September 8, 2014

Passport to Love!


Looking for an anniversary or birthday gift idea for the husband or boyfriend?  Already planning ahead to find the perfect, romantic Christmas present?  Or maybe you want to surprise him with a little extra love… {ahem}… just because!  

Well, you are in luck!  Because today we are sharing…

The Perfect DIY Romantic Gift Idea!


Passport to Love-DIY Romantic Gift


And here’s the best part- it comes with FREE, gorgeous printables!  

Yep, this gift idea is SO simple and easy to put together.  If you have a printer, scissors, glue, and pen- then you have everything you need!  We asked Courtney from All Things Bright and Beautiful to design these for us and we were seriously BLOWN AWAY with what she created.  Have you seen her work?  That girl has some serious talent.  Just wait until you see what she’s hooking you up with… 

12 FUN Around the World Dates

It’s the perfect gift idea if you are low on money but high on love OR if you’ve been trying to get in the habit of having regular date night.

I came up with the idea when I was trying to think of an inexpensive, but meaningful gift for my husband.  I wished I could afford to just whisk him away for a relaxing, romantic getaway.  He loves to travel and we’ve often talked and dreamed about all of the places we want to go together someday.  Our bucket list of traveling destinations is definitely long.  However, with several little ones at home and student loans to pay- this is definitely not the season of our life for becoming world travelers.  So I came up with this instead.

Passport to Love Kit- a romantic DIY gift

Here’s How it Works:

The basic idea is that you’re going to be giving your honey a little “Passport to Love” kit.  He’ll use this kit to go on a different date with you every month for the whole year.  The idea is to “travel the world” together, visiting a different destination each month.  You can choose to actually go out and visit different cities, sites, or attractions near you, OR you can do what I did and bring the different destinations to the comfort of your own home.  (No babysitter?  No problem!)  With a little creativity, you can turn your living room or bedroom into another country and pretend like you’re going off on a spontaneous, whirlwind getaway.

 In this Kit You’ll Include 5 Things:  

1. A Card

(So he knows what this gift is all about.)

Free Printable Gift for Hubby

Here’s what the inside of my card looks like… 

Gift Idea for Him

BUT you can totally customize and decorate YOURS however you’d like!  Courtney has included a whole page of embellishments to use on your card AND to dress up your gift packaging however you’d like. 

Passport to Love- Free Printables

2.  A Travel Itinerary

(So he knows which nights to reserve for you!  Just print it out and fill in your departure date & destination for each month)

Fun Travel Itinerary for 12 At-Home Around the World Date Nights

3.  A Passport

(So he can travel the world with you, of course!)

Passport to Love- Fun Gift Idea for the Hubby

Print it out, glue the pages together, and customize the inside with your man’s pic and information.

Passport to Love- such a cute romantic gift idea

4.  Passport Stamps

(So you can record and remember all your travels!  Print them out and glue them inside his passport each month as you visit different destinations.)

Printable Passport Stamps to make your own Passport to Love Kit

And don’t worry- there are several generic stamps included, if you decide to “visit” a country that is not included.

Passport to Love- 12 fun around the world dates

5.  Airline Tickets

(Because that’s just fun!  You can totally customize it with your spouse’s name, your departure date, and your chosen destination.  You’ll want to print 12- one for each month.  Courtney has even included a printable pocket to keep the tickets in, so they look totally professional and legit.)

Printable Airline Tickets part of a Passport to Love Kit for the Hubby


Once you have everything printed out and filled in, just tie it together with the card and give it to your honey for a year of lovin’ and fun!   Then make sure you’re ready each month to whisk him away for a little at-home getaway.


Here are some destination date ideas for inspiration:


  • Make an easy Parisian picnic with french bread, gourmet cheese, fruit, and sparkling cider.
  • Or how about Crepes in Paris?
  • Play some French cafe accordion  music (you can play music online for free)
  • Learn some French phrases, after all- it is the language of love.
  • Watch a movie about France or that takes place in France.  How about Les Miserables, French Kiss, or Forget  Paris
  • If you really want to go all out: speak in a French accent, wear a beret, do your hair in a French twist, or paint your nails with a French manicure- hee hee.




