100+ Christ-Centered Ideas for 2022

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How to Keep a Christ-Centered Easter

Easter is just around the corner so we have brought together 100+ religious Easter crafts, Easter ideas for church, Christian Easter decorations, and SO much more!

As a mom, I want my kids to have fun Easter memories, but I also want to make sure I am focusing on the most important things. Each of the ideas below are perfect for helping you and your family to keep this year’s Easter centered on the true meaning: Christ.

These Easter ideas are PERFECT to give you a Christ-Centered Easter this year! I love all the religious Easter crafts on this list! #ReligiousEasterCrafts #EasterTraditions

To make browsing easier for you, I’ve divided the ideas into 10 different categories. Below you’ll find ideas for Christ-Centered Easter…

What did I tell you? LOTS of great resources to choose from! Ready for some serious Easter inspiration?  Start Scrolling! 😉

NOTE: For more details on each idea, just click the colored title next to the number.

13 Christ-Centered Easter Family Traditions

Most of my favorite childhood memories have to do with family traditions. When you re-create the same memory together every year, it not only brings your family closer together but also teaches your children that it’s important to you. And I can’t think of anything that I want to teach my children about more than our Savior, Jesus Christ. Below we’ve gathered the most perfect religious Easter crafts and tradition ideas that will bring your family closer together during this special time of year.

Family Easter Traditions and Religious Easter Crafts
6 Christian Easter Family Tradition ideas

1. Easter Tree– I love the idea of putting up an Easter tree each year. Each Easter egg “ornament” has a symbol inside that corresponds with a lesson to teach the family about the Easter story.

2. Resurrection EggsThere are a lot of different DIY versions of resurrection eggs out there, but this is where you can find a set completely done for you. (You can even use these eggs to make your own Easter Tree!)

3. Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers–  If regular resurrection eggs are a little too complex and over your little one’s head, you should definitely check out this DIY version for toddlers! I love how it simplifies the Easter story to their level of understanding.

4. Easter Sunrise Breakfast–  Wake up early to watch the sunrise on Easter morning and have breakfast together on the front porch. It’s a great reminder that even though the sun sets at night, it rises in the morning- just like Christ rose again from the tomb. Here is a darling picnic basket to take out!

5. Meaningful Easter Dinner– Each place setting has a printable napkin ring with a piece of the resurrection story on it. Then, everyone reads their part before saying dinner prayers. I love how easy it is to pull this off with the free printables.

6. Host a Passover Meal– Hosting your own family Passover meal is a great way to make the scriptures come to life for your children. And, this post has great ideas for teaching the symbols of Passover, too. If you do this, you might also want to check out this Passover meal printable!

Family Easter Traditions and Crafts

7. Go on a Family Easter Walk– Read the story Easter Walk and then go on your own family walk, finding symbols that represent the Easter story.

8. Easter Carnation Experiment– Every year on Easter, we try to teach our children about the atonement. I love how this simple experiment illustrates how Christ took our sins upon Him.

9. Atonement Object Lesson– Here’s another great idea to help teach children about the atonement of Christ. Object lessons are wonderful at helping children remember a lesson, especially if it’s repeated every year. Also, this is one of the most perfect Easter ideas for church!

10. Teach Children about the Resurrection– Death and resurrection can be complex topics for children to understand, but using visual aids (like this glove) can really help simplify it for them.

11. Share the Easter Story with Neighbors– Happy Home Fairy shares a fun Easter service idea you can do with your families the week leading up to Easter. In short, it involves leaving yummy Easter treats along with pieces of the Easter story.

12. “Egg” a Friend or Neighbor’s House– This is another fun family Easter service idea that can become a tradition! In this post, it has ALL the printables for you to do it too, so it’s super simple to pull off.

13. Family Easter Service Jar– Instead of focusing inward on what they’re going to get from the Easter bunny, I love how this idea helps get the kids excited about serving others as Jesus did.

