Valentine Ideas for Kids

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Kids Valentine’s Day Ideas

Need some inspiration for a unique Valentine’s Day with the kiddos this year? Grab a pen because we have some of the most memorable Valentine ideas for kids for you. So you’ve certainly come to the right place – you have to know that the Divas are all about Valentine’s Day and we don’t want the little ones to miss out on all the fun, so we’ve wrangled up all of our absolute favorite kids valentines ideas to make sure they’re part of all that sweetness! We have kids Valentine’s ideas galore, including Valentine gifts for toddlers, classroom Valentine ideas, toddler Valentine ideas, and even Valentine snacks for the classroom!

I can't wait to show my littlest loves some love with these Valentine ideas for kids!! So many cute ideas to make the holiday magical! #valentineideasforkids #kidsvalentinesideas

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In fact, we love you {and them} so much that we have one hundred ideas! To help you keep your sanity, we’ve sorted everything out for you into a few categories for easier browsing:

Candy-Free Valentine Gifts for Kids

The kids won’t miss the candy when they receive one of these adorable alternatives. So if you are planning Valentine snacks for the classroom these are a great option. Additionally, all of these ideas make for great Valentine gifts for toddlers. Instead of sugaring up your kids, try out any of these candy-free Valentine’s day ideas for kids!

20 Candy Free Valentine's Ideas for Kids

Candy-Free Kids Valentines Ideas

  • Crayons – Simply perfect for a budding artist! Certainly, every kid could use a new box of crayons! This set is always my kiddos’ favorite. So much better than candy!
  • Squeeze Applesauce – These healthy pouches would be the perfect addition to a classroom party. Undoubtedly, the kiddos wouldn’t even realize you sneaked in a nutritional snack!
  • Bubbles – Bubbles like these can keep the kids entertained for hours! They would make great Valentine gifts for toddlers!
  • “Cutie” Oranges – Get ready for all kinds of jokes that start with “Orange you glad…” when you pass these cuties out! Without a doubt, fresh fruit is one of the most perfect classroom Valentine ideas.
  • Animal Crackers – For me, animal crackers were more than just a favorite snack food, they also doubled as a toy. So just try to tell me you didn’t make the lion “roar” before you ate it! You can get some packs here.
  • Hand Sanitizer – Similarly, a clever alternative to the “cootie shot” is using some small bottles of anti-bacterial hand gel. Truly, these are sure to be a hit!

Candy-Free Valentine gifts for kids

  • Kinectic Sand – Keep hands busy and let their creative juices flow with a mini sandbox filled with kinetic sand!
  • EOS Lip Balm – I think this might be the only way a boy would appreciate lip balm when it looks like a comic strip! So perfect for class Valentine ideas.
  • Pencils – Practical kids classroom valentine ideas using pencils that are sure to please teachers everywhere.
  • Crazy Straws – You could pair silly straws with the printable valentines and a drink, too!
  • Loom Bracelets – Who knew something so simple would keep kids so busy?! Grab a loom kit and after that some self-sealing bags, and you are good to go!
  • Glow in the Dark Sticks – Anything that glows in the dark will brighten their day! These sticks are an awesome deal and are great Valentine gifts for toddlers.
  • Toy Bugs – Icky and creepy, but these little critters totally perfect for your little explorers.

Candy-Free Ideas Valentine gifts for Kids Classroom

  • Rulers – If you want a thoughtful option for a classroom party, look no further than using simple rulers like these!  So useful and cute!
  • Balloons–  As far as classroom Valentine ideas go, it seriously doesn’t get any easier than giving out balloons. Most importantly, these would be the perfect last-minute option!
  • Bouncy Balls – A classic toy that’s ideal for boys and girls! Certainly, bouncy balls are great Valentine gifts for toddlers.
  • Play-doh – Kids love play-doh. Oh, let’s be honest… I still love play-doh! But these little containers make a great valentine!
  • Stickers – Stickers like these are perfect for kids of all ages, they are so fun and would make a perfect, inexpensive gift.
  • Watercolor Paint – Certainly, the perfect creative kids valentines ideas for any creative kid! You can get the darling mini paint sets here.
  • Whoopee Cushions – If you agree to this one, then you probably don’t want to be in the room when your kid hands them out. Whoopee cushions are always a hoot!

Quick & Easy Valentines for Kids

When a Valentine’s Day party sneaks up on you, these ideas are perfectly adorable and easy to pull off at the last minute! Whether you need to think of cute Valentine snacks for the classroom, toddler valentine ideas, or other clever Valentines day ideas for kids we have you covered. We collected quick and easy ideas you can throw together in a hurry! Most importantly, no one will even know you were in a hurry with how cute each of these ideas will turn out.