  • Forget chairs.  Just throw some bright colored pillows on the floor.
  • Turn out the lights, add candles, and Indian music for ambiance.
  • Make Indian food or order out from a local Indian restaurant.  Forget the utensils, eat with your hands.
  • Bejewel each other with self-adhesive jewels, or get brave and apply Henna tattoos
  • Watch a Bollywood movie or learn some Bollywood dance moves from YouTube.
  • How about a magic carpet ride while you watch Aladdin?  (hee hee)  Or you can be his Genie and grant him 3 wishes.


  • Make homemade pasta or pizza for your Italian Stallion.
  • Play some Italian music to set the mood (Andre Bocelli?) and speak in an Italian accent for fun.
  • Get out some art supplies and channel your inner Michelangelo.
  • For you “foreign film” how about: The Italian Job, Life is Beautiful, Under the Tuscan Sun, Roman Holiday, or Much       Ado About Nothing.
  • Enjoy some gelato.
  • If you really want to go all out- go for a gondola ride. (I’m thinking blow-up raft in the swimming pool -lol)


  • Go on a Caribbean cruise! To make your room like a cruise ship, fold a towel on the bed to make a swan. (They totally have tutorials online)
  • Check your local dollar store for tropical decorations like tiki pictures, drink umbrellas, or grass skirts.
  • Get dressed in your bathing suit, cover-up, and sunglasses like you’re on a real cruise.
  • Play some island music.  Try Kokomo by the Beach Boys or Escape (The Pina Coloda Song) by Rupert Holmes.
  • Make an Island-themed dinner- like Hawaiian chicken with pina colodas or strawberry daiquiris.
  • Limbo!
  • Watch Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • You can even put blue food coloring and a beach ball in the bathtub.


  • Toga Party anyone?
  • Cook some authentic Greek food.  How about moussaka and baklava (or keep it simple with pita pizzas)
  • Listen to Greek music and dance! (And if you really want to- break some old, glass dishes that you don’t care about.  Opa!  tee hee.)
  • Watch “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”


  • Give your spouse a note- “Jamaican me crazy- yah mon!”  (Oooh- isn’t there a Jamaican me crazy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream??)
  • Cook some Jamaican food- jerk chicken or boiled banana anyone?
  • Turn into a Jamaican online radio station and listen to some reggae and calypso music.
  • Put on an island shirt and do some island dancing!
  • Play with hacki-sacks
  • Watch “Cool Runnings”


  • Make some Russian food.  Try Borsch or Beef Stroganoff
  • Forget the vodka, take shots of rootbeer
  • Play Russian roulette with a cap gun.  Or dress as mobsters.  hee hee.
  • Listen to some Russian music online and try to dance the Preesyadka (the Russian knee-bending, kick dance)
  • Watch Anastasia or The Hunt for Red October
  • Watch the Russian Ballet or Opera on YouTube


(perfect for an October date)

  • Host your own Oktoberfest for two- serve bratwurst with mustard and sauerkraut
  • Instead of beer and ale, serve mugs of rootbeer or ginger ale
  • For dessert, how about apple strudel?
  • Better yet- host your own Choctoberfest and serve German chocolate!!
  • Listen to German music on Pandora and watch a German movie.


  • Write each other notes in hieroglyphics- switch and decode
  • Create an archaeological dig site for your spouse using a sandbox and have them search for buried treasure (a love note or gift)
  • Play Egyptian music (and walk like an Egyptian.)  😉
  • Make some Egyptian food:  Chicken kebabs, lamb, fried zucchini, hummus and pita bread, or baklava
  • Watch “The Mummy”
  • If you want to go all out- dress up like Cleopatra and Ra (God of the Sun)


(perfect for a March date)


  • Listen to some Beatles CDs
  • Turn your dining room into an English Pub with fish and chips
  • Or go more posh and host a fancy tea party 
  • Speak in a British accent (Jolly Good!  Cheerio!)
  • Watch a supporting event from the UK
  • Play some croquet.
  • Watch a movie that takes place in England or one with English actors. Sherlock Holmes or a good BBC movie.


