Trick-or-Treat… Boo!

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Dressing up for Halloween is half the fun at our house. Each year I try to purchase new costumes, not only for our kiddos, but for us too. I think I’ve got it figured out by buying costumes right after October 31st. That keeps the cost down for my family of seven. So last year I found these fun couples costumes for super cheap. Dom dressed up as the ultimate cheesy, “Sugar Daddy” and I as his “Sugar Baby“.

xI have learned through feedback on our FaceBook Fan Page that a lot of our readers already have family traditions for Halloween. Whether it be dinner, games, hide and seek in the dark… I am sure you all have something you are doing that everyone is looking forward too. But this holiday isn’t just for the kids ya know… You can sure make a fun date night out of it too!!

Pumpkin bread bowls are so fun! The kids love them… the hubby loves them… and it’s a great meal! I found mine at my local supermarket and I know they carry them at my local bakery, check with yours today! I have a homemade chili recipe I am going to share with you, that has only 5 ingredients which most people have on hand. It is super easy and family friendly too! If you are not planning on cooking tomorrow night, you should definitely hit up your nearest Wendy’s restaurant and get some of their chili for a super quick meal. Also, canned chili would be awesome too!

Homemade Chili

1 small green pepper

3 green onions

1 lb ground beef or turkey

Brown meat with pepper and onions, drain fat.


1 (15oz) can tomato sauce

1 (15oz) can kidney beans w/ liquid

1 tsp chili powder

¾ tsp salt

Stir well, place on heat until mixture boils while stirring frequently. Simmer uncovered for 10 min.

The witch’s finger was made from the dough recipe in THIS date post with some added green food coloring. And I used slivered almonds for the fingernails. Such a fun and kind of creepy side dish.

I am such a fan of games, and our super awesome Corie found a fun Halloween version of Mad Gab that you can throw together and play while you eat.

If you don’t have time to make this cute little game, she has it available to print out and you can read it to the whole fam! Keep track of your points and hand out some prizes too! You can print the actual game she made HERE. (Thank you Sandra at Saw Dust and Paper Scraps for allowing us to use and print this!)

This next activity we did was so fun! Dressing each other up as mummies. I have never done this before, and we laughed so much while being crazies! Each of you gets {one} roll of toilet paper. You can also used duct tape if you want, but we made it a little more difficult by saying you had to make this costume work with ONLY toilet paper. IT.TURNED.OUT.AWESOME! I think we may do this every year. It would even be great for late night “bedroom fun.” Or go out and act like a zombie while scaring all the little ones… 🙂

We hope your Halloween is a safe and enjoyable one!


I am crazy athletic and super fun! And I can't get enough of my family and friends! I have an amazing hubby and 3 incredible kids! Life is great as we know it!!

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  1. The link to the actual Mad Gab game just goes back to this post. I would love to download the cute version so I can throw it in a little fall gift basket for my husband!

  2. I totally agree with Sandra!! That pumpkin bowl DOES look delicious!! ….and the mummy finger freaks me out! {lol} Great job on putting together Halloween activities “on the fly”! 🙂

  3. That witch’s finger is frightful and I love the pumpkin bread bowl! Some people think of everything! 😀