You’ve Been Jingled!

Family fun for everyone!!

We can hardly believe that the holidays are already here! It seems like just yesterday we had packed the decorations away and now Christmas is back and better than ever!! As you begin your holiday celebrations this year, we have the perfect tradition to add to the mix and get your entire neighborhood into the holiday spirit!

A fun Christmas tradition for the whole family!

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We teamed up with the beautiful and amazingly talented Leah of LA Sync for this pack and boy-oh-boy did she hit it out of the park!! We love Leah and know that you will too after seeing the gorgeous pack she has created for us!!

You’ve Been Jingled is a fun holiday tradition that the entire family can get in on!! Who doesn’t love getting to make a few special treats for some of their oh-so-amazing neighbors and then sneaking around and delivering them all while trying to not get caught?! The kids are going to eat this one up and will be begging to deliver more!

A holiday tradition for the entire family!

To get started you will need the following supplies:

  • You’ve Been Jingled Printable Pack
  • Scissors {or our VERY favorite paper cutter!}
  • A Delicious Treat
  • A Few Helpful Hands
  • Neighbors – that you love and adore 🙂

A Christmas tradition to help spread the holiday cheer!

Once you have printed out the same number of copies of pages 1 & 2 as treats that you are wanting to deliver to neighbors, the real fun begins! Gather the troops and bake up some favorite holiday treats, be it cookies, cinnamon rolls, brownies or cupcakes… the sky is the limit on what yummy treat you can deliver with these adorable printables!

Spread holiday cheer this year!

Now that you have your treats in hand, you will want to double check that each of them has a copy of the “You’ve Been Jingled” poem {page 2} and the “We’ve Been Jingled/Instructions” {page 2} to go along with them.  The trick now is to be sneaky little elves and deliver the goodies without being caught! Door-bell-ditch your favorite friends and know that they will be oh-so-excited when they open up their doors to a scrumptious treat!!

Neighborhood Holiday Fun

Now it is their turn!! With the instructions in hand, they know that they must make a few copies to deliver to even more neighbors! Then they will hang up their “We’ve Been Jingled” sign somewhere all of their friends and neighbors can see so that everyone knows that special elves have already visited their home!

Celebrate all month long with this fun Christmas tradition!

How fun is this!?! A cute easy way to spread holiday cheer through your entire neighborhood!

You've Been Jingled!

PLUS because we LOVE you oh-so-much, we have included two special bonus pages just for YOU the fabulous neighbor who kicks the whole thing off!! In addition to the “You’ve Been Jingled” poem and all the instructions you will also get 4 gorgeous gift tags….

Adorable Christmas Gift Tags

AND a simple Christmas countdown for your family to enjoy!!

Countdown to Christmas!

So get ready to get your baking on because this is sure to become a Christmas tradition in no time!!

A Christmas tradition to help spread the holiday cheer!

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  1. It would be great if all the sheets in the download showed the URL to the download for all those that are jingled, to print all of the download plus more advertising for Dating Divas! 😉

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, we love hearing tips from our readers! We have found however that since URL’s can change that it is best just to direct them to our main site. If you search the name of the printables it will pop right up! Then we aren’t sending them to the wrong link. Glad that you liked the printable pack!! 🙂