‘Twas The Night Before School

Back to School Dinner

Make the night before the first day of school a special family tradition! Back to school already??!! Summer always goes by in a flash and before you know it the stores are full of markers, crayons, and pencils and it’s time to start another school year.  Start this year off right with a family celebration! We’ve come up with an unforgettable back-to-school tradition that your family is sure to remember.  

'Twas the Night Before the First Day of School

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Back to School Dinner Tradition

Life can get SO busy and making time for a fun family dinner can be difficult.  Here’s your chance! Take a break from filling backpacks full of supplies or setting out clothes for the first day and take a moment to reflect on the upcoming year as a family. With the help of our talented designer Crystal of A Well Feathered Nest {this girl has some serious skills!!}  we’ve created some amazing free printables to make your back-to-school dinner a success!

Back to School Decor

Make the room and the table feel a little more special with this cute printable banner and framed art.  I liked my banner so much that after dinner I added it to my front porch!  Once the table is set it’s time for a few more details…
Back To School Printable Poster

Back to School Menu

Mom, are you ready for this?! This is no ordinary invitation.  Each child gets to put in a request for a dinner item and a dessert item.  It might be wise, depending on how many back-to-school kids are at your table, for you to pick one request from each child.  The kids will love seeing their request making a statement on the dinner table. This might be the most interesting dinner you have all year!

Back To School Dinner Menu

Back to School Interview

Take a moment before the meal and have each child fill out this cute back to school interview.  It’s amazing how much kids change in one year.  Sometimes I wish I could stop time and keep them small for a little longer.  Years from now, this little paper will be a family treasure.


 Back To School Interview

Back to School Bookmark Note

Before dinner, take a minute to write a personal note to each child on this printable bookmark.  Once your note is done, fold in half and glue together.  Now your child has a little piece of encouragement and love with them every day.  If you’d like, you could laminate the bookmark (I LOVE this laminator in case you’re looking for one), punch a hole in the top, and add a ribbon.

Back To School Bookmark Printable Back To School Bookmark

Taking a moment to really connect as a family before the rush and business of the first day of school is so important.  Enjoy this time together and don’t forget your free printables!

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