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Over 100 Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

It’s March! In honor of the month of Easter, we rounded up over 100 Easter egg design ideas for you to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for Easter egg decorating ideas for spring decor OR just want to create some family fun this Easter – you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here!

{Psst… decorating Easter eggs also make a fabulous date night! We usually plan a fun, family night helping the kiddos dye and decorate their eggs, and then decorate OUR OWN eggs after the kiddos are in bed for a fun at-home date.}

I can't wait to try these AMAZING egg decorating ideas with my kids and hubby! #eastereggdecorations #eastereggideas

Dying and decorating Easter eggs together is one of my kids’ favorite Easter traditions! We usually stick with the traditional Easter egg dying kits you buy at the store. But, after discovering all of the seriously FUN, CREATIVE and DARLING ideas on Pinterest, I think that might be changing. Just wait until you see all of the gorgeous, unique Easter egg decorating ideas that we’ve found. I’m seriously DYING to try these! (See what I did there? 😉 )

To make browsing easier, we’ve divided them into two categories:

Whether you’re looking for ideas for toddlers, kids, teens, or yourself, you’re sure to find LOTS of inspiration for Easter egg decoration ideas below.


Easter Decorating Ideas For Kids

What kid doesn’t love helping with Easter egg decorations? We found some seriously fun Easter egg decorating ideas ranging from dying with simple rubber bands all the way to using baking soda to create an egg volcano. The best part about these Easter egg design ideas is that they’re budget-friendly. A lot of them use household items you already have! So, grab your kiddos and let’s start egg decorating!

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids
How to Make Marbled Easter Eggs

