100 Go-To Budgeting Resources

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The Absolute Best Tips and Advice for Financial Success

We all know that one of the greatest challenges in marriage is dealing with budgets and learning to agree on all aspects of your finances. In order to help you {and your marriage} out, we’ve gathered all of the BEST places to find great budget ideas, tips and tricks!

100 Budgeting Resources - The Ultimate List

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Organization is key when you’re working on your budget, so we’re going to set you straight by grouping the incredible tips and ideas in this post into a few categories. Read on to find the most useful budgeting resources!

-5 Fail-Proof Budgeting Programs
-20 Useful Budgeting Apps
-25 Genius Budgeting Websites and Blogs
-25 Brilliant Budgeting Podcasts and YouTube Channels
-25 Thoughtful Budgeting Articles

5 Fail-Proof Budgeting Programs

The most amazing programs designed to help get you on the right track, financially.

Budgeting Programs

Best Budgeting Programs for Your Marriage

1. Reclaim Your MarriageSo, we might be a little {tiny} bit biased here, BUT you seriously can’t go wrong with a program that’s created specifically for YOU! We really and truly walk you through the most amazing and purposeful set of activities that will have you and your spouse on the same page in no time! It’s marriage-centered financial success!

2. Dave RamseyThis guy really does know his stuff. You might have even heard of the ‘envelope system’ that he encourages – it’s fantastic!

3. Clark HowardRadio show personality that you can submit your financial questions to!

4. Ric EdelmanHelp with getting your financial portfolio going and personalized for you.

5. Suze OrmanShe is a total no-nonsense lady with great tips specifically for women!

20 Useful Budgeting Apps

Use technology to your advantage and get your spending in check with these apps designed specifically for that purpose!

Apps for Budgeting

Budgeting Apps for Couples

6. MintThe PERFECT app for helping you create budgets and track your spending to make sure that you’re staying within those budgets. It’s great for couples because you can totally sync with each other!

7. WallyI love the look of this one – it’s cute and simple. Wally lets you balance expenses versus income and keep track of expenditures.

8. DollarbirdWant some awesome integration with your calendar? This is the one for you!

9. BillGuardYou can use this one to set financial goals and it even helps you protect your money from fraud! Yes, please!

10. AcornsLOVE this concept – it takes your extra change (that you won’t even miss!) and helps you invest and save it! Every penny counts!!

11. RobinhoodA great place to start trading stocks because it’s free!!

Apps for Managing Your Money

12. Good BudgetThe absolute PERFECT app if you’re into the ‘envelope system.’ 

13. MvelopesWithout too many frills, this app is the go-to for anyone who is technology-challenged or who doesn’t want finances to run their life!

14. Pocket ExpenseGet help tracking all your personal finances – the bill splitting feature is a nice bonus!

15. HomeBudgetWant all the bells and whistles? Look no further. Absolutely everything is included – with color-coding (which I LOVE), graphs, bill reminders, spending forecasts, and syncing between mobile and desktop versions!

16. ExpensifyThe app for business owners or anyone on the go that wants to track those specific expenses like mileage and receipts!

17. LevelMoneyAnother nice and SIMPLE app that won’t bog you down in numbers – just adorable little bubble graphics that change as your spending does!

18. You Need a BudgetA companion to the website, you DO need the desktop companion so if you’re a a phone-only kinda person, skip over this one. Otherwise, you’ll be a huge fan of these basic ideas.

19. Expense ManagerIf you’re a traveler, you’ll love that this one gives you the ability to use multiple currencies. You can also backup to Google Drive – which is fantastic!

Apps for Saving Money

20. One Touch ExpenserThis one is awesome because you can add items with ONE TOUCH and then add in other details later. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking you might actually keep up with it if it’s that easy!

21. Toshl FinanceUse this one if you don’t feel comfortable linking your bank accounts to an app – Toshl lets you input your own data.

22. Grocery SmartsA price comparison app that browses the weekly circulars for you!

23. Groupon App, website, or Living Social): Get deals on… whatever you want, from entertainment (think: date ideas!!), restaurants (wait, date ideas, again?!) even beauty treatments!

24. iPhoneShopperMark items off your grocery list while keeping a running tally of your total – perfect for keeping your grocery budget in mind.

25. Coupon SherpaYou’ll love that it’s online AND on your phone! It gives you great deals for stores where you actually shop.

25 Genius Budgeting Websites and Blogs

Clever bloggers and organized sites to follow from all over the web that will provide you with endless budgeting resources and ideas!

Genius Budgeting Websites

Budgeting Blogs to Follow

26. Squawkfox: Interesting range of topics that will keep you constantly aware of the changing market. 

27. And Then We SavedAnna is fun and brilliant. She writes posts to help you get debt-free and tells you all about how to do a Spending Fast.

