The Walking Dead Date Night

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The Walking Dead Date Night

{Plus, Emergency Zombie Survival Kit}

Zombies, mystery, and suspense…. what more could you want out of a date night before Halloween?  Well, how about some free printables to go with it to make it TOTALLY easy to pull off?! You got it. Invite friends over for a huge Walking Dead viewing party or plan a Halloween date night for two!  Zombie Survival Kit, Activities, Food Ideas, Prediction Sheet and SO much more. Coming right up…

The Walking Dead Date Night


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Who is ready for the premiere of The Walking Dead??!! Season 7 (what?!?) is set to air Sunday, October 23rd AND we have the perfect date night to help you celebrate!

We love this date idea so much that we had Kristin of CdotLove make some delightfully gruesome invitations to start the night off. We tossed in a survival kit and games to make the night a hit! BUT… that’s not all, we had Diva Carisa of Messes to Memories make even more incredible printables to make this party unforgettable! Here is the list of everything…

  • Party Invitations
  • Zombie Survival Kit
  • Printable Food Labels
  • Viewing Party Prediction Sheet
  • Walking Dead Trivia Game
  • The Walking Dead Team Buttons
  • Intimate Bedroom Invitations
  • Zombie Hunting License
  • Zombie Shooting Targets
  • AND more!!

CAN you even handle this?! I mean, come on! Your Walking Dead Viewing Party is going to be a riot!! Here’s a closer look at the whole SHE-bang!

Walking Dead Party Invitation

Don’t you LOVE how Kristin designed an interactive map that slides to reveal all the date details? So cool!

To personalize your map, simply glue the “Home” icon wherever you live!

Zombie Survival Kit

A Gift for Him

When your spouse arrives home, surprise him with our exclusive Zombie Survival Kit. Wrap all of his favorite candies and treats with our printable survival wrappers. My guy is kinda crazy about zombies so this was the perfect gift idea for him! I gave him this Zombie Survival Guide as well as a new knife to complete his OH-SO manly zombie kit!


Walking Dead Zombie Survival Kit

Our Zombie Survival Kit printables will help you label all the essentials: canned goods, yummy candy bars, water, batteries, and the list continues!

Walking Dead Zombie Survival Kit Food Printables

Also, your Survival Kit comes with a printable label for “Zombie Spray,” which can easily be applied to a favorite perfume or fragrance. Be sure to spritz each other before the show starts to trick any zombies lurking in the area into thinking you are already dead and not live bait!

Date Night Games

We’ve added two zombie activity sheets for the two of you to fill out, or if it’s a group date, invite the whole party to make their guesses about tonight’s episode by filling out our Walking Dead Prediction Sheet AND test your zombie facts memory by taking our Walking Dead Quiz!

Walking Dead Quiz

While watching the premiere OR catching up on old episodes, have a bit of extra fun with your sweetheart.  Our included card game is based on the premise that loud noises attract zombies. Each time someone makes a sound (big or tiny!), he or she gets a ZOMBIE CARD.  These fun cards are labeled with the sayings “Shhh! Danger! Zombies are near! Zombie chatter!” Whoever has the most ZOMBIE CARDS at the end of the night loses. To make things even more interesting, make a friendly OR spicy wager with your spouse before the show starts, to see who is going to attract the attention of the zombies! Remember, any noise counts— talking, phone buzzing, glass clinking…!

Walking Dead Team Labels

Any die hard character fans out there?! Shout it proud with our Walking Dead Team Badges! My hubby has a little bit of a “fan crush” on Daryl. I’ve got to hand it to him, he’s a pretty great {intense} character!

Walking Dead Target Practice

I’m kinda geeking out about this Zombie Hunting Permit! Put it to good use by practicing on some of our printable zombie targets! Diva Carisa did such a great job bringing these zombies to life for us!

Zombie Party and Food Ideas

Your date night isn’t anything without some delectable and gory sweets, right? Kristin designed custom food tent labels to help you set the mood of your zombie party!  Blood clot cupcakes, anyone?!

Walking Dead Food Tags

…Or, maybe some brain dip might interest you! If you don’t see a label that is perfect for your culinary treat, no worries! Kristin included several blank templates for you to personalize. 

Walking Dead Party Food Labels

Some additional zombie food ideas from Diva Wendy:

  • Have BBQ food items for dinner.
  • Eat canned food items!
  • You could even drizzle blood (Karo syrup dyed red) down the side of your drinking cups.

Walking Dead Food Labels

Bedroom Activity

If you want to continue your party in the bedroom (ahem, wink-wink!)… then, use our printable Zombie Outbreak, inviting your spouse for a thorough inspection upstairs! Be sure to check each other for the common symptoms listed!

Walking Dead Bedroom Invitation

Whether you are a die-hard fan of the popular TV series or simply looking for fun Halloween date ideas this season, our Walking Dead Date night will leave your heart pounding! Grab your free downloadable printables and start planning the BEST Walking Dead Party on the block!! 

Walking Dead Viewing Party

Free Download

Party Invitation & Zombie Survival Kit

Printables Designed by Kristin @ CdotLove Exclusively for The Dating Divas
Free Download

Food Labels, Game, and Intimate Bedroom Invite

Printables Designed by Kristin @ CdotLove Exclusively for The Dating Divas
Free Download

Walking Dead Prediction Sheet, Quiz, and Team Badges

Printables Designed by Diva Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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