  • Silk Tie Easter Eggs– Transfer the patterns of old silk ties onto your Easter eggs! What better way to recycle all of those old ties that haven’t been used in ages than to use them for Easter egg designs!
  • Glow Eggs– These glowing Easter eggs are so magical. What kid wouldn’t love this?! (All you need is fluorescent or glow in the dark paint to master these Easter egg designs.)
  • Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs– This Easter egg decoration idea will not only add to your nail polish collection, but it will create a colorful marble design for your Easter display. Use nail polish to create these colorful marbled Easter eggs!
  • Shaving Cream Easter Eggs– Getting the kiddos involved to make these shaving cream Easter egg designs is fun and easy. All you need is shaving cream and food coloring for this Easter egg dying technique.
  •  Kool-Aid Tie-Dye Easter Eggs– Have any Kool-Aid packets in your cupboards? Then you might want to try this fun tie-dye method. Not only is this super kid-friendly, but it’s also a great budget-friendly option to add to your list of fun Easter egg decorating ideas!
Creative Kid Easter Eggs
  • Melted Crayon Easter Eggs– Did you know that you can color on your hard-boiled eggs while they’re still hot to create this unique melted crayon look? What a perfect way to use up those old crayons!
  • Rubber Cement Easter Eggs– I love the fun pattern you can get by first drizzling your eggs with rubber cement. Who knew?! This is such a great way to give your Easter egg designs that clean edge look.
  • Hot Glue Easter Eggs– Or, instead of rubber cement, try the same technique with hot glue. Don’t we all have hot glue in our craft box? Who knew it could be used for Easter egg decorating?
  • Baking Soda Easter Eggs– If you’ve ever played with baking soda and vinegar before, you know how fun this method is. What kid wouldn’t love creating a mini egg-plosion?!
  • Rubber Band Easter Eggs – Darn! This link isn’t available anymore, but you can still use rubber bands to create these simple stripes on your Easter eggs.
Fun and Easy Easter Egg Decorating and Dying Ideas
  • Tattoo Easter Eggs– Use temporary tattoos to add your kids’ favorite characters to their Easter eggs. How fun is that?
  • Papier-Mâché Easter Eggs– I love how bright and colorful these paper-mâché eggs are! All you need is a rainbow of colored tissue paper and some glue to create these Easter egg decorating ideas.
  • Puffy Paint Easter Eggs– Add some 3-dimensional designs to your Easter eggs with puffy paint pens.
  • Scratch-Off Easter Eggs- Darn! This link isn’t available anymore, but you can still have fun experimenting with these Easter egg designs. This scratch art technique uses three different layers: crayon, paint, and glitter. This is such a fun way to add some sparkle to your Easter egg decorations.
  • Volcano Easter Eggs– If your kids love baking soda volcanoes, they’ll love using baking soda paint to dye their Easter eggs.
TONS of Dye and No-Dye Easter Egg Ideas
  • Ink Stamped Easter Eggs– You have to watch the video to see how these gorgeous ink stamped Easter eggs are created. It’s easier than you’d think!
  • Embroidery Floss Easter Eggs– All you need to create these Easter eggs is embroidery floss and tin foil! You’ve got to see how this works – it’s pretty crazy.
  • Food Coloring Easter Eggs- Darn! This link isn’t available anymore, but you can still have fun trying this Easter egg decorating idea. You don’t need to buy an egg dying kit this Easter, just use food coloring, paper towels, and vinegar. Easter egg decorating with simple household items? Yes, please!
  • Sharpie Tie Dye Easter Eggs- This link isn’t available anymore either, but another fun method is using Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol.
  • Watercolor Easter Eggs– These whimsical eggs were created with watercolor paint and watercolor pencils. Neat, huh?
Easy Easter Egg Crafts for Kids
  • Easter Eggs in Party Hats– Aren’t these tiny party hats darling? There’s even a template, which makes it super easy to pull off.
  • Chalkboard Easter Eggs- This link isn’t available anymore, but if you love chalkboard paint as much as we do, you’ve got to check out these chalkboard Easter eggs!
  • Confetti-Covered Easter Eggs– All you need for this technique is a hole puncher, colored cardstock, and a craft glue pen.
