Another Kid Date Night Envelope Idea!

Kid Date Night Envelope


That’s right! The ‘Kid Date-Night Envelope’ PART 3 is HERE!

The kid date-night envelope is our GREAT idea to help get you and your spouse OUT THE DOOR for that much needed date when you have little ones at home. Sometimes kids have anxiety being left with a sitter or just with their parents leaving. With the kid date-night envelope, you quickly change that scenario to one where your kids are BEGGING you to get outta there!

This only works if you ONLY ever break out the envelope when you are going on a fate. I suggest not even letting them use the provided games EVER unless they are with a sitter while mom and dad are on a date. Believe me, they will want to play all the time! But PROTECT that date night and stick to your guns. If you want the kid date-night envelope to keep working, only get it out when you go on a date!

If you haven’t already made your envelope, remember to grab this printable:

Kid Date-Night Envelope Tag

All you need to do is stick it to a big manilla envelope and choose to put the activity from  kid date-night envelope 1, 2, or 3 inside! I recommend just choosing ONE per date-night so that the kids will never know which one it’s going to be! We like to stick our envelope on the counter the MORNING of date-night, so that our kids can prepare all day. I like this because 1: it helps them mentally prepare to be with the babysitter that night and 2: they are excited ALL day long! They will constantly ask me, “Is it time for your date yet?!” and, “When are you going to leave?!”

When it actually is time for me and Zac to leave on our date, they can’t wait to say good-bye because they have been eye-balling this baby all day long and wondering what’s inside!envelope-pic edited

And now I present to you the CONTENTS for the Kid Date-Night Envelope NUMBER 3!

You will need these things inside your envelope:

  • This Printable- Skittles Vacuum Game
  • A large bag of skittles
  • Drinking Straws (1 per player)
  • 2 dice
  • Paper Plate
  • Plastic Cups (1 per player)

Photo staged by the LOVELY diva Candice 🙂

*I’m sure the cups won’t fit in the envelope, just make sure you have them nearby and let the sitter know! The instructions are all on the printable. Believe me when I say, your kids will love this game! And once again, they will be BEGGING you to leave!

Enjoy your date!!

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