Mother’s Day Ideas

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Mother’s Day Ideas

Sweet and Sentimental Ideas for Any Mom

Spring is just starting to wake the world from a cold winter! Who’s really for grass and flowers again?! Warm weather reminds us of one fabulous thing… Mother’s Day is almost here!! If that thought makes you a little nervous because it’s a holiday that sometimes slips to the back of your mind… Breathe easy!! We’ve gathered all of the Mother’s Day ideas you’ll ever need to celebrate Momma! {I know, I’m excited too!} Sit back and pick the perfect thing for all of the special ladies in your life. {Don’t forget grandma!!}

Mother's Day Ideas

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We owe the mothers in our lives such a service! Whether our biological mothers, or one of the special ladies that have “adopted’ us, they are some very special gals that need some LOVE this Mother’s Day. Sit back and enjoy the scroll!! You’re bound to find a few amazing ideas that will express how much you LOVE your momma(s) this Mother’s Day!

We’ve broken all of these amazing 104 Mother’s Day Ideas into 5 categories:

  • 16 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
  • 24 Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids
  • 8 Mother’s Day Activities
  • 32 Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas
  • 24 Mother’s Day Printables

Some of these ideas are just so sweet and thoughtful – I can’t wait to share them with you!

Let’s get started!

16 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking for something special and thoughtful for your mother? We’ve gathered some truly unique gift ideas for you!

16 Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Thoughtful Mother's Day Ideas for Families
1. Stacked Favorite Things – If you’re feeling crafty and have a few extra 2×4’s hanging around, this is a perfect, DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea!

2. Children Silhouettes – This will be a treasured family keepsake for generations. Wanna watch her tear up? I might just do it – I’ve already found the frame I’m going to use.

3. The Therapeutic Corn Pack – These cute, little DIY bags are so cute and very useful in the cold months. Try putting one on your neck after a long day. Heaven!

4. Grandchildren Board – Calling all the grandmas out there! Let the world know how proud you are of your family! My mom loves to show off her grand babies.

5. 365 Ways to Say, “I Love You” – This is a gift she will enjoy every day for the next year. There is a video how-to and a list of sweet ideas.

6. DIY Photo Coasters – A set of these tile photo coasters will cost less than $5 to make and you’ve got the perfect gift for that special lady. Make sure to use for some great quality prints for your coasters!

7. Mother’s Day Spa Gift Basket – This year, invite Mom to relax and take a load off! Create a basket that is all about pampering. Don’t forget about the chocolate!!

8. Mother’s Day Mug – Hand drawn, made to order, Mother’s Day mug. Help her start the day off right. Even if you don’t feel like making it yourself, you can create a photo mug here that she’ll love!

Thoughtful Gifts for Mother's Day

9. Mother’s Day Video Gift – Make your own adorable DIY Mother’s Day gift by recording a personalized video! Our colorful, printable banner makes the perfect prop for a Mother’s Day video or photo shoot with her children.

10. Mother’s Day DIY Magnets – Step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own loving Polaroid magnets for her.

11. Mother Art Print – Personalized gift for Mom! All of the words that make you think of her, specially framed.

12. DIY Bathtub Tray This DIY Mother’s Day gift is super easy to put together and incredibly thoughtful for the momma who loves a little time in the bath for relaxing.

13. Mother’s Day Pill Box – Most mothers love chocolate almost as much as their children. This DIY Mother’s Day gift combines the two loves into one cute pill box!

14. Relaxing Lavender Bath Salts – Add a scoop of bath salts to her warm bath water and allow her to relax the day away!

15. Picture Beanbags – Check out this DIY tutorial that looks so easy and fun! Use these to play games with the kids and grandkids.

16. Spa in a Jar – With Mother’s Day approaching soon, this is THE perfect gift. Plus – there is a free, printable jar label!

24 Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

 Handmade gifts from kids really speak to a mother’s heart! These ideas are quick, easy, and can be put together with normal household items.

24 Mother's Day Crafts for Kids


Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

17. Mother’s Day Hand Prints – Little hands are the sweetest thing. Treasure them with this easy, Mother’s Day craft.

18. Mother’s Day Press – When you’ve got her breakfast-in-bed all ready, give her a little reading material to enjoy. I bet it’s the best news day of the year!

19. Mother’s Day Hand Flower – I did this for my mother-in-law last year and she still has it on her fridge! An easy and cute idea. Plus – it has a free printable!

20. Salt Dough Heart Footprint – Step-by-step instructions {with pictures} on how to make this thoughtful Mother’s Day keepsake!