  • Humpty Dumpty Easter Eggs– How cute is this little Humpty Dumpty egg man? This is such a fun way to give your Easter egg decorations personality!
  • Fingerprint Easter Eggs– Use your little ones’ fingerprints to paint little chicks, bunnies, and carrots on your Easter eggs.
Fun Easter Egg Decorating Ideas and Crafts
  • Strawberry Easter Eggs– All it takes is a little paint and paper to turn your eggs into colorful strawberries.
  • Scuba Dye-ving Eggs- This link isn’t available anymore, however, you can still create an adorable character! We can’t get over how darling this little scuba dye-ving egg head is. I bet you already have all the materials lying around your house, too.
  • Egg Face Printables- Let your kiddos use these fun and funky egg face printables to create their own character. This link isn’t available anymore, but you can always have your kiddos cut out fun shapes and color them to create their own unique Easter egg decoration ideas.
  • Easy Egg Bunnies– If you don’t want to mess with any dye this Easter, here’s a super easy no-dye bunny craft to add to your Easter egg design ideas.
  • Princess Easter Eggs– If you have any little girls at home, you’ve gotta try these precious, princess-inspired Easter eggs.
Easter Egg Characters and Critters
  • Driving Egg People– Head over to the Mr. Printables site to grab these cute egg cars, because what kid wouldn’t love driving these around?
  • Superhero Easter Eggs– And for the little men in your life, we found these fun Superhero Easter eggs.
  • Painted Baby Chick Egg- This link is no longer available, but we just had to include this cute painted chick. Doesn’t he look like he’s ready to break through his shell?
  • Easter Egg Animals– If you’re looking to keep it simple with your Easter egg design ideas this year, all it takes is a little paper embellishment to turn an egg into a cute creature.
  • Egg Chick– Add some googly eyes and feathers to turn a regular Easter egg into a darling chick.
Easter Egg Bunnies, Birds, and Chicks
  • Egg Flowers– These egg flowers are the perfect, easy Easter craft for any little kid. There’s even a petal stencil you can use to make them.
  • Easter Egg Bunny & Carrot– Don’t these bunny and carrot eggs look like they were made to be together? We just love the curly ribbon carrot top!
  • Egg Creatures– Use colorful crepe paper to make these sweet birds and other egg creatures.
  • Easter Egg Chicks & Bunnies– For more simple Easter egg decoration ideas, transform plain white eggs into these sweet Easter animals with the provided templates.
  • Easter Egg Flower Fairies– Don’t these little Easter egg flower fairies make you want to smile? You’d be surprised how simple they are to make, too. All it takes to make these sweet Easter egg ideas is paper, tissue paper, scissors, and glue!
Creative Easter Egg Faces
  • Googly-Eyed Easter Eggs– Who knew that adding googly eyes to Easter eggs could produce such a cute result? We’re loving these little creatures.
  • Egg Heads– Draw on a simple face and add some yarn hair to create your own family of “Egg Heads.”
  • Lego Easter Eggs– If you have a Lego fan at your house, you’ve gotta try these creative Easter eggs.
  • Emoji Eggs– Could these emoji Easter eggs be any more perfect?! Also, we’re thinking they’d especially be a hit with teens.
  • Disney Easter Eggs– If you have any little Disney fans, then you’ve got to stop and check out all the different free printables on Spoonful to create their favorite Disney characters. What a fun way to add some character to your Easter Egg decorating ideas!
Decorating Easter Eggs Like Popular Characters
  • Ninja Turtle Eggs– If you have any little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fanatics at home, you’ve got to check these cute Easter eggs out!
  • Angry Bird Easter Eggs– Angry Bird addicts are sure to go crazy over these unique Easter eggs.
  • Hello Kitty Easter Eggs- Even though this link isn’t available anymore, these Easter egg designs are super simple! All you need are black and yellow permanent markers to make these Hello Kitty Easter eggs.
  • Red Queen Easter Egg– We’re dying over how creative this one is! Also, the Red Queen is the perfect character for an Easter egg.
  • Minion Easter Eggs– All it takes is a black permanent marker and some googly eyes to turn a regular Easter egg into an adorable minion.