  • Make an African dinner (Sosaties, plantains, coconut milk, mango drinks, etc.)
  • Gather all the plants in the house into one area to make an African jungle (Or just use your backyard and light tiki torches.)  If you want add animals- stuffed animals.
  • Play some African music in the background
  • Dress us like you’re ready for a safari (think khaki shorts, binoculars, etc.)
  • Make African drums or tribal masks together, or “decorate” each other with tribal face paint.
  • Watch Out of Africa, I Dreamed of Africa, To Walk With Lions, or even Madagascar.


And there you have it- an inexpensive, easy gift idea that turns into 12 fun dates!  You just can’t beat that!


For MORE romantic gift ideas, make sure to check out our “Gift Ideas for HIM” Pinterest Board.  It’s packed full of ideas and inspiration for his birthday, your anniversary, Christmas, Valentines, or… of course… JUST BECAUSE!

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Recent Comments

271 Responses to “Passport to Love! ”

  1. Katherine says:

    I love this idea and want to share a site I found that can include my kids on our “trip” to India. Please keep posting any new ideas as you found them here. This idea can keep growing as new people found this site thanks again for all the wonderful ideas:)

  2. Melanie says:

    Thanks so much! This will be a great anniversary gift- celebrating throughout the whole year!

    • Cami Cami says:

      Melanie- what an awesome way to stretch out celebrating your anniversary. Who said celebrating should only be one night?! Ha!

      • Alyssa says:

        I think I’ll do this for our anniversary also! I think he will love it!

        • Cami Cami says:

          Ooo Alyssa- I just love when our readers help each other out with ideas. Have a great anniversary!

          • Alyssa says:

            Thanks! I did do it. He is pretty excited about the next 11 “trips”! He even asked me to research a little about orphans/adoption info on each country as we are praying about international adoption once this pregnancy is done! However, “funny” story…. so the first night of this, we “traveled” to Africa. I had borrowed some jumbo sized stuff animals, had a tribal-looking blanket on the floor, etc., was cooking pretend African food, waiting for him to come home from work. I was even wearing this brightly colored, fringed swimsuit coverup that could kinda pass for African-wear when I hear a knock on the door, then the doorbell rings. At first I thought it was my husband who sometimes knocks when his hands are full. Sooooo glad I didn’t just throw open the door, because it was HIS parents!!! Awkward…. I ran to put a robe on and then opened the door and they came in to spend a few minutes with my daughter, and my mom-in-law was like, “oh, were you taking a shower?” Lol….um…no? After about 10 minutes, she realized the “zoo” in the living room was a date-setup and she started laughing, “Were you going to greet your husband in a creative way????” Lol…um…maybe? So they decided to leave. hahaha…this would only happen to me….

  3. Christina says:

    This sounds terrific!! :) Thank you so much for sharing!! Can hardly wait to try it out.

  4. Lydia says:

    My husband and I just got married 3 weeks ago, and I’ve been wanting to do special date nights that would make our first year of marriage extra memorable (not that it wouldn’t be, anyways!). This is an absolutely AMAZING idea!!! I am getting it all ready now :)

    • Cami Cami says:

      Hi Lydia- I hope this worked out for you. How fun would this be to do your whole first year of marriage?! Oh the memories you can create. Good luck!

  5. I like it when people come together and share thoughts. Great site, stick with it!

  6. Emily says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing idea!! I first saw the post about the My Big Fat Greek Wedding date and then that led me to the Passport to Love post. I printed off the passport, tickets and invite for the Greek date, plus the passport stamps. He loved the idea!! We watched MBFGW movie and ate Greek food from a local restaurant. It was a big hit with my special man! We’re both excited to choose another country to “travel to” next month! Your website has been such a blessing!

    • Cami Cami says:

      Oh Emily- thanks so much for sharing. It sounds like your night was really a hit! Good luck with the rest of the dates. I am sure they will be great too!

  7. Katherine says:

    What a wonderful idea! I am going to get this ready for our eighth anniversary, which is coming up next week. We are lucky to be living in a very multi-cultural city, with lots of cultural festivals and events held all year, so this will be perfect!

    For your Canadian readers, I found a template for a fake Canadian passport at the link below! 😉

    • Cami Cami says:

      Katherine- oh, I am so excited for you on your 8th anniversary. This is a PERFECT idea! Thanks so much for sharing the link to the Canadian passport too. I am sure people will put it to good use… :)

  8. Katie says:

    Thank you so much for this great idea! My husband and I have been married 3 years and things got really bad at one point. Thankfully God changed both our hearts and completely restored our marriage. We need date nights to help with the stress of two little ones, work, and I’m a full time student so this is a great idea to keep our dating fun. My husband’s away on a trip for the next week so I have plenty of time to prepare everything as a surprise when he gets home :) Thanks again!

