8 Challenges For A Thrift Store Date Night

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Thrift Store Finds For Date Night

There is nothing better than some amazing thrift store finds! Well, we have brought together a one-of-a-kind thrift store themed challenge that’s about to take the concept of fun date ideas to a whole new level. This date is also known as the Goodwill Date Night (if you have a Goodwill near you! This unique thrift shop adventure includes invites, challenges, VIP Shopper cards and more. Even the shopping-averse won’t be able to hold themselves back from this: the KING of cheap date ideas! So what do you say? Are you ready to get yo thrift on? Let’s take a look at the goods! Also take a look at our free printables by clicking the pink download button at below!

I love thrifting so I can't wait to do this thrift store date with the hubby! #thriftstore #thriftshop #cheapdateideas #thedatingdivas

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But before we get going we have to stop and give a gigantic vote of thanks to our very own Carisa from Messes to Memories. She created such thrift-store-worthy designs for us, it’s crazy! We seriously couldn’t have made our vision a reality without her. Thanks again, Carisa!

Alright… are you ready? Are you set? Let’s go!

Thrift Store Challenge Bag Cover

Thrift Store Challenge Date

First up in your printable pack is a Thrift Shop Challenge bag cover that’s to die for! This date idea is perfect for either groups or couples. So naturally we wanted to create a way to keep everything organized and concise while also sticking to the shopping theme! Whether you’re hitting the thrift store with just you and your sweetie, or inviting the entire gang, this kit cover will make it happen. Plus it’s a super cute way to store the goods. Assembling your bag is SUPER duper simple and we’ll give you a brief rundown on how to create it.

Simply print your bag cover (we always recommend printing on a high-quality cardstock!), trim the edges as needed, and affix it to a large, handled gift bag with the adhesive of your choice. Boom! You’re now ready to pack that bag of goodness with your other Thrift Shop Challenge printables. Or you can pass it on to the other challenge member(s) if going in a group. Remember, one bag per couple! Seriously, how simple was that?

Thrift Store Invite

Thrift Store Challenge Group Date

Next up, the oh-so-classic invite. This snazzy little number is not only adorable but will let everyone in on the deets for your upcoming thrift store adventure. We once again went with a totally clever ‘tag’ design and made sure to include spots for all the info! All that’s left for you to do is simply to fill in the date and time and get it delivered! Time to get excited…

Thrift Store Group Date

Thrift Store VIP Badges

Thrift Shop Challenge Date Ideas

Included in your Thrift Shop Challenge printable pack are not one, but TWO super snazzy VIP Shopper badges. They’re just way too much fun! After all, who doesn’t feel like a total rockstar with a special badge around their necks… we know we do.

How many you print will depend on whether you’re doing the couple or the group version. Either way, it’s easy as pie! Simply print as many copies of the badges as you need and whip them into shape. Take a peek below for step by step instructions!

Thrift Store VIP Badge Assembly

Step 1- Print your badges on a high-quality paper. Cardstock works great for all of our printing needs but definitely feel free to use your favorite!

Step 2- Cut around the edges of each badge.

Step 3- Using a single hole-punch, punch out the circular area towards the top of each badge.

Step 4- Loop the twine, yarn, or string of your choosing through your newly punched holes, creating a lanyard. We’re absolutely in LOVE with baker’s twine since you can get it in so many fun colors. But once again, use the materials you feel the most comfortable with. Be sure to tie a knot as needed for total wearable bliss.

Step 5- Pop those badges over your head and get goin’! You’ve got a challenge to do!

Thrift Store Challenges

Thrift Store Challenge Cards

As with most of our date ideas, we’ve included an instruction sheet to keep you apprised of the haps. Be sure to take it with you on your challenge just in case you need to refer back to it from time to time. Listed on the instruction sheet are the directions and modifications to not one… but TWO totally terrific thrift shop challenges that are literally going to become your new favorite date ideas!

With just a few simple tweaks, each one can be altered to be made group or single-date friendly and both ideas are fast-paced and fab. Alright, alright, so now that you’ve got a little background info in tow, let’s take a peek at the challenges themselves!

Thrift Shop Challenge Cards

Thrift Store Cheap Date Idea

First up, the oh-so-hilarious thrift shop challenge cards. With eight colorful cards to choose from, we’re certain that these challenges will take thrifting to a whole new level and will DEFINITELY get you out of your comfort zone! Playing is super simple. Check your instruction sheet for a reminder of the step-by-step rules or take a look below.

Thrift Shop Challenge Card Rules

  • Print off the challenge cards, shuffle the deck and take turns drawing at random. You MUST complete the challenge listed on the card you draw—no trading! Alternatively, you can split the deck between the two of you and take turns working through the challenges in that way.
  • Be sure and keep an eye out for the ‘Couple Challenge’ cards as those challenges are to be completed by the BOTH of you.
  • Work your way through all of the challenges and remember, this is meant to be fun so don’t take yourself too seriously!

As a reminder, this game can be made group-friendly with just a few minor tweaks! Have someone in the group draw a challenge card from the deck. That challenge must then be completed by one person from every couple (or each couple together if a ‘Couple Challenge’ card is drawn).

When finished with that challenge, a new card is drawn and the alternate person from each couple must complete it i.e. if wives went last time, the husbands are up! Continue to play until all challenges are completed.

Thrift Store Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Thrift Shop Scavenger Hunt

Next up, a fast-paced secondhand scavenge that’s heavy on the laughs and full of fun! Once again, the instructions to this challenge are included on your instruction sheet but feel free to take a look below for a sneak preview.

Thrift Shop Scavenger Hunt Rules

  • Print off the scavenger hunt sheet with your spouse and set a time limit. We suggest no longer than 20 minutes for the ultimate thrift shop showdown.
  • Lace up those running shoes and begin your search. Try and find all of the items before the clock runs out!
  • Alternatively, you can play AGAINST your sweetie by printing two lists and searching for the items separately. Whoever finds the most correct items within the time frame wins!

To make this a group-friendly game, simply print multiple sets of scavenger hunt sheets and divide them amongst the couples. Set a time limit and race to find the items! Whichever couple finds the largest number of correct items within the time frame wins!

Thrift Store Challenge Date

You KNOW we’re all about creating easy and cheap date ideas but does this Thrift Shop Challenge take the cake or what?!

Whether you’re looking for a fun time out with just you and your sweetheart, or a fast-paced way to get the whole crew involved, this is one snazzy shopping date you’re definitely going to want to try. Enjoy!


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  1. This is super cute. This would be fun as a “date” with one of my kiddos who loves thrift stores. We try to do something biweekly and this is very outside of the box. She would enjoy it more than getting ice cream or Starbucks or going to a movie.

    Do any of the Dating Divas family or readers have any suggestions for large group dates (30 or more couples)? The couples ministry at church is need of suggestions.

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle! Oh my goodness, I love that you plan biweekly activities with your kids! Too fun! And I agree- I think this one would be a hit. We have quite a few group date ideas on our site that could be used for a large number of people. What I suggest doing is searching for “group date” in the search bar on our site and a bunch of ideas will pop up! The Murder Mystery Group Date is one of my favorites 🙂 Hope you’re able to find something that works for you! Xoxoxo

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