TIP: If you haven’t tried using a wire whisk to dye your Easter eggs, I highly recommend it! It’s so much easier for kids to help without dropping the egg. And, while you’re at it, check out these fun Easter egg painting brushes.

Easter Egg Decorating Tips

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas For Adults

If you’re looking for a creative Easter date night idea with your spouse that doesn’t involve the kiddos, these Easter egg decoration ideas are perfect! We had so much fun finding a variety of styles that look sophisticated but are still just as fun to make as the kid-friendly Easter egg design ideas. So, grab your sweetie and let’s start egg decorating!

Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Adults from The Dating Divas
Elegant Easter Egg Ideas
  • Washi Tape Easter Eggs– It doesn’t get any easier than this – just cut different colors and patterns of washi tape into shapes and decorate. Also, who would have thought you could use washi tape to make cute Easter egg design ideas?
  • Paper Napkin Easter Eggs- This link is no longer available, but if painting detail is not your thing, no worries! You can transfer the pattern of a paper napkin onto your Easter eggs to create a unique design!
  • Painted Easter Eggs– But even if you’re not a very skilled artist, you can create beautiful Easter eggs like these with similar polka dot, floral, or confetti patterns.
  • Watercolor Easter Eggs– If you’re feeling artistic, try your hand at these gorgeous, watercolor, floral eggs.
  • Acrylic Paint Pastel Eggs– These DIY painterly pastel eggs are as easy as pie and so stunning! All you need to do is make simple brushstrokes.
Stunning Metallic Easter Egg Ideas
  • Glitter Easter Eggs– If you’re anything like us and think glitter makes everything better, then you have to check out these darling glitter polka-dotted Easter eggs!
  • Golden Marbled Easter Eggs- Darn! This link isn’t available anymore, but you can still try these Easter egg decorating ideas. The metallic gold leaf embellishment takes these traditional Easter eggs up about a million notches. Aren’t they to “dye” for?!
  • Metallic Easter Eggs- We had to keep this Easter egg decorating idea in the mix even though this link is no longer available. We just LOVE the combination of gold leafing and washi tape on these eye-catching, metallic, Easter eggs!
  • Confetti-Dipped Easter Eggs– If you want to add a little pizazz to your Easter eggs, why not add one more simple step and dip them in foil confetti? These make the perfect Easter egg decorations!
  • Natural Brown Easter Eggs– If simplicity is your style, you’ll love these natural brown Easter eggs!  All you need is a white paint pen and some brown eggs.
Decorating Easter Eggs With Sharpies
  • Doodle Easter Eggs– Love to doodle? Then you’ll love these whimsical doodles eggs, and all you need is a black permanent marker!
  • Sharpie Easter Eggs- Or add a bunch of Spring colors with pastel sharpies! (This link isn’t available anymore, however, we had to leave this adorable Egg decorating idea in the mix!)
  • Inspirational Sharpie Easter Eggs- Aren’t these Easter egg designs beautiful? The link is no longer available, but with just simple dye and a sharpie, you can create meaningful designs and lettering. We just love how the designs on these inspirational eggs focus on the real reason for the Easter season.
  • Calligraphed Eggs- Even if you’re not good at calligraphy, the printable templates make these statement eggs easy to pull off! (Darn! This link is no longer available, but you can easily achieve a typography look with a simple calligraphy pen or marker.)
  • Easter Egg Bunnies & Friends- This link is no longer available, but these cute, simple eggs were made with a little bit of dye and a permanent marker.
Decorating With Easter Eggs
  • Fabric-Covered Easter Eggs– Have any fabric scraps lying around? Put them to good use with these darling fabric-covered Easter eggs.
  • Fabric-Dyed Easter Eggs– Dye your Easter eggs with the patterns of your favorite fabric. Don’t we all have a stash of fabric in our craft box? As a result, it’s such a fun way to show off your Easter egg decorations!
  • Crochet-Covered Easter Eggs- Darn! This link is no longer available, but if you know how to crochet, you need to check out these gorgeous crochet-covered eggs! They would make a stunning Easter centerpiece.
  • Decoupage Easter Eggs- Even though this link isn’t available anymore, this Easter egg decorating idea can easily be achieved! Decoupage sheet music and book pages onto your Easter eggs for a classy, elegant look.
  • Herb-Stenciled Easter Eggs- You’ve gotta check out these natural egg dye recipes using carrots, beets, and cabbage. We love how vibrant the colors are! This link is no longer available, but check out this natural egg dye recipe for a similar look.
Natural and Floral Easter Ideas
  • Foliage Easter Eggs- This link is no longer available, however, you can easily create these beautiful Easter egg decoration design ideas. Decoupage some spring flowers and foliage to your Easter eggs! Also, it’s the perfect excuse to go for a spring nature walk.