21. I Love You More Than… – Let Mom know she’s the most important thing around! She is sure to treasure this little note!

22. Kid-Made Printable Mother’s Day Book – Here’s a sweet and thoughtful book kids can make for Mother’s Day that allows them to share and express everything they love about Mom!

23. Hand Print Cupcake Card – Some of the best Mother’s Day gifts come from kids. This sweet gift is perfect for Mom and Grandma.

24. Fingerprint Charm Necklace – This DIY Mother’s Day keepsake is worth the time and effort to make. Such a sweet reminder of little fingers.

Child Crafts for Mother's Day

25. Hand Print Apron – Capturing little hand prints is like freezing a moment in time.

26. “Home is Where MOM is” Card – Using a few craft items you probably already have at home, this DIY Mother’s Day card is a piece of cake. Plus, the message is so sweet and kind, I think it would bring a big smile to any mama’s face!

27. Pipe Cleaner Flower Bouquet – Sweet handmade flowers that don’t need watering and will never die. She will love it all year long.

28. Shhh… Mommy’s Sleeping” Door Hanger – Mommies need their sleep as much as baby! Give Mom what she really wants for Mother’s Day – a nap!

29. “I Love You THIS MUCH” card – Trace your child’s hand on two pieces of paper and add a folded accordion piece in between. That’s it – so easy and so thoughtful!

30. Mother’s Day Butterfly Card & Poem – I know a few little girls that would just love to make this butterfly and give it to their mom for Mother’s Day!

31. Flowering Tree Hand – Isn’t this just the cutest little hand tree?! The kids can glue all of the hearts on to create a unique gift that Mom will love!

32. Celery Mother’s Day Rose Card – Here is a fast, creative, and darling DIY Mother’s Day card the kiddos can make in just a few minutes. Grab some paint, celery, markers, and you’re good to go!

Cute Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

33. Coffee Filter Flowers – How can something so simple turn into something so pretty? The best part is, Mom doesn’t have to water them to keep them looking beautiful.

34. Pom Pom Flowers – I bet Mom has a pom pom maker hiding in her sewing kit somewhere. With a little extra yarn and aluminum wire, you can throw together these cute DIY flowers in just minutes!

35. Mother’s Day Brooch – Award your mom with a 1st place ribbon! The kiddos will love making it and watching her wear it all day.

36. Mother’s Day Coupon Bouquet – Create this lovely bouquet with popsicle sticks and cupcake liners. Have the kiddos write a service for Mom on the bottom of each stick flower. The kids will love making it and Mom will love getting it!

37.  Felt Flowers – Make these felt flowers with only a handful of supplies. Felt, buttons, glue, and wooden skewers and you’re on your way to a beautiful DIY Mother’s Day Bouquet!

38. You are My Sunshine Card – Here is an adorable card to make for that special lady! Kids can make these cards all by themselves using noodles and paint!

39. Tulip Potato Art – This tulip craft would be great for kids to make for Mother’s Day. Paints and a potato?! I’m making that right now!!

40. Egg Carton Art – This craft is so easy to make and beautiful to look at! You might have all of the supplies at home right now!

8 Mother’s Day Activities

Make Mother’s Day an all day event by filling it with activities and adventure!

8 Mother's Day Activities


Mother's Day Activities for Families

41. Mother’s Day Adventure Date – Let the lady of the house choose her own Mother’s Day adventure with this fabulous version, perfect for Mother’s Day!

42. Hot Mom – Calling all the HUSBANDS… this post is for you! This Mother’s Day, you will make your lady swoon!

43. Mother Daughter Brunch – Plan a Mommy & Daughter Brunch and share this very special day with her.

44. Mother’s Day Tea Party – This is a tea party at a school, but can easily be done just as successfully at home with the family. Show Mom how special she is with her own private tea party, where she is the guest of honor!

45. Mother’s Day Conversation Starters – Once the family has all been seated at the table, pull out some of these thoughtful conversation starters and guide the chat toward all things MOM!

46. Mother’s Day Minute to Win It –  Use this for a family activity or for a large gathering with tons of people. Sweet words that all have to do with mothers.

47. 31 Mother’s Day Movies – Pick a movie, then snuggle up on the sofa with a snack and a blanket! Ah – Mother’s Day bliss!

48. Mother’s Day Cootie Catcher – Print out this Mother’s Day cootie catcher for your kiddos and play a few rounds to show Mom how much you love her.

32 Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Let her rest while the family puts together something really special. These are some of the best breakfast in bed recipes and ideas around!!

