100 St. Patrick’s Day Traditions!

100 fabulous ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year!

Holidays are such a fun time to add a little extra magic into the lives of those around us. Whether it is a small gift, a sweet surprise or just an extra treat, I love finding ways to make holidays feel special at our house!

100 Top St. Patrick's Day Ideas

Family Fun Activites

1. Leprechaun Notes – Fun little notes to your kids from a friendly little leprechaun!
2. Lucky Number Game – Who will be the lucky winner?
3. Lunchbox Jokes – Make them smile a little bigger this St. Patrick’s Day!
4. Photo Booth Props – Create fun family pictures that you’ll cherish for years! All you need are these adorable printables and a few of these dowels
5. Memory Game – A cute twist on a traditional game of memory! {Plus chocolate! Yum!}

St. Patrick's Day Games and Activities

6. Pinch Proof Pins – Create a pinch proof pin for each of your kiddos!
7. Pot O’ Gold Game – Who will complete their pot o’ gold first?
8. Pinch Proof Card – If the pins weren’t for you, we found these adorable cards for you as well!!
9. Make Me A Leprechaun – This hilarious shaving cream game will have everyone laughing.
10. Printable Placemats – Make your breakfast a little more festive.

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

11. Rainbow Activity – With this cute activity everyone gets to build their own rainbow!
12. Shamrock Hunt – Will you be the shamrock champion?
13. St. Patrick’s Day Game – Watch out for the shamrock!
14. The Lucky Leprechaun Hunt – A scavenger hunt for both kids & adults! 
15. Scavenger Hunt – Will you be the lucky winner of this family fun, scavenger hunt?

Family Fun for St. Patrick's Day

16. St. Patrick’s Day Bingo – Bingo is always a favorite.
17. St. Patty’s Day Pub Party – This dinner menu will have everyone laughing!
18. Breakfast Printables – Don’t forget your pinch proof potion before starting the day!
19. St. Patrick’s Day PLANNED – 100% ready for you! We have done all of the prep work!
20. Top O’ the Morning to Ya Placemats – Start your morning on a positive note!

20 St. Patrick’s Day Kids Crafts

Keep those little hands busy this St. Patrick’s Day with these adorable craft ideas!

Kids Crafts - St. Patty's Day

St. Patty's Day Crafts

21. Clover Leaf Lei – These leis will be a hit with all of the kids.
22. Egg Carton Shamrock – Just a few easy supplies and you are well on your way to this St. Patrick’s Day project!
23. Fruity Cheerio Leprechauns – Ummm… are these Fruity Cheerio leprechauns not the cutest!?!
24. Cootie Catcher – Do you remember cootie catchers?! This is such a fun childhood throw back!
25. Mosaic Shamrocks – A little paper and you have beautiful shamrocks to display!

Great St. Patrick's Day Kids Crafts

26. Leprechaun Hat and Beard – This adorable beard and hat combo are the best!
27. Magic Hair Leprechauns – Magic leprechaun hair is sure to be a hit.
28. Popsicle Stick Leprechaun Magnets – Decorate your fridge with these popsicle stick cuties this year.
29. Painted Leprechaun – So creative right!? This Leprechaun is perfect to keep those little hands busy!
30. Lucky Charm Bracelets – Edible and adorable, is there a better combination?

Kids Arts and Crafts - St. Patrick's Day

31. Pepper Painting – There are so many possibilities with this simple idea!
32. Pot O’ Gold Telescope – Let their imaginations soar with their very own pot o’ gold telescope!
33. Rainbow Plaque – Save those little handprints forever.
34. Marble Painted Clovers – I KNOW that my little man would go crazy for this fun project.
35. Roll a Leprechaun – Who will be the first to complete their leprechaun?

Fun Ideas for Kids - St. Patrick's Day

36. Shamrock Rainbow Wand – Little leprechauns will love their own shamrock rainbow wand!
37. Split Pea Shamrocks – We LOVE these!
38. St. Patrick’s Day Slime – This would make for an afternoon of fun and exploration.
39. Streamer Rainbow – Even the littlest Leprechaun could make one of these bright rainbows.
40. Toilet Paper Roll Leprechauns – Turn everyday objects into adorable art!

20 St. Patrick’s Day Treats

Yummy treats the every little leprechaun will love!

St. Patrick's Day Printable Treat Tags

Yummy St. Patty's Day Treats

41. Green Fruit Skewers – These skewers are healthy and festive!
42. Leprechaun Cookies – I would possibly feel bad eating these adorable little guys!
43. Healthy Chocolate – Healthy and chocolate in the same title means that you MUST check out this idea!!
44. Green Velvet Cupcakes – Cupcakes are always a favorite.
45. Lucky Charm Pancakes – Who wouldn’t love this green surprise St. Patrick’s Day morning!?!

Treats and Food Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

46. Lime Sherbet Floats – A cool refreshing treat.
47. Lucky Charm Treats – A twist on rice crispy treats makes the perfect holiday treat!
48. Mint Oreo Milkshakes – Yum! Need we say more?
49. Pistachio and Chocolate Leprechaun Cookies – Let your little Leprechaun help out with these festive cookies!
50. Mint Oreo Truffles – Honestly… these are amazing!! Trust us!