28. Wise Bread: Totally loving their ‘living large on a small budget’ motto, you’ll find top tips on saving and making money.

29. Get Rich SlowlySo it doesn’t sound sexy, but it does sound reasonable. Everything you need to know about money – slow and steady.

30. Budgets Are SexyYou will laugh. You will be entertained. And you won’t find that anywhere else in the finance world.

31. The Simple DollarPractical advice from people who have been in your shoes.

32. Money NingIt’s all about the little things that add up to big saving and smart decisions. 

Financial Freedom Blogs

33. The Painted HiveFun bargain finds and ideas to make your home beautiful without throwing the budget out the window.

34. 20 Something FinanceGreat tips and ideas for starting financial responsibility early on, learning to save and even digging yourself out of debt. 

35. Money Saving MomBudgeting on purpose. It may seem obvious, but this mom makes it seem easy, too – with couponing, menu-planning and just general penny-pinching!

36. Living Well, Spending LessGet involved in her 31 Day Challenges and you won’t be disappointed – and when you get a free second, browse the rest of the blog for other fantastic tips!

37. Man vs. DebtStraight-forward ways to pay off your debt – like selling what you no longer need!

38. The Budget BabeWho says fashion and common-sense with money can’t go hand-in-hand? Certainly not this chick!

Money Saving Websites

39. Penny Pinchin’ MomCoupon updates, store deals and just general mom-craftiness!

40. Bargain BrianaHunt down the best bargains (or follow her and let her do the work for you)!

41. Stretching a BuckFinding you worthwhile and ‘legit’ deals without too much fuss!

42. Stockpiling MomsThese two are full of ideas from great coupon resources to budget recipes.

43. $5 DinnersDinner ideas on the CHEAP! And I know what you’re thinking {“I have a big family”}, but here’s the thing, she’s doing all these budget dinners for her family of 6! Also, here’s a bonus one for ya – Stone Soup – is filled with 5-ingredient recipes. You can’t beat that!   

44. Passion for SavingsA great place to start your couponing journey – it’s where saving time AND money meet!

Websites to Help You Save

45. Nomadic MattFantastic tips for making travel happen within your budget.

46. Budget BytesRecipes with the price per serving calculated for you make it SO easy to see how much you’re saving!!

47. Thrifty Little MomSuper encouraging words of wisdom from a blogger who is all about helping you come over to the thrifty side.

48. Frugal BeautifulBeautiful EVERYTHING {Home, Food, Fitness, Attire} on a budget! She is all about a frugal lifestyle – she’ll be your new best {virtual} friend!

49. Aldi MomCan you guess where she loves to shop? She’ll help you make the most of your trips to Aldi, too!

50. Six Sisters’ StyleChances are, you’ve already heard of these amazing sisters – but, did you know they’ve got an incredible Instagram account where they share great, budget-friendly styles, like gorgeous clothes from Jane.com?!

25 Brilliant Budgeting Podcasts and YouTube Channels

Listen and watch as these experts guide you through everything from basic budgeting to stocks and bonds.

Budgeting and Saving with Podcasts and YouTube Channels

Entertaining Podcast for Budgeting and Saving

51. Bigger Pockets: An awesome beginner’s guide to real estate investing.

52. Like a Mother with Emma JohnsonA professional single mom who isn’t afraid to talk about, well…. anything!

53. The Disciplined InvestorOnce you’re out of debt, investor is the next step, but it can be scary – so you’ll need someone on your side.

54. Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer LifeShort tips on budgeting that are perfect for anyone without a ton of time on their hands!

55. Consumerism CommentaryIntellectual conversations about everything from the basics  of budgeting to the complexity of economics.

56. Freakonomics RadioYep, it’s related to the book of the same name. They delve into all sorts of trends and it’s great for getting a big picture view!

Podcast Budgeting Resources

57. Entrepreneur on FireGet inspired by successful and inventive people trying to make it work in the business world!

58. Motley Fool MoneyEpisodes tend to focus on specific businesses and how the economics of those companies works.

59. Rich Dad Radio ShowDiscussions about making money from a whole new perspective – the rich.

60. Smart Passive IncomeTelling you what works and more importantly what DOESN’T work for online businesses.

61. So Money with Farnoosh TorabiEasy to understand financial advice for young adults, especially those in debt from education.

62. Stacking BenjaminsAll about personal finance and various strategies for getting yours right. 

Great Podcast Episodes for Budgeting

63. Money for the Rest of UsA show about finances that won’t make your head swim – he simplifies complex investment ideas.

64. Planet Money: Discussions about how our outlook about money is bigger than the individual. If you want to begin to understand ‘economics’ this is a great place to start.

