100 Kids Valentine’s Ideas

Kids Valentine’s Day Ideas

Need some inspiration for a unique Valentine’s Day with the kiddos this year? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place – you have to know that the Divas are all about Valentine’s Day and we don’t want the little ones to miss out on all the fun, so we’ve wrangled up all of our absolute favorite kids valentines ideas to make sure they’re part of all that sweetness!

100 Creative Kids Valentine's Day Ideas

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In fact, we love you {and them} so much that we have one hundred ideas! To help you keep your sanity, we’ve sorted everything out for you into a few categories for easier browsing:

  • 20 Candy-Free Valentines
  • 25 Quick and Easy Valentines
  • 10 Valentine’s Mailboxes
  • 10 Valentine’s Crafts and Activities
  • 15 Valentine’s Lunches
  • 20 Valentine’s Snacks and Treats

20 Candy-Free Valentine Gifts for Kids

The kids won’t miss the candy when they receive one of these adorable alternatives.

20 Candy Free Valentine's Ideas for Kids

Candy-Free Kids Valentines Ideas

1. Crayons – Simply perfect for a budding artist – every kid could use a new box of crayons! This set is always my kiddos’ favorite.

2. Squeeze Applesauce – These healthy pouches would be the perfect addition to a classroom party. I bet the kiddos wouldn’t even realize you sneaked in a nutritional snack!

3. Bubbles – Bubbles like these can keep the kids entertained for hours!

4. “Cutie” Oranges – Get ready for all kinds of jokes that start with “Orange you glad…” when you pass these cuties out!

5. Animal Crackers – For me, animal crackers were more than just a favorite snack food – they doubled as a toy. Just try to tell me you didn’t make the lion “roar” before you ate it! You can get some packs here.

6. Hand Sanitizer – A clever alternative to the “cootie shot” is using some small bottles of anti-bacterial hand gel – these are sure to be a hit!

Candy-Free Valentine gifts for kids

7. Kinectic Sand – Keep hands busy and let their creative juices flow with a mini sandbox filled with kinetic sand!

8. EOS Lip Balm – I think this might be the only way a boy would appreciate lip balm, when it looks like a comic strip!

9. Pencils – A practical kids valentine using pencils that is sure to please teachers everywhere.

10. Crazy Straws – You could pair these silly straws with the printable valentines and a drink, too!

11. Loom Bracelets – Who knew something so simple would keep kids so busy?! Grab a loom kit and some self-sealing bags, and you are good to go!

12. Glow in the Dark Sticks – Anything that glows in the dark will brighten their day! These sticks are an awesome deal.

13. Toy Bugs – Icky and creepy, but these little critters totally perfect for your little explorers.

Candy-Free Ideas Valentine gifts for Kids

14. Rulers – If you want a thoughtful option for a classroom party, look no further than using simple rulers like these! Useful and cute!

15. Balloons– It seriously doesn’t get any easier than giving out balloons. These would be the perfect last-minute option, too!

16. Bouncy Balls – A classic toy that’s ideal for boys and girls! So cheap, too – you can get an awesome deal here.

17. Play-doh – Kids love play-doh. Oh, let’s be honest… I still love play-doh. These little containers make a great valentine!

18. Stickers – Stickers like these are perfect for kids of all ages. These ones are so fun and would make a perfect, inexpensive gift.

19. Watercolor Paint – A creative valentine idea for any creative kid! You can get the darling mini paint sets here.

20. Whoopee Cushions – If you agree to this one, then you probably don’t want to be in the room when your kid hands them out. Whoopee cushions are always a hoot!

25 Quick & Easy Valentines for kids

When a Valentine’s Day party sneaks up on you, these ideas are perfectly adorable and easy to pull off at the last minute!

25 Quick and Easy Valentines Day Ideas for Kids

Quick and Easy Valentines for Kids

21. “I am Wheel-y Glad We’re Friends” Hot Wheels Valentine – You can never have enough cars to “vrooom” around the house! Grab your 9-pack of Hot Wheels here so it’s a breeze to put together!

22. “Doughnut I’d Do Without a Friend Like You” Valentines – Ummm, how easy would a couple dozen doughnuts be?! BONUS – You get to eat the leftovers!

