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Christmas is coming up quick, and I have a great thoughtful gift idea you could put together in a snap! I’ve mentioned before that my husband and I LOVE to travel. One Christmas he gave me the best gift to remember all the places we’ve gone. I thought I’d share with you in case you wanted to do something similar for Christmas this year.

He found a photo book deal going on and wrote up a little poem about all the fun places we’d traveled. He also included pictures of us from our travels and then created a world map and U.S. map marking the places and dates we’d been there.

Then he made a blank journaling page and put it as the remainder of the pages in the book. The blank pages include a spot for me to write the destination and date traveled, a few lines to write some memories, and a blank spot to include a picture of us there.

Now after each little trip, be it near or far (and lately they are NEAR since we are med students…), we include it in the book. I don’t write a ton of detail or put more than one picture since I do that on our family blog, but I love having a record of the places we’ve been all in one place.

Mixbook is having a FABULOUS deal on Groupon on photo books right now. Hop on over and make your own version of “The Places We’ll Go.” It is sure to be a hit and such a fun way to relive memories.

And if you want another idea, pair it with 1,000 Places to See Before You Die and  1,000 Places to See in the U.S.A. & Canada Before You Die (this one has been more do-able for us!) and you can start crossing off the list and adding them to your book. My husband gave me both of these books WITH the above travel book and we love finding places to visit from the book.

After we’ve been somewhere, together, we mark it off in the book by writing the date we visited! {I REALLY hope I can make it to all of them…someday!}

Have you ever had a thoughtful gift made for you? Did you make one for your spouse? I’d LOVE to hear what you did!?!


I married the love of my life and enjoy being with him and our son. We love to try new things - traveling, food, games, and everything in between.

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  1. Erika,

    I would like to make one of these for my husband. I know this was a long time ago, but does your know/remember where your husband got the maps of the US and Europe?

    Thanks so much! Mimi

  2. Great idea, I will give you a tip too. You had to visit Belgium , in Belgium Bruges is beautiful but Ghent is much more lifely. Ghent is a historical(middle ages) town but with soooooooo much to do and sooooooooooo much to see.

  3. This is such an amazing idea. The hubby and I travel as much as possible, and then we have stacks of pictures of places we have been. I am not much of a scrapbooker so the stacks of pictures overwhelm me and then they get stashed in a box. This is simple and so much easier than just hiding them away. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Danicia! I agree that tons of pictures can get overwhelming – I’m the same way. But this way you have the trip documented with at least one picture – right?!

  4. This is a great gift idea. We’d need to get some more travels under our belts first. I like the idea of marking off the book and I honestly think my husband would love that book as a gift. You ladies are thrilling me this week. I actually used Tara’s idea for the magazine she made her husband for his birthday a while back and gave my husband a thoughtful gift for his thirtieth last month. I had friends and family send me photos and stories about my husband. I put them together on a blub photo book and had it made. It was better received than I had even hoped. My husband is still talking about it. It meant so much to him as he has parents that are divorced. He grew up away from the family we live by now and he’s far from the ones he grew up with so I think it meant a lot to him to see how much he means to everyone in his life.

  5. I just think this is the MOST thoughtful gift!! What a sweet man you have, girly! I really like the idea behind it & I think this would be the perfect gift for Jamie this year. He LOVES to travel and there are all sorts of places we would like to go… day. 🙂 I remember you telling me about this and thinking, “That is GENIUS!!” Thank you SO much for sharing with all of us! 🙂