19 Christ-Centered Easter Activities

Children seem to learn and remember the most when they are actively engaged and having fun. Here are some great games, books, printables, and projects to get the kids involved in the Easter story. These ideas would be perfect to do at home with your kiddos and they also are great Easter ideas for church.

Religious Easter Craft Ideas for Kids
Christ-Centered Easter Activities for Kids

14. Easter Bingo– This is a free printable Easter Bingo card with different picture symbols. As you tell the Easter story, the children can place jelly beans or markers over the pictures as they’re discussed. In short, this is a great way to keep them listening!

15. Good Friday Nature Walk– Here’s a free printable nature walk notebook page. It has 6 different scriptures about Good Friday, along with a corresponding activity to do together on your nature walk.

16. Resurrection Scavenger Hunt– This free printable scavenger hunt sheet has a list of items to find together that represent Christ’s life, death and resurrection.

17. Easter Garden– Use a pot or basket, some dirt, plants and stones to create a miniature Easter garden with the kids. Additionally, you could recreate the garden of Gethsemane, the cross on Calvary, or Jesus’ empty tomb.

18. Easter ABC Fill-In– Enjoy this fun worksheet as a family! It has an Easter scripture for each letter of the alphabet with words missing for you to fill in.

19. Easter Story Bag– This is a fun idea to help keep the kids engaged while you tell the Easter story. Additionally, this wonderful site even has a script you can use to help tell the Easter story.

20. The Story of Jesus Christ Booklet– Check out this free printable booklet you put together that tells the story of Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection.

Fun Christ-Centered Easter Activities

21. The Resurrection Printable Scripture Story– Printable clipart to help tell the story of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. You could even laminate them and add magnets to the back so the kids can have fun re-telling the story on the fridge or any magnetic surface. This exact link is no longer available. 🙁 But, we have some adorable Easter Flip Books.

22. Christ-Centered Easter Children’s Books– Check out this round-up of children’s books that each focus on the true meaning of the Easter season. Without question, these are some great books to add to your family library.

23. Easter Random Acts of Kindness– Print this list of Easter Random Acts of Kindness and let the kids take turns picking one to do together.

24. Flannelboard Easter Story– Printable flannel board Easter clipart. Print them out, cover with clear contact paper, cut them out and glue small pieces of sandpaper or felt on the back of each piece so they will stick to a flannel board.

25. Easter Story in Legos– Let the kids tell the Easter story in Legos. If you do this, you should totally check out The Last Supper Building Block Set!

26. Easter Play Dough Set– Use play dough to tell the Easter story! Just download, print and laminate the story set.  Then, get out some play dough and let the kids have fun.

Easter Activities for kids that help keep Easter about Jesus.

27. Easter Story Game– A fun printable Easter board game to print out and play together at home. All you need is the printable, a board and a die.

28. The First Easter Memory Game– A fun memory game that also teaches your children the story of the first Easter.

29. Resurrection Story Card Games– Printable Easter story cards you can use to play three different games to help the kids remember the resurrection story.

30. Jesus Easter Eggs– First off, decorating Easter eggs is probably the most popular Easter activity. However, I love how you can add a little more meaning to it simply by spelling out Jesus’ name. It would also make a beautiful centerpiece for the table doubling as the most perfect of religious Easter decorations.

31. “Jesus is Our Guiding Light” Egg Hunt– Hide little finger lights instead of plastic Easter eggs and let the kids go on a hunt in the dark. Afterward, discuss how Jesus is our guiding light and our Savior from the darkness of the world.

32. Easter Symbol Egg Hunt– Add a little more meaning to the traditional Easter egg hunt by placing symbols inside each Easter egg. {You can get a list of symbols and printable scripture verses for each one here.}

15 Christ-Centered Religious Easter Crafts

Here’s a list of FUN Christian Easter arts and crafts for kids! These are great ideas to go beyond the Easter Bunny to the real reason behind Easter. Not to mention, these religious Easter crafts are sure to bring Christ to the center of your Easter celebration this year. Some of these crafts will also make the best religious Easter decorations for your home. Your kids will feel so special seeing these displayed!