    • Cami Cami says:

      Katie- I am so glad that you found this idea and that it will work out with your hectic achedule. I’m also glad that you were able to get your marriage back on track. Congrats to that! Keep up the great dating!

  9. Dawn says:

    Just finished getting this together. Going to give it to my husband for his birthday in October. :) Thanks so much for all the work you ladies put into this site!

  10. Lyndsie says:

    Thank you so much for this! I know my husband and I will both love this. I think I’m going to add a little photo album when I give him his Passport to Love. Then we can take pictures while on our “travels” and remember how much fun we had. Thanks so much!

  11. Lauren says:

    Found you via Pinterest and I absolutely LOVE this idea. I don’t typically leave comments on boards, but I simply had to give you kudos for your creativity and effort. I hope to try this in January. Thanks again for such a wonderful idea!!

    • Cami Cami says:

      Lauren- I’m so glad that you ventured out and commented about this post and am even more glad that you like this idea! What a great gift to give in January to start the year off just right! Good luck with this and have a great time ‘traveling’ the world next year!

  12. Anna says:

    Thank you for sharing! I love this idea! My hubby and I have been married 7 years now with 2 1/2 yr old and 15 mo old. Last Christmas I gave him a gift bag for each month witha different prepaid date. Some where out and some where for in home. We both really enjoyed the Christmas present all year long, but I used all my date ideas haha. I am going to do this for this year! I want to do the date bags every Christmas from now on. Thanks for sharing!!!!

    • Cami Cami says:

      Anna- wow! I can’t believe you already did a version of this last year. You must be super creative! It sounds like you are going to start an amazing tradition with giving your hubby a year of dates at Christmas time. How awesome! I know he will love it. Have a great year of dates in 2014!

  13. Chanel says:

    This is so awesome!! We love to travel and this is brilliant when the travel-blues kick in. Great ideas and love this website.

    • Cami Cami says:

      Chanel- I am so glad that you enjoy this post. Sounds like you guys are full of adventure. What a perfect post to fill in the gaps between vacations. Have a great time traveling the world :).

  14. Janine says:

    this is amazing!! putting it together for my husband right now. I love creative things like this and it is something exciting to look forward to every month! thank you so much, it’s so easy with all the templates! (especially the plane tickets!- so cute)

    • Cami Cami says:

      Janine- I am happy you like all the templates. Aren’t they great? What a go getter you are to get started right away. Have an amazing adventure with your hubby!

  15. Melissa says:

    This is amazing! A great thoughtful way of having fun, experiencing new things especially for those of us who are budget conscious. Thank you!

    • Cami Cami says:

      Melissa-I too am budget conscious and I think this is perfect! You can have lots of fun, even when thinking of your pocketbook. Thanks for your comment.

  16. Kara says:

    I am doing this for my husband for Christmas and I made menus for each country. I put a picture on each menu from the country and added entertainment, aka – music during dinner and a movie. I wanted him to know just what was on the menu because we are big foodies. Can’t wait to see what he thinks.

  17. Mjmom says:

    I am so excited about this!!! As a single parent finding affordable dating ideas is tough. I made two passports up. One for me and one for my boyfriend and left two blank pages where we put our stamps. On the two pages we will be able to leave comments or pictures from each little date we have. At the end of the year, we each give each other the others passport with the sweet notes in there to each other. My boyfriend loves this idea because he always has problems coming up with new ideas for dates. We can also make it cost friendly for either of us. We are taking turns planning the dates because you know, ya gotta keep it fair. Anyway, love love love this project!!!!

    • Cami Cami says:

      Mjmom- wow! You totally scored with a boyfriend that is on board with trading off doing/planning these dates with you. What a catch he must be! Have a blast on all your dates this year!

  18. Alyssa Wallace says:

    Loved this idea! Except instead of stickers I took a picture of us on each date and put it in the passport. It gave him an extra souvenir/memory!