23. Printable Valentine Treat Bag Labels – The beauty of these treat bags is that you can fill them with anything you’ve got – from baked goods to candy!

24. “I Think You’re a Star” Starburst Valentines – If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, you’ve hit the jackpot! Grab a bag of Starbursts and you’re set for an entire classroom {or two}!

25. “Frozen” Themed Printable Valentines – The popularity of the movie means these Valentines (using some fruit snacks like these) will be a huge success, too!

26. “Minecraft” Themed Printable Valentines – A simple candy wrapper using Hershey Nuggets that’s sure to make the game-loving kids smile!

Quick and Easy Kids Valentines

27. Funny Mustache and Lips Valentines – Turn Blow Pops into even MORE fun and don’t forget to bring your camera – the kids will definitely want to see how silly they look!

28. Printable Paper Airplane Valentines – These might just be my favorite idea – how quick and easy is a paper airplane?!

29. “You Rock” Pop Rocks Printable Valentines – Using some Pop Rocks, the kids won’t be able to get enough of these crackling Valentines!

30. “Star Wars” Themed Printable Valentines – Yoda and Princess Leia are the coolest, nerdy Valentines your kids can give. Leia’s iconic hair comes together with some yummy Hershey’s hugs, and Yoda has his very own light saber using glow sticks! Genius.

31. “Won’t Chew Be My Valentine?” Bubblegum Printables – With this clever pun, all you need is a few gum balls like these to finish off the valentines.

32. “Harry Potter” Themed Valentines – Provide these wizardly Valentines for a magical treat using Hershey’s Kisses.

Quick and Easy Valentine Ideas

33. “You’re One in a Minion” Twinkee Valentines – I’m loving this adorable pun – AND Twinkies!

34. “You are Extra Awesome” Gum Valentines – This one might not be perfect for a school Valentine, but everyone does love gum!

35. “Glad We are in the Same Troop” Printable Valentines – Can you say PERFECT for a boy’s or girl’s scout troop?! Don’t forget to grab these little army guys!

36. Candy Heart Arrow Valentines – The sweetest version of cupid’s arrows!

37. Airheads Printable Valentines – Sometimes Valentines get a bit too cutesy for boys, but this one is perfect for any kiddo! Who doesn’t love Airheads?

38. Instagram Themed Printable Valentines – In case your teen or tween still wants to give out valentines, these Instagram-inspired cards are brilliant!

Quick and Easy Valentine Ideas for Kids

39. “You are Totally Kool” Koolaid Valentines – If you think they’ll be overloaded with candy, opt for a fun and sweet drink like Kool-Aid Bursts instead.

40. “So Glad We’re in the Same School” Valentines – I always like Swedish Fish because they’re all the same flavor – and everyone knows the “red ones” of any candy are the best!

41. “You’re a Hoot” Owl Printable Valentine Boxes – I can’t get over the adorable shape of these Valentine treat boxes.

42. Bag of Kisses Printable – Too sappy? Not when the kisses are made of chocolate!

43. “I’m Nuts About You” Printable Valentines – The perfect healthy alternative, salty snack to counteract the sweetness that’s sure to fill the day.

44. Smarties Printable Valentines – We used to call Smarties ‘brain pills’ and we claimed they always helped us ace our tests – maybe it’ll work on Valentine’s Day, too!

45. Kids Printable Classroom Valentines – A version for boys and for girls makes everyone in your kid’s class feel special.

10 Valentines Mailbox Ideas

Take the classic shoebox up a notch and help your kids creative the perfect mailbox for all their Valentines. These Valentines box ideas are fun and creative and some are SUPER simple! Check out these Valentines Day box ideas that your kids will absolutely love and you’ll have fun helping your kids make these!

10 Creative Valentine Mailbox Ideas for Kids

Valentines Box Ideas

46. Owl Valentine Mailbox – Don’t you just love the heart-shaped mouth on this owl mailbox?

47. Unicorn Valentine Mailbox – A fun Valentine card box for your imaginative little dreamer.

48. Bumblebee Valentine Mailbox – They completely thought outside the mailbox on this one and used a plastic jar!

49. Shark Valentine Mailbox – Any boy would love the teeth on this ferocious box of Valentines.

Valentines Day Box Ideas

50. Kids Cake Valentine Mailbox – The future baker or any lover of pretty things will squeal over this “cake” frosted with crepe paper.