Religious Easter Crafts and Fun Ideas for the Kids!
Religious Easter Crafts for Kids and Families

33. Printable Resurrection Set– Nativity sets are super popular at Christmas, but I love the idea of letting the kids make their own resurrection set at Easter. All you need are the free printables, some empty toilet paper rolls, crayons, scissors, and glue.

34. The Good Shepherd Craft Set– If you love the printable resurrection set, you should also check out this good shepherd set! She even has a great lesson to go with it. This religious Easter craft is so fun for kids!

35. Easter Resurrection Set– Here’s another great printable resurrection set you’ll enjoy. And, you don’t need toilet paper rolls for this one! Simply grab some card stock to help them stand up.  {You could even mod podge them onto blocks of wood if you wanted to so they’ll last year after year.}

36. Pop-Up Easter Scenes– This is a great one for older children. Use the free printables to help your children create their own 3D Easter scenes. They’re even interactive with tabs that you can pull to make the characters and pieces move. This is one of my favorite religious Easter crafts we found. 🙂

37. Easter Resurrection Pop-Up Scene– This easy, pop-up craft is great for kids of all ages and depicts Christ rising from the tomb. This exact link isn’t available anymore, but we found this resurrection scene for kids to color that would be SO fun.

38. Palm Sunday Donkey Craft– Teach the kids the story of Jesus riding the donkey on Palm Sunday with this fun and easy craft.

39. Jelly Bean Prayer Box– This jelly bean prayer box is a great religious Easter craft project for kids. Additionally, they can then use it as a meaningful Easter gift for a friend or family member.

40. Paper Plate Tomb–  Use their free printable, a paper plate, card stock, craft sticks and paint to make Jesus’ tomb.

Fun Christ-Centered Easter Crafts for Kids

41. Paper Plate Calvary Hill– All you need is a paper plate, brown paper, crayons, scissors and glue to make this Calvary Hill craft.

42. Easter Story Wreath– Use the free printables to make an Easter story wreath. She’s even included printable scriptures to go with it.

43. Salt Dough Tomb– Let the kids make their own miniature tomb using salt dough.

44. Cardboard Box Tomb– Use a large cardboard box and some poster board or paper to make Jesus’ tomb. Children love being able to go inside while hearing the story of Jesus’ resurrection. This religious Easter craft is on of my all time favorites!

45. Easter Felt Finger Puppets– Use the printable templates and tutorials to make your own Easter felt finger puppets.

46. Hidden Easter Message- Doesn’t this Easter watercolor art look fun?! Your kids will think it’s magic. Just download the printable!

47. Jesus Wheel– This printable craft is great for teaching children the “I Am’s” of Jesus.

13 Christ-Centered Easter Treats

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids’ favorite crafts are food crafts! Here are some fun Christian treats that are perfect for Easter!

Christ Centered Easter Treats
Fun Christ-Centered Easter Treats for Kids

48. Empty Tomb Snack–  I love that this donut tomb snack is no-bake and easy for kids to assemble!

49. Crown of Thorns Snack– Create Christ’s crown of thorns using a cookie or cracker, some peanut butter and pieces of pretzels.

50. Dipped Pretzel Crosses– Use melted chocolate and pretzel sticks to make Easter crosses.

51. Colors of Faith Jelly Bean Bracelet– String jelly beans to make a bracelet. It even has a printable poem explaining what each color symbolizes.

52. Resurrection Cookies– Let the kids help make these yummy Easter cookies. The recipe also helps you tell the Easter story!

53. Resurrection Rolls– A wonderful (and tasty) hands-on Easter object lesson.

54. Resurrection Sticky Buns– Most people have tried resurrection rolls or cookies, but these resurrection sticky buns look like a fun and delicious alternative.

Fun Christian Easter Food Crafts

55. Lamb of God Cupcakes– Make lamb cupcakes with the kids and talk about what it means that Jesus is the “Lamb of God.”

56. Resurrection Cake– Wouldn’t it be fun to make and decorate a resurrection cake together? Here’s another fun Resurrection Cake, if you need more cake decoration inspiration.

