs are fun to watch fizz in the water, AND they’re the perfect way to invite your sweetheart to the tub for a two-person soak! Leave a wrapped bath bomb on their pillow with a note that says something like, “Use Me Tonight!”

Edible Undie Recipes and Tutorials

Yep, we are totally going here. Edible undies can be SO fun and SO delicious! 😉 Don’t scroll away before checking out each of these unique and flavorful edible underwear ideas! While not all of them are guaranteed to be mess-free, they are 100% fun and flirty! Besides, don’t you kind of want to know what your sweetheart will say when you walk into the bedroom wearing one of these? 😉

Make Your Own Edible Undies

22. Knit a Pair of Edible UndiesOkay, I’m blushing a little bit. Any knitters out there? This is for you! Leave this little gem on the bed and wait to see what happens…We guarantee it’ll spice  things up in no time at all! {Don’t want to DIY your edible undies? Check out these instead!}

23. How to Make Edible Lingerie:  Spoiler alert! This recipe involves Twizzlers and Starbursts and you’re most definitely going to want to try this out! Yay for candy AND sexy time!

24. How to Make Edible Undies Video: We get it! You might want to see this being done by someone else before you try it for yourself! This video is quick and easy and walks you through step by step.

25. Fruit Roll-Up Edible Underwear: If this makes you think of middle school lunches, try to think past that! Fruit roll-up actually makes this project super easy and super flirty!

26. Cookie Bra: Is your jaw on the floor yet? This is absolutely amazing! A cookie bra for your sweetie to enjoy! We are beyond impressed with this and very excited to try it out! Plus with a bit of edible massage oil, you can become a human taste-testing board! 😉

27. Edible Caramel Lingerie: While boiling caramel is involved, don’t be nervous! You wait for it to cool before putting it on 😉 This recipe looks SO yummy!

28. Candy Bra: This might possibly be our favorite because #Candy but also, this pink candy bra is so cute! Try throwing this into your bedroom routine for some fun!

Now the real question is, where are you going to start? Edible massage oil? Bubble bath for two? Candy bra? Foreplay is going to be so fun, exciting, and tasty with these sexy bedroom recipes!

While we’re at it, you’ve got to get a load of our list of 75 Sexy Bedroom Games AND our Ultimate Intimacy Pack that include ideas to pair perfectly with ANY of these bedroom recipes! Your sweetheart won’t know what hit them!


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