Back to School Teacher Gifts and More Gift Ideas for Teachers!

Over 100 Teacher Gift Ideas

Just wait until you see all of the fun and unique back to school teacher gifts we’ve found. Teachers are amazing people! They work so hard and sacrifice so much for our children. I really don’t think you can ever thank a teacher enough. I know for me, I feel like I owe our teachers the world! Our kids come back from school smarter, more confident, and happier just about every day. And we owe it all to the amazing teachers in their lives. So with “back to school” right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about teacher gift ideas!

And in honor of those teachers we love so much, we’ve rounded up over 100 back to school teacher gifts. However, this list not only includes first day of school teacher gifts. But also new teacher gifts are included, and even end of the year teacher gift ideas. So are in search of back to school gifts or last day of school gifts for teachers? Either way, we have it all in one place!

I am always on the hunt for creative ways to show love to my kids' teachers! So many cute ideas for back to school teacher gifts. #backtoschoolteachergifts #newteachergifts

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New Teacher Gifts

So here’s the best part of this whole post. Most of these teacher gift ideas come with FREE printables!  It doesn’t get any easier than that!  We’ve even divided them into categories for you, including:

So we included ideas for back to school gifts as well as last day of school gifts for teachers. We even have new teacher gifts and just general teacher appreciation ideas! So that way you can show your appreciation and gratitude ALL year long! So are you ready to get started?  let’s begin with…

First Day of School Teacher Gift Ideas

Start the year off right with a small gift for your child’s new teacher! Starting a new year and having a new teacher deserves special new teacher gifts. Have your children help you put together sweet and creative gifts for their teachers. This is a great way for kids to get excited about the first day of school. But also for them to recognize that their teacher is someone to be respected and appreciated! Check out all these first day of school teacher gifts!

First Day of School Teacher Gift Ideas! #teachergifts #teachergiftideas

Teacher Gift Ideas

Easy Teacher Gifts

More Back to School Teacher Gifts

Yep, that’s right! There are so many great teacher gift ideas out there. We had to add some more for you to choose from. Browse through and try to decide on some fun back to school teacher gifts! Certainly, many of these ideas could also be used as end of school year teacher gifts as well. So keep a list of your favorite and use them throughout the year!

Teacher Gifts for the First Day of School

Even MORE New Teacher Gifts

So here are even more teacher gift ideas here for you! We love all these cute back to school teacher gifts and printables. They make it so easy to put together last-minute gifts. Back to school gifts don’t have to be a lot of work to be meaningful and cute! So let’s get back to finding you the perfect new teacher gifts!

Creative Teacher Gift Ideas

Teacher appreciation week is a great time to use some of these teacher gift ideas to show your gratitude! But, again, we really don’t think you can EVER thank a teacher enough. So feel free to use our teacher gifts throughout the year to show a little extra love. Find out when your child’s teacher’s birthday is to make sure they feel loved. Or send a small gift for the different holidays throughout the year with our list of teacher appreciation week ideas. Every one of these would also work as great back to school teacher gifts!

38 Teacher Gift Ideas For Any Time

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Easy Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

  • A Cool Treat for a Sweet Teacher–  Some ice cream dishes (we have these and we adore them!), a frozen yogurt gift card, some ribbon, and the free printable gift tag are all you need.
  • You’re an “Extra” Special Teacher–  You’ll need some EXTRA-brand gum, a Mounds candy bar, a small bag of nuts, a small bag of Goldfish, a cute container, and the free printable tags.
  • Thanks a “Latte”–  To make this cute gift card holder you’ll need: a coffee sleeve, white cardstock, twine, a gift card to Starbucks, and the free printable.
  • It is a “Ball” Having You as a Teacher–  Just fill a Ball Jar with your choice of treat or gift then attach the printable gift tag.
  • If I can Give You a “Hand”–  All you have to do is attach the printable gift tag to a bottle of hand soap or hand sanitizer.
  • “Hands” Down the Best Teacher Around–  Of all the teacher gift ideas, this one might be the MOST useful! Attach these cute printable tags to an item. Certainly, hand soap, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, gloves, or even a gift certificate for a manicure would work!
  • You are a “Fantastic” Teacher–  Simply tie the cute printable tag around a bottle of Fanta soda, and never worry about teacher gifts again!
  • Teacher’s Treats–  Running out of teacher gift ideas? Fill a glass jar with your choice of treats and attach the cute lid labels on top.


Let your teacher know that you think they are the absolute best and that you really appreciate them! Browse through even more back to school teacher gifts and ideas below. The more ideas the merrier, right? End of school year gifts, or new teacher gifts, these ideas should spark some inspiration.

Funny Gift Idea

Presents to buy for teachers.

  • You are Gold–  Download and print the free tag and attach it to any gold gift. And just like that your back to school teacher gifts are taken care of!
  • I Love My “Tea”cher-  If you live in the south, this next item on our teacher gift ideas list is great! Fill up a mason jar with a variety of yummy herbal teas and add a note.
  • You are the Apple of Our Eye–  All you need is a gift card and the free, darling printables to make this apple gift cardholder.
  • Make No “Mistake” About It–   You’ll need some erasers, vinyl stencils, acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, and a small cardboard box to make this gift.
  • Teacher Appreciation Gift Card Holder–  Just choose your favorite printable gift card holder and attach a gift card!
  • Teacher Questionnaire–  This printable worksheet will make it EASY to give teacher gifts throughout the year they really like. And also it will be things they can actually use. So just print it out and ask your child’s teacher to fill it out!

End of Year Teacher Gifts

Let your child’s teacher know how much you appreciate them. Especially all of the time, work, effort, patience, and LOVE they have put into the school year! The end of the year is the perfect time to send a little extra love to teachers. They have been teaching and guiding your kids all year long. So it’s time to show our appreciation with great last day of school gifts for teachers!


23 End of the Year Teacher Gift Ideas

Teacher Ideas

What to give to a teacher.

Last Day of School Gifts

After a full year of learning, you should definitely say thank you! Here are some more fun end of school year teacher gifts. With so many end of school year gift ideas you should be all set for years to come!

Bus Driver Gift Ideas

BONUS Ideas for the Bus Driver

Most people remember to thank the teacher, but don’t forget the bus driver! It’s not an easy job driving those kids all around town. But the bus driver does a great job keeping kiddos safe and should definitely be remembered! So after you’ve found the great end of year teacher gift ideas, check out the bus driver gifts.

12 Creative Gift Ideas for the Bus Driver

What to get for a bus driver thank you gift.

Back to school teacher gifts.

Phew!  That should be enough ideas to find gifts for their ENTIRE school career.  You totally love us, huh? So many back to school teacher gifts to choose from!

For even MORE ideas, make sure to follow our “Teacher Gift Ideas” board on Pinterest. We’re always adding to it!

And don’t forget to check out our 25 Fun First Day of School Traditions. AND 30+ Ways to Celebrate Back to School could also be helpful!

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  1. May I humbly recommend to gift our hard working drivers with a very comfortable and durable work gloves? It’s going to be a great and useful present for them esp. if you make it personal like having their names printed on those gloves. Just my opinion. All your tips here for teachers, etc are lovely. If I was a teacher, I’d love to receive those. Great blog keep it up! 🙂

  2. Becca, what a fantastic round-up! I would have LOVED any of these gifts when I was teaching! I am going to have my little guy pick out one to do for his teacher this year:) So fun!