57. Surprise Cross Cake– If you’re looking for a fabulous Easter dinner dessert, you need to check out this cake. It looks like an ordinary cake until you cut it open to reveal the surprise cross inside.

58. Rice Krispie Easter Scenes– Rice Krispie treats are perfect for molding into your own Easter scene. I love how they used Twizzlers to make the crosses.

59. Rice Krispie Resurrection Scene– Here’s another fun Rice Krispie Easter creation. This one uses gumdrops to make the people and angels.

60. Prayer Pretzels– Did you know that pretzels are a traditional food for lent? Make some homemade pretzels and talk about the symbolism of the arms crossed in prayer.

11 Christ-Centered Easter Coloring Pages

Enjoy these free printable Easter coloring pages that tell the story of the last days of Jesus’ life, his death and resurrection. Just print and color away! Additionally, these would be perfect Easter ideas for church to keep the kiddos focused on Christ.

Christ Centered Easter Coloring Pages
Free Christ-Centered Easter Coloring Pages for Kids

61. Palm Sunday– Christ riding the donkey with palm leaves.

62. The Last Supper– Jesus at the Last Supper with His apostles.

63. Jesus Prays in the Garden– Christ praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.

64. Jesus is Betrayed– Judas betraying Jesus.

65. Jesus on the Cross– Jesus Christ on the cross on Calvary.

66. Empty Tomb– The inside of the empty tomb.

Free Easter Coloring Pages

67. He Is Risen– The stone rolled away.

68. Alleluia– Jesus is risen!

69. The Good Shepherd– Christ as the Good Shepherd.

70. John 3:16– The scripture verse to color in.

71. Resurrection Egg Coloring Pages– Coloring pages to go with each resurrection egg!

9 Christ-Centered Easter Countdowns & Christian Easter decorations

Instead of limiting your celebrations to just Easter day, you can countdown to Easter the week or two leading up to the holiday for a more meaningful and memorable experience. Some of these ideas can even double as Christian Easter decorations, which is also a plus. 😉

Christ-Centered Easter Countdowns
Christian Easter Countdowns

72. Easter All Week–  A printable Easter booklet for the kids to put together. Each day of the week of Easter, you read the scripture references then talk about what happened each day during the final week of Christ’s life.

73. 8 Day Walk With Christ– Free printable labels and story cards for an 8 day “walk with Christ.” Each day you open an envelope and an egg and are led through the last week of Jesus Christ’s life.

74. 14 Day Walk With Jesus– Printable lesson outlines, handouts and journal cover for a 14 day “walk with Christ.” Each egg has a topic to help your family come closer to Christ in preparation for Easter. Each evening, you have a small lesson and activity that corresponds with the day’s topic. There is also a handout for each day to put into a journal where you can record your feelings that day.

75. 30 Day Easter Countdown– A free pdf file to help you countdown the entire month leading up to Easter, including daily devotional ideas, tags and artwork to cut out and display on an Easter tree.

76. Countdown to Easter Activity Cards– Printable cards with fun activities to do in the days leading to Easter. They don’t need to happen in any particular order and most of them are quick and easy to do. Unquestionably, this would also make a great, easy Easter gift!

77. The Joy Journey– 20 Christ-centered activity cards. Just print them off, stick them inside 20 plastic Easter eggs, and let the children pick one out each night.

78. Exploring Easter– A whole week of Christ-focused activities. Simple ways to celebrate Easter with your kids, broken down into daily ideas.

79. Easter Advent for Families– Printable advent direction cards for an 8 day countdown. Just stick the advent cards in some envelopes and hang them up with some twine and clothespins. This is one of the cutest religious Easter decorations for your home this year!

80. Day-By-Day Activities to Celebrate Easter Week– This wonderful book has devotional ideas for every day from Palm Sunday through Easter. Additionally, it’s organized well and has great suggestions for children and adults of all ages.