51. Minion Valentine Mailbox – Nothing seems to crack kids up like the Minions, so create this fun box to store all the day’s laughs!

52. Hot Air Balloon Valentine Mailbox – You probably have these supplies just laying around the house – balloon, straws, and basket – and you’re ready to create!

53. Cute Valentine’s Day Mailbox – It’s actually a mailbox! I can’t get over the addition of the working flag!

54. Girl and Boy Character Mailboxes – Let your kids create a self-portrait in the form of a Valentines box!

55. Football Themed Valentine Mailbox – This mailbox doubles as a fun game – anyone remember finger football?

We’ve put together 75 MORE Creative Valentine Box Ideas that you’ll love. Go through this inspiration with your kids and let them help you choose one of these fun Valentine’s Box Ideas!

10 Kids Valentines Crafts & Activities

Get creative with the kids and let them have some fun with love this Valentine’s Day!

10 Fun Valentine's Day Activities and Crafts for Kids

Kids Valentines Crafts and Activities

56. Cupid’s Crazy Cafe – Use secret codes to for a silly Valentine’s Day meal!

57. Kids Valentine’s Search and Find – Hidden notes and surprises make for an exciting activity to celebrate the holiday and show your kiddos the love.

58. Valentine’s Bingo – Just try and tell me you don’t get a little excited when you hear “Bingo!” It’s a game that’s so simple to get ready and can be played over and over again!

59. Covert Cupid – Plan to start this activity in the weeks before Valentine’s Day. Think: random acts of kindness for everyone in the family!

60. Kids Valentine’s Day Love Lunch – Spruce up your kids’ lunch boxes with a TON of free printables!

61. Valentine’s Day Random Acts of Kindness – An adorable way to make Valentine’s Day about spreading the love to everyone!

Valentine Activities for Kids

62. Tissue Paper Hearts – Perfect for practicing and developing those motor skills, this craft is fun for everyone. Super easy too, just grab some construction paper, tissue paper, and a glue stick! We all love to tear things up 😉

63. Pom Pom Painting – The best part about painting with pom poms? When you’re finished, you just throw the mess away!

64. Valentine’s Sensory Slime – Slime is fun for absolutely any age – from the youngest to the oldest kids {ahem… or adults}, the textures and movements are absolutely mesmerizing. It can be made easily with some glue like this and liquid starch!

65. Valentine’s Day Science Experiment – Who knew Conversation Hearts were for more than just eating? Let your kids wonder with all kinds of household items to test out!

15 Kids Valentine Lunch Ideas

Add a delicious surprise {or two} in the form of HEARTS to make a festive Valentine’s Day lunch!

15 Valentine's Day Lunch Ideas for Kids

Kids Valentines Lunch Ideas

66. Valentine’s Day Fruit Messages – Just grab a marker and set to work with these ‘punny’ phrases. If you’d rather print off some tags, we’ve got you covered with our Basket of Healthy Love.

67. Heart Shaped Hardboiled Eggs – You know everyone will be asking, “HOW did you do that?!”

68. Valentine’s Day Apples – The kids will love this simple trick – I bet they eat the heart last!

69. Valentine’s Day Lunchables – When I was a kid, Lunchables were always a treat for special occasions so I love this Valentine’s-inspired specialty.

70. Kids Lunch in a Chocolate Candy Box – How clever is this?! It’s great for lunch in a pinch, since you can add whatever you want to this smorgasbord.

71. Valentine’s Day Sprinkle Sandwich – I think I would’ve died if I found sprinkles in my sandwich as a kid!

72. Valentine’s Themed Lunchbox Jokes – It’s so quick and easy to print a few of these off and pop them into a lunchbox. Your kiddo will have the whole table laughing.

Valentine Lunches for Kids

73. Love Potion No. 9 Waterbottles – They’ll get a kick out of creating their very own “potion” using Kool-Aid Singles.

74. Valentine’s Applesauce – For those who don’t think they have a creative bone in their bodies, just print and attach to some strawberry applesauce.