Delicious St. Patrick's Day Treats

51. Rainbow Fruit Parfait – This parfait looks so delicious and refreshing.
52. Pretzel Pops – The kids would adore helping out with these edible pop creations.
53. Shamrock Pound Cake – Check out the fun surprise inside this cake!
54. Shamrock Shake – This looks and sounds like a perfect St. Patrick’s Day choice!
55. Rainbow Fruit Pizza – This is a perfect treat for any St. Patrick’s Day event!

St. Patrick's Day Food Ideas

56. Taste the Rainbow Jell0 – That rainbow will be a delightful treat!
57. St. Patrick’s Day Muddy Buddies – A little treat for the holiday!
58. Shamrock Bites – Easy + yummy + cute = Perfect!!
59. St. Patrick’s Day Parfait – Everything tastes better when it is green on St. Patrick’s Day!
60. Shamrock Chips + Pot O Gold Dip – This has to be one of the most perfect treat ideas ever!

20 St. Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas

20 fun ideas to give a little something special to everyone in your life this St. Patrick’s Day!

Great Gift Ideas for St. Patrick's Day!

Free Gift Tags - St. Patrick's Day

61.  Anti-Pinch Polish – Who wouldn’t love this nail polish surprise?
62. Don’t Fall for Any Trix – Watch out for the ‘trix’ on a day like this!
63. Feeling Lucky? – Well… are you?
64. Irish You a Happy St. Patty’s Day – A fun twist on words for your treats!
65. Just a Wee Pinch O’ Luck – Tack this tag to any treat for a perfect St. Patrick’s Day surprise!

Great treats for your St. Patty's Day party!

66. Pot O’ Gold Printable Box – This box is the perfect way to display your holiday treat!
67. Lucky to Know You – We ALL have someone that we feel lucky to know!
68. Lucky Awesome Sauce – Your kids will love this!
69. Rainbow Loom Card – Let the kids get in on the gift giving!
70. Our Friendship is Golden – Who is your golden friend that you will pass this to this St. Patrick’s Day?

Printables - St. Patty's Day

71. Rainbow Seeds – A tiny treat can create big smile!
72. You Are My Lucky – Let that special someone know that they are your lucky!
73. Taste the Rainbow – Need a treat for school, dance, piano lessons or more? These goldfish will be the perfect fit!
74. So Lucky You’re My Buddy – Tie this with some delicious Muddy Buddies and you are all set.
75. Rainbow Pot O’ Gold Treats – Adorable.  That is all we even need to say!

Free Printable Gift Tags for St. Patrick's Day

76. You’re My Lucky Charm – Let your lucky charm know that you are grateful for them!
77. So Lucky You’re Our Neighbors – Do you have amazing neighbors? Let them know that you appreciate them!
78. One Lucky Sprite – A little drink for any little ‘Sprite!’
79. You ShamROCK – This simple tag paired with the rock candy is the perfect combo.
80. Kiss Me, I’m Irish – Everyone has little Irish in them on St. Patrick’s Day and these lip pops are sure to bring it out!

20 St. Patrick’s Day Ideas for Your Spouse

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your sweetie this year!

Make this St. Patrick's Day the best one yet!

Spouse Ideas for St. Patty's Day

81. 10 Reasons I’m Lucky in Love – What are your 10 reasons?
82. Feeling Lucky Punch Poster – Make your spouse’s night EXTRA lucky! {wink!}
83. I’m Lucky to Have You – A simple way to say how much you love your spouse!
84. Leprechaun Love Trap – Trap your love this St. Patrick’s Day!
85. Leprechaun Kisses – Little reminders of our love are the best!

Surprises for your spouse on St. Patrick's Day!

86. Lucky in Love Card – Are you lucky in love?
87. Lucky Night – Have a fun night in with your sweetie!
88. Lucky You –  Scratch away at this card for a lucky night ahead!
89. Magical Date Night – Make their night magical!
90. Leprechaun Love Hunt – Send your spouse on a little love hunt!!

St. Patrick's Day Lovin'

91. Shamrock Attack – Attack your sweetie with your love!
92. St. Patrick’s Day Love Notes – Simple reminders of your love are perfectly stated with these cute cards.
93. Make It His Lucky Day – How many lucky things can you pack into their day?
94. Our Love ShamROCKS – Show them how much your love rocks!
95. Lucky Pot O’ Gold – This romantic tradition is sure to please!

St. Patrick's Day Date Night

96. Taste The Rainbow – A sexy night in for two is sure to be a hit this holiday!
97. One Lucky Leprechaun – Let your leprechaun know that you love them!
98. St. Patrick’s Day Care Package – Near or far, send your love through the mail!
99. The Lucky Date – You will both feel lucky after this evening!
100. St. Patrick’s Day Date in a Bag – A complete date night in a bag!

Amazing!! RIGHT!?! We love SO many of these ideas, the hard part will be how to decide which ones we will use this year!

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  1. We did #15 – the Scavenger Hunt last year and it was SO fun! This year we might try #17 – the crazy dinner! SO many fun ideas! Love having them all in one place! XOXO