While we adore all of the countdowns listed above, we decided to make our OWN, Christ-Centered Easter Countdown. We wanted to create something that was easy to put together with our done-for-you printables, but also gorgeous to look at, and practical for busy families. It’s filled with meaningful Easter conversation cards and fun activity cards for 14 days of Easter traditions. It also doubles as one of the most perfect Christian Easter decorations. We’ve fallen in love with the results and we hope you do too! Here’s a little sneak peek for you. {Click HERE for all the details and more pictures.}

Christ-Centered Easter Countdown

5 Christ-Centered Easter Baskets

Check out these fun themed Easter baskets that also focus on the real reason for the holiday. Additionally, these would be the most perfect religious Easter gift for any friends or family.

Christ Centered Easter Baskets
Christ-Centered Easter Basket Ideas

81. Resurrection Basket– Free printable pack to make your own resurrection basket! The printable eggs spell out “Jesus is Risen.” Each egg has a letter at the top and part of a poem on the bottom. When read all together in sequence, it tells the story of Christ’s resurrection. She even has a girl and a boy version!

82. Jesus Baskets– Instead of a regular Easter basket, put together a Jesus basket. It’s still full of candy and eggs, but everything in it is also a symbol of Christ. The idea is to replace the trinkets and toys with items that will have a connection to the Savior.

83. Easter Basket Alternative– Instead of getting Easter baskets from the Easter bunny, I love this idea for making the atonement more personal. You can read her blog for all the details, but basically you have an object lesson the night before about sins. The next morning, Christ has paid for your sins and replaced them with gifts or blessings.

84. Christ-Centered Easter Basket– Lots of fun ideas for Easter basket stuffers that point to Jesus- the true reason we celebrate Easter.

85. Scripture Egg Easter Basket– Some great Easter basket filler ideas with corresponding printable scripture eggs.

24 Christ-Centered Easter Basket Stuffers

Below you’ll find fun Christ-centered Easter gift ideas that are perfect as Easter basket fillers! {Or just quick and easy meaningful religious Easter gifts!} Some of these also double as some super fun religious Easter crafts to put together!

Christ Centered Easter Basket Stuffers - these are cute!
Christ-Centered Easter Basket Fillers

86. The Jelly Bean Story– Fill a bag with jelly beans and add the free printable story tag.

87. M&M Easter Poem– Fill a bag or jar with Easter M&Ms and attach the free printable poem.

88. The Stone was ROLO-ed Away– Fill a small bag with ROLOs and add the free printable tag.

89. No “Bunny” Loves You Like Jesus– Attach the free printable tag to a chocolate Easter bunny.

90. No “Bunny” Loves You Like Jesus (Peeps)– Attach the free printable gift tag to some Easter bunny peeps.

91. He Knows the Hairs on Your Head– Attach the free printable tag to a hair bow or clip.

Christ-Centered Easter Basket Stuffers

92. Clothe Yourselves with the Lord–  Wrap up a new Easter outfit or dress and add the free printable scripture tag.

93. Clean Hand and a Pure Heart– Attach the printable Easter tag to a bottle of hand soap or sanitizer.

94. Jesus is the Rock– Attach the printable Easter tag to pop rocks OR rock candy!

95. He is the Potter– Fill a mason jar with some homemade (or store-bought) play dough and add the printable tag.

96. Jesus Cares, No EGG-ceptions– Fill a small bag with Easter egg candies (like Cadbury minis) and attach the free, printable treat bag topper.

97. Easter Pencil Printable– Poke some new pencils through these cute Easter pencil printables.

Easy, Christ-Centered Easter Gifts

98. The Lamb of God–  Attach the printable tag to a stuffed animal lamb.

99. Fishers of Men– Attach the printable tag to a bag of goldfish crackers or Swedish fish candies.

100. Easter Verses for Children– The printable Easter egg verses are perfect for adding to their Easter baskets.

101. Jesus Egg– Follow the directions to make the baby Jesus, then stick it inside a plastic Easter egg along with some Easter grass, a wooden cross, and the printable tag.