  19. Evelyn says:

    Can’t believe I’ve found the perfect idea!!!! This is awesome!!!!! I really like your blog with all those great ideas, there are so many that I even don’t know where to start! I want to do them all at once! 😀

    • Cami Cami says:

      Evelyn- I’m glad you love this idea. I too get so excited about all the ideas on our site and have a hard time deciding where to focus myself first :)! Have a great year of dates!

  20. Miranda says:

    Oh, this is so perfect! My husband and I had planned for the past few years to travel to the Dominican Republic on a mission/ministry exposure tour. We first planned to travel November of last year (we would be in the D.R on our 9th wedding anniversary), but finances didn’t coincide with the timing. So, we changed our tour dates to this April. However, circumstances forced us to make an unexpected (but God-blessed) move from Michigan to Virginia. I’m holding back tears as I read this post, because although we still plan to travel in the future, this would be a fun and creative way to sneak in some travel planning amidst exploring other cultures and countries along the way. Thank you so much!

  21. Vruchi says:


    This is amazing! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    I’ve always loved giving creative gifts and I was absolutely stumped this year when I couldn’t figure out what to do!
    But you’ve helped out a lot!! Thank you so much 😀

    Vruch x

  22. Machella says:

    I love this! I can’t wait to use it. I’m having a hard time finding a way to convert the file so that I can edit it. Any suggestions?

    • Becca Becca says:

      Hi Machella! So glad you’re loving it. The files, unfortunately, aren’t editable but you could definitely add your own text in the blank spaces on photoshop. I just wrote my personalized info in using a pen- easy, peasy. Hope that helps! :)

  23. jolene says:

    I just presented this to my husband as an anniversary gift. He LOVES it! He said that it was special because I made it with my hands and he is so excited to see what we will do for these 12 dates! I thought he’d like this idea but I didn’t realize how much he would appreciate it and like it. Thanks Dating Divas!

    • Cami Cami says:


      Isn’t it awesome when your hubby appreciates your hard work. I am so glad that enjoyed it so much! Have so much fun doing your 12 dates!

  24. clarissa vaz says:

    I was looking for inspiration to my anniversary and I found you site… I’M IN LOVEEEEEE!!!
    Alson, I’m a design student from Brazil and I was wondering if you are designers too, because your work is SO AMAZING!
    I’ll totally follow you!
    Thank you for all ideas!


    • Cami Cami says:

      Hi Clarissa- I am sooooooooo glad that you like our site! We aren’t designers ourselves, but we have partnered up with some amazing designers that help us out! Good luck with school!

  25. Moneypenny says:

    You could also watch pictures in books from the library and watch a documantairy or movie clips online to see the highlights of the country. Sometimes the pictures and movies are even better then actually going there. No crowds, enough time to look at details and you will have much more information. Free DI guided tour!
    Sorry about possible mistakes in my post, I’m from the Netherlands.
    Dutch night out: winter fall food: mash of potatoe, carrots and union (hutspot) with porc belly, what we call speklapjes.. Mash of potatoe and curly kale, tiny bits of porc belly through the mash (boerenkool stamppot) and served with smoked sausage (rookworst). Other meals, many Dutch people like a meal with boiled potatoes, a veg and a meat like porc chops. We make gravy from the cooking fat by just adding some water and then let it boil. Gravy over boiled potatoe and make a bit of a mash with your fork. We also like pancakes, we make them as large as crepes but thicker (2 cups flower, 4 cups of milk, 1 egg is the very basic recipe. Preferrably use dome a bit of rye and buckwheat too. Mix, pour a soup laddle full in a baking pan, swirl around a bit so whole pan is coveref and bake, turn and bake.
    Things to see online: windmills, Amsterdam, our water defense systems (Neeltje Jans, afsluitdijk), museums (google Rijksmuseum Amsterdam for famous paintings), we have castles (I live near ‘kasteel de Haar’). Also nice Buren, Heusden, Valkenburg, Heusden, Marken, open air museum in Arnhem and Enkhuizen, Zaanse schans, Dutch nature google staatsbosbeheer Nederland.
    Hello: hallo – hal-o
    Honey: schat – oh dear… sgat (short a, g as in grrrr)
    I love you: ik hou van je – ik how vhan ye comes close… 😉

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