32 Mother's Day Breakfast Ideas


Fun Mother's Day Breakfast Ideas

49. Ham and Cheese Crepe Square – These are easy to make and very impressive to behold!

50. French Toast Pops – These little cuties are so easy to make and with all of the different cookie cutters out there, the possibilities are endless.

51. Mother’s Day Breakfast Idea – Mother’s Day is coming up and moms LOVE getting breakfast in bed! Put your kids to work and have them make this adorable “MOM” Mother’s Day breakfast plate!

52. Nutella Mini Pancake Kabobs – Soft and pillowy pancakes slathered with Nutella and layered on skewers with fresh strawberries and banana.  SO good and so easy!!

53. French Toast Roll Ups – My husband made these for me last year and now I ask for it all the time. Crazy, good stuff!

54. Strawberry Peach Smoothie – If the special lady likes to keep it “light” in the morning, this smoothie recipe might be just the thing.

55. Strawberry-Brie Waffle Bites – Not only are they delicious – they are simple! Simple enough that even my kids could make them.

56. Bacon, Egg, and Toast Cups – This turns a classic American breakfast into something special for a very special day!

Food Ideas for Mother's Day

57. Hash Brown Egg Nest – Waking up to this on Mother’s Day is sure to make the sun shine a little brighter!

58. Lemon Blueberry Muffins – Lemon and blueberry is a perfect pair! Plus, this can be made ahead of time and take away some of the stress that morning.

59. Ham, Egg, and Cheese Bread Bowl – This is a little bit like heaven, but in a bread bowl. BONUS – very little clean up!

60. Berry Flower Mother’s Day Bagel – Chop up some fruit and let the kids get creative! There really isn’t a wrong way to design these delicious creations.

61. Heart Pancakes – Add pancake mix into a squeeze bottle and write Mom an edible breakfast message. Why eat normal round pancakes when you give be eating heart pancakes?! This is a cute and easy breakfast idea for  anniversaries, birthday’s, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day!

62. Maple, Bacon, Pancake Bits – All of Mom’s favorite things, artfully put together into the perfect breakfast pancake bite. Today is going to be a good day!

63. Strawberry-Vanilla French Toast Hearts – Fool-proof breakfast that is sure to impress that special lady! It’s a quick meal too so you can sleep in a little too!

64. Quick and Easy Crepes – I think crepes get a bad rap for being impossible to make. Completely untrue! My husband whacks out a few of these before I can even get the orange juice made. Wonderful and impressive Mother’s Day breakfast idea!

Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed Ideas

65. Cake Mix Cinnamon Rolls – Homemade cinnamon rolls can be a labor of love, but these EASY buns have a special ingredient. {Psst – it’s in the title!} A cake mix! Here are step-by-step instructions to make the process even easier!

66. Sunday Morning Eggs Benedict – Allow Mom to enjoy the most important meal of the day with this ultra comforting Eggs Benedict. Don’t worry, there are step-by-step instructions for how to poach eggs and create this restaurant quality meal at home! She is going to be so impressed!

67. Breakfast Pizza – Sold! Anything that has the word pizza in it, I’m in! A unique and fun Mother’s Day breakfast idea.

68. Breakfast Granola Cups – Make them with a regular muffin tin for a cute and filling, healthy breakfast for Mom!

69. Ham, Cheese, and Onion Quiche – This is the perfect make-ahead dish for Mother’s Day. Make it the night before and wake up worry-free knowing your Mother’s Day breakfast is in the bag!

70. Cream Cheese Filled Banana Bread – Soft, moist, cream cheese-layered bread is like having a cheese cake baked in the middle of your banana bread! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

71. Ham and Cheese Spinach Puffs – Wow the lady of the house with these ham & cheese puffs. Use frozen pastry puff sheets to make these a CINCH to put together!

72. Angel Food Cake French Toast – Mom will be singing your praises right after the first bite! Don’t quote me, but this might be the best french toast ever!

Easy Mother's Day Breakfast Ideas

73. Blueberry Croissant Puff – This is an overnight breakfast dish that is sure to please. Put it together the night before, put it into the fridge overnight, and in the morning pop it in the oven for 40 minutes. Bam – Mother’s Day breakfast in bed is served!

74. Waffle BarLay out a beautiful spread of all of Mom’s favorite toppings and let her create her favorite waffle creation!

75. Old-Fashioned Sour Cream Donuts Satisfy her sweet tooth cravings with these decadent breakfast treats.

76. Easy, Cheesy Breakfast Casserole This easy breakfast dish is overflowing with sausage, eggs, hash browns, and yummy! This casserole is a snap to put together in the morning or make ahead the night before.