  • Watercolor Pansie Easter Eggs– We adore these delicate watercolor pastel pansies! Furthermore, they’re perfect for spring!
  • Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs– You may have experimented with silk-dyed Easter eggs before, but we love the idea of using monochromatic color schemes for a sophisticated, modern look.
  • Love Eggs– Use heart stickers to create these super easy, super cute love eggs.
  • Botanical Easter Eggs– Florals fit so well with the Easter season, and we love how the black background makes the flowers pop on these botanical eggs.
Unique and Stunning Easter Design Ideas
  • Marbled Indigo Eggs– These are timeless and make the perfect Easter egg decorating centerpiece. Can you believe these gorgeous eggs were created with regular blue nail polish?!
  • Metallic-Dipped Easter Eggs– Metallics are definitely in this season and we just love how they contrast with the bright blue!
  • Galaxy Easter Eggs– A combination of sponge painting and splatter painting is used to create the space-like effect on these galaxy Easter eggs.
  • Chapstick Easter Eggs– These eggs were covered in lip balm before being dipped in dye. Doesn’t this technique create such a fun look?
  • Candle Wax Easter Eggs– These stunning, vivid Easter eggs were created with Ukrainian egg dye, beeswax, and candles.
How To Do Speckled Paint for Easter Decor
  • Dyed Robin Eggs– These dyed robin eggs just scream spring! All it takes is a little gold splatter paint on top of your normal blue dye.
  • Golden Speckled Eggs– You can get a totally different look using the same technique with an even lighter shade of blue and bigger splatters.
  • Brown Speckled Eggs– Or instead of gold speckles, try a dark brown. Honestly, it looks great on every color of pastel.
  • Watercolor Sprayed Easter Eggs– The sprayed, speckled effect even looks great on plain white eggs.
  • Concrete Eggs– If you want to create some Easter egg designs that will last year after year, try making your own Easter eggs using concrete. The speckled effect makes them look so realistic.
Gorgeous, Creative Easter Ideas
  • Fabric-Decoupaged Easter Eggs– I don’t know why I’ve never thought about decoupaging fabric onto Easter eggs before, but aren’t these beautiful?
  • Family Photo Easter Eggs– Out of all the ideas, this is one of my very favorites! Use family photos to personalize Easter eggs. If you use faux eggs, you can pull them out every Easter.
  • Butterfly Easter Eggs– My daughter is a huge fan of butterflies, so I just had to include these beautiful Easter eggs. It makes me want to practice watercolor.
  • Sprinkle Easter Eggs- Out of all the ideas, this is one of the most unique! Forget the paint and dye—cover your eggs in sprinkles!
  • Typography Easter Eggs– How fun would it be to find these funny typography eggs on an Easter egg hunt? All you need is a little adhesive vinyl.
Modern Easter Decoration Idea
  • Glamorous Easter Eggs– All you need is a little glitter to create some serious glamour.
  • Colorful Confetti Easter Eggs– We just love how usable, bright, and vibrant these confetti eggs are. For example, you can even hide candy or treats inside since they’re actually hollow!
  • Beeswax Easter Eggs- Aren’t these eggs to dye for?! (Sorry, did it again.) Darn! This link isn’t available anymore, however, if you want to try your hand at authentic, amazing Ukrainian egg decorating- then grab yourself an inexpensive kit and check out this tutorial. It’s the real deal.
  • Ombre Easter Eggs– Out of all of the beautiful Easter egg decorating ideas, this one stands out in beauty and simplicity. We’re still obsessed with all things ombre because it’s so simple but so sophisticated.
  • Black and White Easter Eggs- Even though this link is no longer available, we just had to include one more version of the black and white permanent marker Easter egg designs. There are so many different options!
Candle Decoration for Easter
  • Eggshell Candles– Wouldn’t these eggshell candles make a gorgeous centerpiece for Easter? And here’s the best part, they’re lavender-scented!
  • Tin Foil Silver Eggs– Can you believe these antiqued-silver eggs were created with regular old tin foil? It’s magic, I tell you.
  • Egg Planter– Turn an ordinary egg carton into a botanical spring egg planter!
  • Confetti Eggs– I’m pretty sure these confetti eggs would be a HUGE hit with the kids. Also, wouldn’t it be fun to stick them inside their Easter baskets?
  • Wheat Grass Eggs– We love to dye Easter eggs and grow wheatgrass in the spring, so why not combine the two and grow your grass in eggshells?
  • Egg Flower Vase– These little egg flower vases are so simple but so elegant! You just need a little candle wax to get them to stand up.

Didn’t I tell you we found some great ones?!  So, that should be enough ideas to help you decorate Easter eggs every year… for the rest of your life!

For MORE fun Easter ideas check out our 100+ Ideas for a Christ-Centered Easter and our brand new Christ-Centered Easter Countdown!

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Happy decorating!

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