65. Listen, Money MattersDirect and honest, these guys know their stuff but manage to make money somewhat interesting!

66. Frugal TVTons of tips on a range of topics from an average American family for saving day-to-day.

67. Robin SharmaMore motivational than anything else, Robin’s videos talk about making the best choices every day.

68. eHow FinanceHave questions about crazy financial terms or really advanced and detail-oriented {and sometimes super confusing} topics? This is the channel for you if you want to step up your financial game!

YouTube Channels for Budgeting

69. Money Talks NewsMoney meets news channel – You’ll LOVE the series “Money Moves to Make in Your {20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s}.

70. KiplingerBudget tips on EVERYTHING you can think of – cars, retirement, college – you name it!

71. Great Depression CookingLike cooking with your sweet grandma, you won’t be able to get enough of Clara’s cooking suggestions, especially since it’s all about using what you’ve got and simple ingredients.

72. The Frugal ChefDelicious food at reasonable prices!

73. MoneyWatchTips from experts on all kinds of topics from boosting your credit score, to starting a 401(k) and even buying your first house.

74. Pretty Frugal Living: You’ll love her DIY household items and general money-savings ideas.

75. Ramit Sethi: A totally different approach to making good financial choices – he’s all about living life the right way.

25 Thoughtful Budgeting Articles

Find some quick reads and easy to follow ideas about money that relate to your specific interests in these popular budgeting resources!

The Best Budgeting Articles

Budgeting Resources - Articles on Saving

76. Saving at Target: Does anyone NOT love Target? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Go ahead and read this one right now!

77. Re-Establish Your CreditNot exactly the most exciting idea, but some excellent tips if you’ve ruined your credit.

78. Family Fun on a BudgetMoney-saving ideas that are still tons of fun with your family!

79. Free Date IdeasDate night doesn’t have to end just because you want to save – check out these great ideas!

80. SAHM Money Saving TricksStaying at home with the kiddos usually means a tighter budget, these are the perfect tips if you’re in the same boat!

Tips for Saving Money

81. Build Up Your Date Night FundIf you still want date night to be special, start saving using these tips.

82. DIY Gifts for HimGifts can be so much more meaningful if you’ve put time and effort into them. We’ve got some great ideas to help save birthdays or holidays!

83. Cheapest Date ChallengeTurning date night into a {friendly} competition is bound to be fun!

84. Feed a Family on a BudgetWhen your family grows, so does your grocery bill, but budget well and you might just be able to save a bit.

85. $30/Week Grocery BudgetFor just the two of you, use some of these trips to cut you grocery bill down big-time!

86. At-Home DatesFor some really inexpensive date ideas, try our super popular dates from the comfort of your own home!

Tips and Tricks for Budgeting

87. Budget-Friendly Tips and TricksFigure out what a FIN is and how it can help you be more budget conscious!

88. Dollar Stores Dos and Don’tsThe dollar store can be so tricky – it seems like a good deal, but is it really just junk? She’ll tell you exactly where to spend your money!

89. Teach Children to BudgetI love, love, LOVE hearing about kids who start to learn financial responsibility from a young age.

90. Babysitting Co-OpFinding a reasonably priced {and available} sitter can be such a hassle. Eliminate the cost and pain by organizing a co-op of friends to help out!

91. Staycation IdeasCreate your own vacation at home and instantly save!!

92. Anniversary in the KitchenMake your anniversary special while staying within your budget, using these romantic idea.

93. Saving on VacationsFrom rental car savings to inexpensive snacks – this is a must-read before your next trip!

Articles to Help Stay on Budget

94. Marriage vs. FinancesSimple and basic money saving tips to start in your marriage, today!

95. Things to Do Instead of Spending MoneyOver 100 ideas to keep you busy without spending a dime!

96. DIY Gifts for Under $5: Keep any special occasion in the right budget by creating handmade gifts for just a few dollars a piece!

97. Beauty on a BudgetGreat product ideas at reasonable prices!

98. Love CalendarsThe perfect way to romance your spouse every, single day – without breaking the bank!

99. Save Money While Losing WeightIt always seems difficult to eat healthy on a budget, but these tips will make it seem like a cinch.

100. Couponing GuideGet started with simple savings in the form of couponing!

**UPDATE** – have you heard of Jordan Page’s new Budget Bootcamp program? It’s ABSOLUTELY amazing. A must-try!

AND, we stumbled across ONE more budgeting website that is absolutely dynamite. Check out WallStreet Mojo and all the incredible budgeting resources they offer.

Are you excited about saving money, yet?! Who knew all this talk about budgeting resources could be so fun?! Well… go on… get to it – every penny counts!


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