77. Twice Baked Potato Bites Bake little red potatoes and stuff them with a delicious filling of bacon, onions, and cheese. Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

78. Grilled Nutella and Marshmallow SandwichI’m not sure if this fits into the dessert category or breakfast. What I do know is that it looks DELICIOUS!

79. Chocolate Toffee Waffle on a Stick If it’s true that everything tastes better on a stick, then these waffles must be out of this world! This would be such a fun breakfast treat on Mother’s Day morning!

80. Egg in a Basket – Treat your momma to a perfectly cooked egg, nested in a heart-shaped piece of toast.

24 Mother’s Day Printables

Making Mother’s Day special is as easy as pushing print on your computer! We’ve gathered cards, gifts, coupons, banners, and much more!!

24 Mother's Day Printables


Printable Mother's Day Ideas

81. Mother’s Day Guide – Mother’s Day Guide to help give you a little direction to what the perfect Mother’s Day looks like for all of the different ladies out there!

82. Mother’s Day Photo Booth Props – Capture some silly Mother’s Day moments with these printable photo booth props.

83. Mother’s Day Crown – Every mom deserves to be treated like royalty on Mother’s Day. This printable crown is sure to start the day off in style!

84. Mother’s Day Care Package – If your loved one lives far away and you are mailing your gift, you won’t want to miss this EASY way to dress up your package!

85. Mom Jeans Card – Mom jeans aren’t so bad, are they? This sweet and funny card is sure to make Mom smile!

86. Mother’s Day Wall Prints – Print a little sunshine into your home and remind Mom of the difference she makes as a mom. There are 4 cute and free printables to choose from!

87. Mother’s Day EOS Basket – Who DOESN’T love EOS lip balm!? It’s unique, thoughtful, and super cute! Create a basket full of colorful EOS lip balm printables cards.

88. Mother’s Day Room Service – A sweet, little, printable room service door hanger so you can make Mom feel special this year!

Mother's Day Printables Gifts

89. Mother’s Day Candy Bars – This is a great, last minute idea that’s sure to make her smile. {Chocolate –  it makes us all smile!} Grab a Hershey’s Bar from the store and print out this free printables wrapper. Done and done!

90. Mother’s Day Free Coloring Pages – Coloring pages for young and old alike. Spend some time on Mother’s Day coloring together.

91. Mother’s Day Coupons – This DIY coupon book is super easy to assemble so you can give Mom just what she needs for Mother’s Day!

92. World’s Best Super Mom – This is a simple fill-in-the-blank letter that the youngest and the oldest child will LOVE to fill out. It’s a great way to let each child express how much they love their mommy in a fun and creative way.

93. Mother’s Day Service Coupons – Sometimes Mom doesn’t need another “thing.”  Service is a very powerful love language. Show her how much you care by giving her some of your time.

94. A Sundae for Mother’s Day – This DIY card promises BIG things – ice cream sundaes! Spoil her with dessert.

95. Printable Cake Toppers – Beautiful flowers are a must on Mother’s Day. Why not go over-the-top this year and make a flower garden cake for your mama!

96. Mother’s Day Questionnaire – This is the perfect way for the kiddos to tell Mom just how much they love her.

Mother's Day Printables Gift Ideas

97. DIY Mother’s Day Keepsake Journal – Mother’s Day keepsake journal is the PERFECT way to share favorite stories, pictures, artwork, and memories.

98. The Mom Binder The perfect way to organize and preserve all of your children’s artwork, cards, and letters! This is something Mom will truly treasure! 

99.  Happy Mother’s Day Banner – Celebrate the holiday with a cheerful and beautiful Mother’s Day Banner!

100.  Mother’s Day Mad Libs Card – Give this to the kids and let them create their own card for Mom this year. They’ll be so happy with their silly creations and so excited to give it to her!

101. Mom You’re the Balm – Forget spending 30 minutes in the card supermarket aisle, print off this cute DIY card at home, add an EOS lip balm, and you’ve got an instant, cute Mother’s Day gift!

102. Doughnut Printables – Let Mom know how much you love her with these doughnut printables treat tags.

103. Mother’s Day Journaling Questions – Here are a list of questions to ask your OWN mother this year. Thoughtful and insightful questions all about memory keeping. This will be a treasure to us someday.

104. Cake Banner – Add a little more love to your Mother’s Day cake with this adorable, tiny banner, some bakers twine and some wooden skewers! {That should totally be a thing!}


I know, right?! So many great ideas it’s hard to pick just one for the special women in your life.


Printable Breakfast Kit for Mom



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