10 Best DIY Halloween Decorations & Halloween Date Ideas

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Halloween Date

When is Halloween? Right around the corner! It’s time to cram in all of the festive fall fun you can with Halloween date ideas, spooky Halloween decorations, and everything in boo-tween. Every year on October 31st the streets are filled with ghosts, pumpkins, and princesses galore. Get your house ready and have a Halloween date at the same time!

We have scoured the web for the top 10 best DIY Halloween decorations. Linked below you will find Halloween decorations that will inspire your own! After you find a spooky project, scroll down further to see our fun date idea and the free printables to go with it!

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DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations are the best way to celebrate spooky season! And since this isn’t a prim and proper holiday, making DIY Halloween decorations is super simple because the rougher around the edges, the better!

1. Floating Witch Hat

DIY Halloween Decorations, Floating Witch Hat Luminaries | The Dating Divas
DIY Floating Witch Hat Decor

Give your house an instant Halloween makeover with these witch hat luminaries.

2. Standing Ghosts

How to make ghost Halloween decorations that float | The Dating Divas
Ghost Halloween Decorations

Cute, cheap, and easy–these DIY ghosts are the perfect project for a Halloween date.

3. Decorative Pumpkins

Halloween Date and Decorations | The Dating Divas
Dollar Store Pumpkin DIY Decor

Any dollar store Halloween craft is a winner in our book–these fall pumpkins are no exception.

4. Ghost Garland

Fall Halloween Decorations | The Dating Divas
DIY Fall Halloween Garland

If you shy away from the guts and gore, these little beauties are the perfect simple Halloween decorations for your home.

5. DIY Felt Bat Decorations

How to Make Felt Bat Halloween Decor | The Dating Divas
Bat Halloween Decorations

Grab some stiff felt and follow the tutorial linked above for classy DIY Halloween decorations you can use year after year.

6. Magnetic Spiders

DIY Halloween decor that is cheap and easy | The Dating Divas
Spider Halloween Decorations

A sudden spider infestation would be our worst nightmare… But this DIY Halloween decoration could be a fun element to your spooky set up!

7. DIY Halloween Wreath

How to make a DIY Halloween wreath | The Dating Divas
Skull Wreath Tutorial

Sit down with your sweetheart and craft your own Halloween wreaths! This would make a super fun Halloween date idea OR girls night idea!

8. Spooky Door Decor

How to decorate your porch for fall and Halloween | The Dating Divas
Spooky Front Door & Halloween Porch

Decorate your storm door or front door with a spooky shadow or vinyl cut out.

9. DIY Mason Jar Pumpkins

How to make a pumpkin decorations | The Dating Divas
Homemade Pumpkin Decorations

This is a simple DIY Halloween decoration idea your kids can get in on! Get out the paint and let them go wild!

10. Witch Legs

Witch leg tutorial for under front door mat | The Dating Divas
Simple Front Porch Halloween Decorations

This is a real winner–simply stuff some festive socks with garbage bags and slip some witch-like shoes on them!

Halloween Date Ideas

Go on a Halloween date with your sweetie! Start by printing the free printables below and giving the invite to your spouse.

Halloween Date Poem and Invitation | The Dating Divas
Halloween Poem Invitation

The invite is a Halloween poem that reads:


Halloween party for TWO!

Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore,

Scary witches at your door,

Jack-o-lanterns shining bright,

Wishing you a Spooky Decorating Date Night!

You’re in for a WICKED good time with me!

Halloween Date Invitation | The Dating Divas
Halloween Party Invite

Scarily Easy Halloween Punch

Kick-off your Halloween decorations date with a bang–and some punch in some spooky Halloween goblets! Check out the printable Halloween punch recipe cards for all the details.

For the first punch recipe, simply grab some sprite and pour in a box of Nerds. Add candy eyeballs and worms for even more of a thrill!

Halloween Party Punch Ideas | The Dating Divas
Halloween Punch Recipes

If just one isn’t enough, try the Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton Juice by pouring cranberry juice into a glass, adding ice, then gently adding tonic water and ginger ale. Turn on a black light and you will have a dazzling Halloween date drink!

Halloween Date Ideas and Drink for a Party | The Dating Divas
Halloween Date Drinks

You could also brew Witches Wicked Punch by mixing sherbet and seltzer in a punch bowl. Place a few scoops of sherbet on the top and then pour more seltzer over the scoops to create a foam.

Decorating Halloween Date

Now that you have some punch in your belly, it’s time to transform your space with Halloween decorations! Choose some from the list above, set up your own, and / or make a mummy door to top it all off! We created a super easy tutorial for whipping up a mummy door that is perfect to do as a couple!

Mummy door Halloween decorations | The Dating Divas
Decorate Your Door for Halloween

This is such an easy DIY Halloween decoration for your Halloween date! Grab a few supplies from the printable checklist, and print the mummy eye printable. Then, wrap your door according to the printable directions and you have a festive, fun Halloween door!

DIY Halloween Decoration Date | The Dating Divas
Halloween DIY Decorations

Sexy Halloween Intimacy Game

On to the best part of this Halloween date… some sexy fun! Cover the bedroom with the “creepy” tasks contained in the free printables below. Each spouse takes five different cards and hides them in the room. The other searches. When you find one, you must complete the action before finding the next printable! After you have collected all 5, switch!

Sexy Halloween Date Ideas | The Dating Divas
Sexy Halloween Date Game

The cards are super fun and will make for a Halloween date you will never forget! Click the download button below to print them yourself!

Here are the intimate activities you will find on each of the cards:

  • Haunted House – Turn off the lights and touch your sweetie in the dark!
  • Bloodsucker – Grab your spouse’s neck and suck for 5 seconds!
  • Fangs – Use your “fangs” and bite your sweetie’s bottom lip!
  • Spine-Chilling – Tickle your spouse’s back (or front) for 3 minutes!
  • Trick or Treat – Play a game of truth or dare! Trick = TRUTH! What is the scariest Halloween movie you’ve ever seen? Treat = DARE! Take off one piece of clothing!
Sexy Halloween Date Night at Home | The Dating Divas
Halloween Bedroom Game
  • Casket – Lay on your back with your arms folded across your chest and have your spouse kiss you from head to toe!
  • Pumpkin – Tell your cute pumpkin three reasons why you are attracted to them!
  • Spider – Use your fingers to crawl like a spider on a body part of their choosing!
  • Carvings – Use your fingers to “carve” a small love note on your sweetie’s back!
  • Magic – Create magic by making out for 2 minutes!
Halloween Date Ideas for Halloween | The Dating Divas
Halloween Date & Decoration Set-Up
Free Download

Halloween Date & Decorations for Two

Printables Designed by Courtney Exclusively for The Dating Divas

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