The Bachelor or The Bachelorette Viewing Party

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Host a Bachelor or Bachelorette TV Date Night

Anyone else’s guilty {or not-so-guilty} pleasure, reality TV?! I’ve been obsessed since the first episode of The Bachelor and now I am totally hooked on it and The Bachelorette. I get so excited for each new season and since we figured we weren’t alone in our obsession, we’d pull together some fun ideas to make watching the bachelor find love even more fun. So, invite your best friends over for a ‘group date’ or just convince your spouse to join you for a one-on-one date in front of the TV as the next season of The Bachelor begins and we get to watch on the edge of our sofas as the love story unfolds.

The Bachelor Viewing Party Date Night

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As we worked to create the perfect printables for your Bachelor-themed night, Carisa toiled over the designs and we got these beauties that will completely take your night up a notch {or two, or three}! If you want to see what other incredible ideas she’s got, check out Messes to Memories.

The Bachelor Invitation

The Bachelor Viewing Party Invitation

If you’re itching to get started, step one is to simply send out the invite. We’ve got two options for you—one for a group of friends and one for you and your spouse. Either way, you’ll want to send it with a rose—hopefully, they’ll accept!

The Bachelorette Night Stud Muffins

Then, set the stage with some treats. We’ve basically got two sets of printables in one because Carisa created double of everything – one set for watching The Bachelor and one set for watching The Bachelorette! If you’re hosting a night to watch The Bachelor, you can use the “Cupcake Cuties” sign and if you’ll be viewing The Bachelorette, set up the “Stud Muffins” sign. It’s really one of the simplest ways to provide a little snack that’s totally on theme! I just printed out each of the bio pictures, taped them to a mini bamboo fork, and popped them into the muffins. How clever is that?!

The Bachelor TV Show Viewing Party

As if your viewing party wouldn’t be fun enough, we’ve got a couple of fun games to play, too! They’re perfect to help get you through those pesky commercial breaks!

The Bachelor Funny Occupations Game Idea

If you’ve ever watched before, you might have noticed that a few of the contestants have some peculiar occupations. So we created a true and false game to see who can guess the real jobs. You can take turns picking cards and read them aloud to each other or pick up the cards carefully to hold your thumb over the answer and then you can guess together.

The Bachelorette Nomination

Did you know that you can actually nominate someone to be on the next season of the show?! Well, obviously you don’t want your spouse showing up on TV but nominating them means showering them with compliments, so we created our own version of the nomination form. You can fill it out for your sweetie and give it to them as a creative love note!

The Bachelorette BINGO

Ready for my absolute favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette party game?! It’s BINGO! Print enough cards for each of your guests and pass them out before the show starts. Let each of your guests choose a contestant (or if it’s super early in the season, they could pick more than one!). As you’re watching the night’s episode, be on the lookout for your contestant to do or say the things on your bingo card. You can play all kinds of ways—four corners, five-in-a-row, or even just to see who has the most at the end!

The Bachelor TV Show Bracket

For a fun activity all season long, complete the Bachelor/Bachelorette Brackets. If it’s the season premiere, you can fill it in after the first episode ends but if you’re jumping in part way through, make sure your guests make their predictions as soon as possible. You can either meet each week to watch and fill in the bracket week-by-week or you can fill it all in after the first episode. Points for scoring are listed at the bottom. Can you guess who will receive the final rose?!

Bonus Ideas

Guess what… Diva Lisa and Diva Kristen both had some amazing ideas to add so you can create the perfect Bachelor or Bachelorette Premiere Party!

 How fun are these chocolate covered strawberries?! Just perfect for the event.
Check out this spread! Champagne flutes, sparkling cider, chocolate covered strawberries, candles, and rose petals!
Plus, Kristen is the original mastermind behind those “Stud Muffins” treats!
Start getting excited and pass out those rose invites for your own Bachelor or Bachelorette Viewing Party! To print these darling printables, we love printing through FedEx Office Online (use code CJN715 to get 15% off of ANY order, or to get 20% off of an order over $150, use code CJN721). Enjoy!
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Bachelor and Bachelorette Viewing Party

Printables Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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  1. Confession I don’t really watch these beloved shows 😉 BUT this is SUPER cute and I have some friends that will LOVE this!

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