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Thrift Store Date!



I am in complete pregnancy-nesting mode right now! And, you ladies back me up, it can be intense from time to time. So imagine adding a quick decision to move on top of that! Whoa! Talk about crazy-stress at my house.  I am currently halfway through my pregnancy… so you better believe I needed to recruit the whole family to make this move happen!  I really wanted to make it a fun adventure for our family and help us spend quality time together {but secretly I just really wanted to get some much needed decluttering done! Shh! Don’t tell! LOL}  My situation is really what spurred the idea for this Thrift Store Family Date Night. I am all about multi-tasking!! I this point, I felt like our minivan was gift from on high.  Because… from the moment we got our Chrysler Town and Country, I feel like we have the best of the SUV and Truck worlds!  We were able to fit a mattress set in the minivan AND load it up with all of our thrift store donations! That is a lot of stuff to fit into a minivan! I can only imagine that it will be an even bigger blessing when we’re ready to move as well.  Double-score!

I don’t know about all of you, but my family needs a little prep time for a big day of “chores.” So to drum up some excitement I invited my family early with a fun invitation. I printed out these darling Thrift Store Invitations a few days in advance so my family knows they will be spending their Saturday dejunking the house.  What fun! Haha! Which is also why I didn’t just print out one… I printed out one for EACH family member so they each know how important they are to family date night!  I attached the invitation to an empty box and gave them each their own box.  Our goal for the day was to fill up each person’s box – going from room to room so that we could declutter as much as possible in a short amount of time.  The object was to get ride of anything that was broken, incredibly worn, or we haven’t used it in over a year. {Not all of the things that we put into the boxes were headed to the thrift store. Some things (like all my daughter’s stuffed animals) just got packed up early to make the house look more “staged” for the sell.}

After all your hard work is through, be sure to end your Family Date Night with an inexpensive treat to reward everyone for their hard work!  Since we were actually driving to the Thrift Store to donate some of our things, we stopped by our favorite frozen yogurt place on the way home.  If you’re not donating anything on the night of your Date, be sure the freezer is stocked with everyone’s favorite ice cream and have a sundae bar! Yu-ummy!

These adorable invites are compliments of the talented Leah Aldous from She is an incredible designer!! Check out her site for more custom Invitations!

** On a side note — If you have never considered purchasing a minivan before (like me) or even if you have, click on the Chrysler logo below to find out more about families who drive minivans.  There are some staggering statistics on the advantages to driving a minivan that might just veer you toward purchasing one for your family in the no-to-distant future.

“This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Chrysler. All opinions are 100% mine.”

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  1. What a cute idea! We’ll have to try this with our Suburban. Thanks for the fun invitations. I really think my family will like this twist on the spring cleaning frenzy.