102. Empty Easter Egg Poem– Just stick the free printable poem in the basket along with an empty plastic Easter egg.

103. Egg-stra Special Egg–  Fill a plastic Easter egg with candy, then attach the free printable tag.

Fun and Easy Christ-Centered Easter Gifts

104. “Measure” of the Gift of Christ–  This link is no longer available 🙁 But the idea was to attach the free printable tag to a ruler.

105. Colors of Christ Egg Coloring Kit– Attach the free printable cover to a PAAS egg coloring kit.

106. “Why Do We Celebrate Easter” Flip Book– A wonderful flipbook that talks about the real reason we celebrate Easter. This is one of my favorite religious Easter gifts to give!

107. Pictures of Christ- Instead of just candy, you can also fill plastic Easter eggs with little pictures of Christ!

108. Scripture Stickers–  Scripture stickers are a great Easter basket stuffer and help the scripture stories come to life.

109. Real Easter Bunnies– Here’s a fun way to incorporate the Easter bunny but still focus on the real reason for the holiday. In short, just print out the cute picture and stick it in their basket.

12 Christ-Centered Easter Prints & Religious Easter Decorations

I love decorating my home for the holidays, but it can be hard to find religious Easter decorations outside of all the bunnies, carrots, and chicks. Here are some gorgeous wall art prints that focus on Christ and the Atonement. These prints would also make the perfect religious Easter gift for loved ones.

Christ-Centered Easter Prints
Christ-Centered Easter Wall Prints

110. He is Risen– Free watercolor Easter printable by Craftberry Bush.

111. He Has Risen– Three free Easter printables by The 36th Avenue.

112. My Redeemer Lives–  Free Easter printable by Yellow Bliss Road.

113. Christ the Lord is Risen Today– Free Easter chalkboard printable by Hymns and Verses.

114. He is Not Here for He is Risen– Gorgeous Easter print by Dear Lillie.

115. He Has Risen Just as He Said– Free printable by Gimme Some Oven.

Christian Easter Wall Art

116. Matthew 28:5-6-  This link is no longer available 🙁 But it contained a free printable by One Dog Woof.

117. Silly Rabbit Easter is for Jesus– Vinyl Wall Decal by WelcomingWalls.

118. By His Wounds We are Healed– Free printable by Moritz Fine Designs.

119. Death is Conquered– Free printable by Capital B.

120. Hosanna–  Free Easter printable by Mostly Homemade Mom.

121. Easter Banner– And, of course we had to include this free, printable Easter banner by Whimsicle Design Studio. Without a doubt, this would make a STUNNING decoration.

4 Christ-Centered Easter  Scripture Study Helps

Check out these amazing scripture study guides, handouts and helps to grow closer to Christ this Easter!

Christ Centered Easter Scripture Study Helps
Easter Scripture Study Helps

122. The Last Hours of Christ’s Life Study Packet– A study packet about the last week of Christ’s life. It takes you from the betrayal of Christ after Gethsemane, to the crucifixion, and includes the details of what happened while he was on the cross.

123. The Last Days of Christ Handouts–  Printable cover sheet, bookmarks, and 15 pages of daily handouts walking you through the last days of Christ’s life.

124. Developing Christ-Like Attributes– A wonderful handout from our very own Diva Courtney (of All Things Bright and Beautiful) to assess yourself on how you’re doing developing Christ-like attributes. Without question, I think this would be a wonderful Easter activity.

125. Names of Christ Study Flip Book– A printable book to help you study the names of Christ in the scriptures. There are 72 names to study and they have a version for girls and guys.

See?! What did I tell you? TONS of amazing religious Easter crafts, ideas, and traditions right at your fingertips. Pick a few to try this year, then pin this post so you can keep coming back each Easter to try some new ones! Basically, with this many ideas, you’ll never run out!

Oh, and if you liked this post, don’t forget to check out 12 Ways to Keep CHRIST in Christmas. It’s full of wonderful ideas you’ll want to save for Christmas time! And, we also did a round-up of the Best Christ-Centered Easter Products! You’re welcome!

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