The Father’s Day Game

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A Fun Father’s Day Idea With Get-To-Know-You Questions For Dad!

Not sure what to do for Father’s Day? Need some fun Father’s Day activities? We have one idea that your whole family is going to love! The Father’s Day game is a fun twist on the classic Newlywed Game where your family members will all try to answer get-to-know-you questions about dad and see if they can guess how dad will answer! Your family will have a blast learning more about dad with a little friendly competition!

Looking for fun Father's Day Activities and Father's Day Game? This is a fun Father's Day Idea with get-to-know-you questions about dad! It is a fun twist on the Newlywed Game where your family members will all try to answer get to know you questions about dad and see if they can guess how dad will answer! #fathersday #fathersdaygame #fathersdayidea #datingdivas

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When looking for what do to for Father’s Day this year, I really couldn’t find any Father’s Day games for the whole family. At our house, we have our usual barbeque dinner and give some gifts to dad, but then what? We thought it would be fun to create a fun Father’s Day game to add to our celebration of dad and we know you are going to love it! We teamed up with the amazing designer, Carisa, from Messes to Memories to create a super fun, easy to put together game that your family can enjoy on Father’s Day.

The Father’s Day Game is:

  • A great way to celebrate Dad and get to know him better.
  • A Father’s day activity that will have your family laughing and bonding.
  • Customizable with two different options for play!
  • Super easy to prep—just print and play!
  • A Father’s Day idea that is totally FREE (perhaps you can spend more money on a nicer gift for dad)!

Father’s Day Game InstructionsFather's Day Activities

The Father’s Day Game is a unique twist on the classic Newlywed Game. We have twenty-four interesting get-to-know-you questions for Dad to answer in advance and then two unique options for answering the questions and playing the game! Keep all these details saved to a convenient board on Pinterest and you’ll have them at your fingertips!

Father’s Day Game Option #1: 

Questionnaire and Compare 

For this option of gameplay, Dad will secretly answer a series of questions in advance using our printable questionnaire. The get-to-know-you questions range from “What sport do you most like to watch?” to “What household chore do you least like to do?”.

Father's Day Game

A similar answer sheet is given to the rest of the family to fill out as well. Throughout the night, family members can take time to think about their answers and come back to ones that they can’t immediately think of an answer to. Eventually, you gather all the family together and Dad reads his answers out loud as everyone follows along and marks off which ones they got correct.

This game option is great if: 

  • You don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to the game.
  • You have a lot of people playing.
  • People will be coming in and out through the evening.

Father’s Day Game Option #2: 

Write it and Wipe it 

For this second option of gameplay, Dad will still answer his questions from the get-to-know-you questionnaire in advance, but all of the guessing and gameplay happens in the moment.

Father's Day Game Activity

Each player receives a blank game card. I chose to laminate mine using my small at-home laminator and then bought some dry erase markers so the players can write their answers, erase, and write again! 

Father's Day Game Idea For What To Do For Father's Day

One of the twenty-four get-to-know-you question cards is pulled and the question is read out loud. Family members have 30 seconds to write their answer on their boards. At the end of the 30 seconds, everyone reveals their answers. Finally, dad reveals his answer and everyone compares theirs.

This game option is great if: 

  • Your family likes a little friendly competition.
  • You have a little more time to go through each question one at a time as a group.
  • You can all sit down and play at once.

Father's Day Games

And that is our idea for a fun Father’s Day game! What do you think? I am so excited to play this year with my family. I really think that out of all the Father’s Day activities we will do, this is one that everyone in the family will enjoy AND it will really put a lot of focus on celebrating Dad!


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The Father's Day Game

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