Valentine’s Day Emergency Kit

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We’ve got your Valentine’s Day covered with this last minute ADORABLE Emergency Kit Idea!

We’ve all been there and right now you’re doing a facepalm as you’re trying to figure out what to do for Valentine’s Day. Take a deep breath because the Dating Divas are here to make sure you have an AMAZING holiday filled with love. We’ve got you covered with this DIY Valentine’s Day Emergency Kit idea that will make things fast, simple, and look fantastic! We’ve included an adorable Valentine Cootie Catcher (a cute Valentine fortune teller printable), DIY candy bouquet idea and printable and MORE! Check it out, and get ready for the BEST Valentine’s Day ever!

Last Minute Valentine's Day Emergency Kit Ideas

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These FREE printables would not have been possible without the gorgeous work of our amazing designer, Kristin from CdotLove.  Don’t you LOVE them?  As soon as Kristin designed these, I knew that they were absolutely perfect to pull off a PHENOMENAL 14th!

Valentine Card Kits

So here’s the plan: easy and fast. Sound good?  One of my favorite things about our Valentine’s Day Emergency Kit is the cootie catcher!  You may also have known them as “fortune tellers” when you were a kid.  It’s a really FUN way to kick off Valentine’s Day.  Your honey will able to “play along” throughout the day and pick fun options.  Your Valentine won’t even be able to tell that you threw this together last-minute (score!).  In lieu of a card, we have a sweet and sentimental balloon assortment where you can attach heart-felt notes.  Forget dining out in a restaurant because reservations are booked and they’re normally way over-packed.  Instead, go for a dinner that’s easy-to-make at home.  We have an ADORABLE menu to help jazz things up.  If you don’t have a present, never fear!  It’s so easy to make a Diva-style candy bouquet and your Valentine will LOVE IT!  This emergency Valentine’s Day date has FOUR components:

  • The Cootie Catcher
  • The Menu
  • The Balloons
  • The Candy Bouquet     

Each area will cover supplies needed and how much time it will take to put it together.   Before you tackle any of our really adorable projects, you’ve got to snag that GORGEOUS printable at the end of the post.  Print that baby and get to work!  Good luck and have a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Cootie Catcher: Fortune Teller Printable

Valentine's Day Cootie Catcher

I remember making these on bus rides FOR field trips and they are so much fun!  This little throwback is sure to win over your sweetheart with cute clues to the night’s adventures.  There are even perfect blank spots to fill in with your own sweet little notes and memories.

Valentine Fortune Teller Printable

All you need to do is print it out and cut out the actual cootie catcher.  The picture above shows where you need to do your initial folds.  Next, flip it over and tuck in the smaller triangles.  It should now resemble something closer to this:

DIY Valentine Cootie Catcher

This sweet little printable is silly, sassy, and a whole lotta fun! Your sweetheart can refer back to it for the sweet notes OR you can use it to lead your honey to the next activity.

Valentine’s Day Emergency Kit: The Menu

Valentine's Day Card Kits and Menu Printables

If you’re like me, you’re normally sitting in your car/office/living room floor when you realize, “OHMYGOODNESS, I’ve just forgotten [insert important holiday].”  Don’t panic! You just need an easy peasy plan to pull this off.  I don’t recommend a restaurant reservation because 1. They’re probably all booked 2. They’ll have a 2-hour wait time.  Neither of these sound like any fun.

Instead, go for an easy-to-make home menu.  Not a whiz in the kitchen? Don’t worry!  These recipes are a snap to make and even if you don’t have time to make it yourself, many local grocery stores have easy replacements.  You’ll need to pick out a main course for dinner, a dessert, a fun beverage, and a movie snack.  Now you don’t have to go with these items but if you do, it’s a built-in date night at home and with these adorable details, you’re sure to win some pretty epic brownie points!

Last Minute Valentine's Day Recipes

For my menu, I went with Cupid Crunch Popcorn, Grilled Cheese Hearts and Tomato Soup, Star-Crossed Lovers’ Parfaits, and Cupid’s Floats.  These are really simple recipes but go with what you’re comfortable with!  Add a cute title to it and you’re already on the road to success!

If you’d like to try out these scrumptious ideas, check out these links below:

Grilled Cheese Hearts and Tomato Soup

Star-Crossed Lovers’ Parfaits

Cupid’s Floats

Cupid Crunch Popcorn

These are so fast and flexible, your honey won’t even realize that you might of a-l-m-o-s-t forgotten Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Card Kits: The Balloons

Valentine Card Kits with Romantic Balloon Message

I am OBSESSED over these!  I got my Heart Shaped Mylar Balloons
at a local dollar store.  The printable provides one sheet of four hearts, but feel free to print off as many sheets as you need.  These are WAYYYY better than a boring ol’ card! Each heart says, “I love you because…” and then it’s up to you to bring on the romantic sentiments!

Romantic Valentine's Day Card Kits With Balloons

Can you imagine your Valentine walking into a room filled these?  My husband, whose love language involves affirmations and acts of service, loved these!  This idea only takes a few minutes to put together and the balloons last for weeks!

Valentine’s Day Candy Bouquet

Easy DIY Candy Bouquet for Valentine's Day

I love this idea because it looks super fancy but only takes 15 minutes.  You heard me right- ONLY 15 MINUTES! It’s so easy to put together that you could whip this together in the office, you Valentine’s Day wizard you!

Valentine Card Kit for Candy Bouquet

Emergency Kit Idea Materials:

Foam Square Block

Glue Gun

Glue Sticks (for hot glue)

8 Hershey Bars (to cover the base)

Candy for the Bouquet

Curling Ribbon

Cupcake wrappers

Dowels or Picks

I picked up everything at my local dollar store.  I couldn’t find dowels, however, their floral decorative area had these rods with butterflies and that worked perfectly.  The number one rule of being a last-minute Valentine’s Day magician is to be FLEXIBLE. Use whatcha got!

Emergency Valentine's Day Kit Ideas

Heat up your hot glue gun and set up your foam block as the base.  Glue your Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars (or any box-like candy package) around the foam block, covering it entirely.

DIY Homemade Candy Bouquet For Valentine's Day

Open up the cupcake wrappers. You’ll use these to add as a decorative filler for your bouquet. For each dowel, skewer a cupcake wrapper and hot glue a candy bar to the end of it.  Stick that into the foam square and repeat for each candy bar.  Glue the curling ribbon around the base to fill it in and then finally, glue on the printable wrapper provided in Kristin’s lovely printables.

I know you’re already running behind, so get to it and have an AMAZING Valentine’s Day!

Free Download

Valentine's Day Emergency Kit

Printables Designed by Kristin @ CdotLove Exclusively for The Dating Divas



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