75. “Bee” Mine Valentines Lunch Idea – Heart shaped wings? Striped sandwich bread? Cuteness overload.

76. Valentine’s Day Yogurt Parfait – Nothing says “Valentine’s Day” like using bright, red strawberries to liven up your yogurt!

77. Valentine’s Day English Muffin Pizza – These pizzas are topped with a just a little bit of love. So simple!

78. Love Bug Kids Valentine’s Lunch – Cut out a couple of hearts and you’ve created a love bug sandwich!

79. Valentine Butterfly Sandwich Bags – These little butterflies will be such a fun and easy surprise in their lunch box! All you need is some clothes pins and some pipe cleaners to make these cuties come to life!

80. Valentine’s Grilled Cheese – All you need is a heart-shaped cookie cutter and Valentine’s lunch is ready. You could pair it with some red tomato soup to complete the holiday theme!

20 Kids Valentine Snack & Treat Ideas

Sweeten up snack time with these yummy and lovely Valentines snacks for kids!

20 Awesome Snack Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine Snacks and Treats for Kids

81. Easy Valentine’s Day Cookies – The only problem with these sweet cookies is that they’re so adorable, no one is going to want to eat them!

82. Valentine’s Day Snack Mix – This versatile snack mix only requires that you have candy melts – you can choose all the other mix-ins by raiding your pantry!

83. Love Bug Fruit Cups – You could totally turn this snack idea into a fun activity with the kids!

84. Valentine’s Day Fruit Salad – Healthy hearts mean your kids will definitely not be skipping their healthy snack for the day. This fruit salad looks better than dessert!

85. Valentine’s Red Velvet Milkshakes – Cake in the form of a milkshake? Yep! I’m in.

86. Chocolate Raspberry Trail Mix – I’m pretty sure chocolate and raspberry were MFEO {made for each other} – which is just perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Treat Ideas for Kids

87. Cupid Floats – You can make these crowd-pleasers with just TWO ingredients. Talk about convenient!

88. Valentine’s Day Fruit Roll-Ups – You seriously won’t believe how easy these fortune cookies are to pull off and you know the kids will be impressed. For some free printables to stick inside your “cookies,” check out our Fortune Cookie Countdown {it’s made for couples, but you can definitely find some winners for the kiddos in there}!

89. Valentine’s Day Pizookie – My all-time favorite dessert – pizookies! I’m drooling already and I love the pink magic shell coating!

90. Heart Shaped Pizza – A great idea for getting the kids involved – everyone loves to make {and eat} pizza! Just form the dough into a heart shape and you’re ready for Valentine’s Day.

91. Snack Cupid’s Arrows – Here’s such an easy idea that anyone could help. Grab your toddler (and a few extra pretzels) or a whole class of kiddos and set them to work on these fun and edible arrows.

92. Valentine’s Pudding Cups – I’m in awe of the cuteness of those pierced strawberry hearts. Add pudding to the mix and I’m sold – a delicious Valentine’s treat!

93. Toddler Valentine’s Day Snack Mix – Stock up on a few pink treats and then grab your tot’s classic favorites to mix up this snack – the sky’s the limit!

94. Valentine’s Day Frozen Yogurt Bites – Kids are sure to love anything bite-sized and with only two {healthy!} ingredients, you’re going to love these too!

Valentine Snacks for Kids

95. Valentine’s Day Corndog – Making a corndog look like a butterfly is just pure genius.

96. Valentine’s Day Caramel Apples – Caramel apples always remind me of the fair, but I love the idea of making them any time of the year!

97. Heart Shaped Rice Krispie Treats – Can I claim Rice Krispie treats as a comfort food? They do always make me feel better!

98. Valentine’s Day Pancakes – A few drops of food coloring make these pancakes perfect for Valentine’s morning.

99. Easy Heart Shaped Lollipops – Jolly ranchers turned hearts on lollipop sticks – count me in!

100. Valentine’s Day Cupcake Parfaits – Loving this idea for a cupcake in a cup, the only thing I’d miss is licking the icing off of my fingers after eating it! 😉

Here’s to hoping you love Valentine’s Day as much as we do! With all these creative ideas, we might just have made it your kids’ favorite holiday, too!


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