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Have you ever had a babysitter cancel on you? Or you wanted to go out but had to bring your kids along? I know it has happened to me and taking children to a restaurant is usually filled with chaos rather than romance. I decided to create something to take with us to occupy the kids and let us still enjoy our date.

“The Kid Date Box” is just a small container filled with a few things to keep your kids entertained so you and your hubby can actually talk and have a date!

I went to my local dollar store and picked up a small container. Nothing too big because I didn’t want to feel ridiculous carrying it into a restaurant – and this size will fit into my large purse! I printed a label “The Kid Date Box” and slapped it to the front.

Then I filled it with things that would entertain my child (he’s almost 2.) Find things that you don’t mind losing, getting ruined, and that aren’t loud/distracting to other patrons. I filled our box with old books and small toys (Happy Meal cast-offs), straws, stickers, a small container of play-dough, a favorite treat, and a few other odds and ends.

Also, put in your own kid-friendly utensils! Often times, restaurants don’t have any and you or your child is frustrated during the meal. I love the small plastic ones that you can usually pick up for pretty cheap. This will save a lot of headaches in the long run!

We use this ONLY when going to a restaurant (okay, and maybe when I have doctor’s appointments) and that way it is NEW each time. Not something they play with on a daily basis. Find things that are age appropriate for your child and you’ll discover that you can actually enjoy a night out with your man even if the kids are along!

If you want to put this to use, check out right now for some great deals! Right now you can get Free Standard Shipping on Gift Cards! (Husbands…Mother’s Day is coming up and I’m sure she’d love this…if you can’t get a babysitter!)

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I married the love of my life and enjoy being with him and our son. We love to try new things - traveling, food, games, and everything in between.

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