25 Quick and Easy Valentines Day Ideas for Kids

Quick and Easy Valentines for Kids

Quick and Easy Kids Valentines

Quick and Easy Valentine Ideas

Quick and Easy Valentine Ideas for Kids

Valentines Mailbox Ideas

Take the classic shoebox up a notch and help your kids create the perfect mailbox for all their Valentines. These Valentine’s box ideas are fun and creative and some are SUPER simple! Check out these Valentine’s Day box ideas that your kids will absolutely love and you’ll have fun helping your kids make these! We have all the class Valentine ideas for mailboxes to inspire your own creativity!

10 Creative Valentine Mailbox Ideas for Kids

Valentines Box Ideas

Valentines Day Box Ideas

We’ve put together 75 MORE Creative Valentine Box Ideas that you’ll love. Go through this inspiration with your kids and let them help you choose one of these fun Valentine’s Box Ideas!

Kids Valentines Crafts & Activities

Get creative with the kids and let them have some fun with love this Valentine’s Day! Similarly, these ideas make for great classroom Valentine ideas. If you are planning the classroom party and are in charge of finding kids Valentines ideas, then you have certainly landed in the right place! So look around for inspiration and share with us what great ideas your kids love!

10 Fun Valentine's Day Activities and Crafts for Kids

Kids Valentines Crafts and Activities

  • Cupid’s Crazy Cafe – Use secret codes to for a silly Valentine’s Day meal!
  • Kids Valentine’s Search and Find – Hidden notes and surprises make for an exciting activity to celebrate the holiday and show your kiddos the love.
  • Valentine’s Bingo – Just try and tell me you don’t get a little excited when you hear “Bingo!” It’s a game that’s so simple to get ready and can be played over and over again!
  • Covert Cupid – Plan to start this activity in the weeks before Valentine’s Day. So think random acts of kindness for everyone in the family!
  • Kids Valentine’s Day Love Lunch – Spruce up your kids’ lunchboxes with a TON of free printables!
  • Valentine’s Day Random Acts of Kindness – An adorable way to make Valentine’s Day about spreading the love to everyone!

Valentine Activities for Kids

Kids Valentine Lunch Ideas

Add a delicious surprise (or two) in the form of HEARTS to make a festive Valentine’s Day lunch! In addition, if you are looking for great toddler Valentine ideas, then food is always a great way to celebrate the holiday! Or if you are in need of creative Valentine snacks for the classroom we have a whole slew of great inspiration for you!  Especially if you don’t want Valentine snacks for the classroom that aren’t all junk food, we made sure to have you covered there as well! All the class Valentine ideas you could need!

15 Valentine's Day Lunch Ideas for Kids

Kids Valentines Lunch Ideas

Valentine Lunches for Kids

Kids Valentine Snack & Treat Ideas

Sweeten up snack time with these yummy and lovely Valentine’s snacks for kids! Check out these Valentine snacks for the classroom. Classroom Valentine ideas can be hard to find. But these Valentine’s Day ideas for kids would work great for any classroom! Or maybe you just want fun Valentine gifts for toddlers. I can’t think of a better way to a kids heart than some good snacks! So let’s get eating!

20 Awesome Snack Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine Snacks and Treats for Kids

Valentine Treat Ideas for Kids

  • Cupid Floats – You can make these crowd-pleasers with just TWO ingredients. Talk about convenient!
  • Valentine’s Day Fruit Roll-Ups – You seriously won’t believe how easy these fortune cookies are to pull off and you know the kids will be impressed. For some free printables to stick inside your “cookies,” check out our Fortune Cookie Countdown {it’s made for couples, but you can definitely find some winners for the kiddos in there}!
  • Valentine’s Day Pizookie – My all-time favorite dessert – pizookies! I’m drooling already and I love the pink magic shell coating!
  • Heart-Shaped Pizza – A great idea for getting the kids involved – everyone loves to make {and eat} pizza! Just form the dough into a heart shape and you’re ready for Valentine’s Day.
  • Snack Cupid’s Arrows – Here’s such an easy idea that anyone could help. Grab your toddler (and a few extra pretzels) or a whole class of kiddos and set them to work on these fun and edible arrows.
  • Valentine’s Pudding Cups – I’m in awe of the cuteness of those pierced strawberry hearts. Add pudding to the mix and I’m sold–certainly, a delicious Valentine’s treat!
  • Toddler Valentine’s Day Snack Mix – Stock up on a few pink treats and then grab your tot’s classic favorites to mix up this snack – the sky’s the limit!
  • Valentine’s Day Frozen Yogurt Bites – Kids are sure to love anything bite-sized and with only two {healthy!} ingredients, you’re going to love these too!

Valentine Snacks for Kids

Here’s to hoping you love Valentine’s Day as much as we do! With all these creative ideas, we might just have made it your kids’ favorite holiday, too!

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