Winter Boredom Busters

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Winter Boredom Busters for Kids 

Ok. Christmas is done. The children are bored and the house is probably a little crazy (or maybe that is just you! ūüėČ You may be wondering what to do with the kids until school is back in session? No worries! We have tons of Winter boredom busters and activities¬†to keep the kids busy all winter long! You will love these ideas and so will your kiddos!

Winter Boredom Busters

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We have searched the web and have found the best of the best Winter Boredom Busters for you and your kids! These ideas are PACKED with activities that kids can do all winter long! Check out all the amazing¬†ideas we’ve found:

  • 16 Craft Boredom Busters
  • 16 Toddler Boredom Busters
  • 12 Frozen (the movie) Boredom Busters
  • 10 Outdoor Boredom Busters
  • 16 Educational Boredom Busters
  • 16 Exercise and Game Boredom Busters
  • 15 Cooking Boredom Busters

With so many ideas – you will never have to hear the phrase “I’m bored” from your kids! ENJOY¬†your winter with these great ideas, starting with…

Crafty Winter Boredom Busters

Kids love crafts! Let’s be honest Рwe all love crafts! Crafting with kids provides opportunities for creative growth. We have 16 winter-themed craft boredom busters for your kids to stay busy AND creative! 

Crafty Winter Boredom Busters

Toddler Boredom Busters1

17. Make Your Own Ball Pit РHours of fun! Create your own ball pit right at home!

18. I Spy Snowflakes РOpen young minds with a magnifying glass and black construction paper

19. Indoor Snowman Building¬†– When it’s too cold to play outside, bring the snow inside!

20. Velcro Sticks РPop some VELCRO circles on popsicle sticks and start making shapes.

21. Pinecone Weaving РAid fine motor growth with only yarn and pinecones.

22. Handprint Twister – Teach colors while having fun playing the classic game of Twister.

23. Gingerbread Kids -Take butcher paper + crayons + tracing = happy kiddos!

24. Soap Cloud РYou can even use the cloud to create personalized soaps for your littles.

Toddler Boredom Busters 2

25. Marshmallow Names РPromote literacy with marshmallows spelling activities. 

26. Toddler Tape Painting РGrab some painters tape and canvases to create original toddler art. 

27. Color Matching Squares РTeach color matching with everyday items and felt squares.

28. Snow Paint РYou actually use snow as paint! Just add food dye.

29. Muffin Tin Color Coordinating РTape colored circles in a muffin pan and have your toddler match colored items. 

30. Marshmallow Sensory Bin РSoft, fluffy, flat, jumbo, tiny marshmallows make for a fun sensory experience.

31. Go Fishing Indoors РEveryone loves a good day of fishing. This indoor fishing game will keep the kids busy for hours! 

32. Arctic Sensory Bin РArctic animals love ice and water Рso do kids!

12 Frozen Themed Winter Boredom Busters

I’m still not over¬†Frozen¬†and I’m going¬†to guess your kids aren’t either? Take a break from the movie to make some adorable DIY¬†Frozen¬†toys and activities.

12 Frozen Inspired Winter Boredom Busters

Outdoor Winter Boredom Busters 1

45. Cheerio Bird Feeder РFeed the birds! These original, chocolate, and multi grain Cheerios look beautiful and tasty!

46. Ice Luminaries РA beautiful result from some balloons, water, and tea lights.

47. Frozen Bubbles РNo bubbles inside during winter? No problem! Learn how to make frozen bubbles while playing outside. 

48. Kool-Aid Snow Paint РAn easy way to color the snow with squeeze or spray bottles and some Kool Aid. 

49. Potato-head Snowman РButtons and carrots not required, just your Mr.Potato Head supplies and enough snow to make a snowtato!

Outdoor Winter Boredom Busters2

50. Upside Down Snowman РA fun twist on an old classic Рbuild your snowman backwards!


51. Colored Ice Sculptures РSpark some creative genius with colored ice sculptures. 

52. Winter Scavenger Hunt РGet out and see what the winter world holds. Explore your winter wonderland with this creative Winter Scavenger Hunt. 

53. Build-A-Snowman Set РNever need a carrot again! Make these sweet snowman features to use year after year. 

54. Duct Tape Sled¬†– If you forgot to purchase sleds, don’t sweat it! Pull out an old cardboard box and enlist the kids’ help in covering it with duct tape.

16 Educational Winter Boredom Busters

Just because school is out doesn’t mean we want the kids to stop learning! Stretch their smarts by experimenting with the following brain boredom busters!¬†

16 Educational Winter Boredom Busters

Educational Boredom Busters1pg

55. Animal Sewing Cards РKids can practice their fine motor skills with this sewing activity. 

56. Car Park РMatch numbered cars with their numbered slots. This activity is fun AND educational! 

57. Snowball Science РIn the freezer, the refrigerator, or the table. Where will the snowball melt?

58. Fizzy Ice РBaking soda and vinegar with ice and food coloring make for a fizzy, foamy, colorful activity!

59. Let it Snow! Winter Counting Activities РCreate mittens out of felt or card stock and assign a number. Kids then assign the correct amount of snowflakes to each mitten. 

60. DIY Sundial РUse a paper towel and cardboard box to learn how to tell time by the sun.

61. Dancing Worms РBaking soda and vinegar do so many fun things. See what happens to gummy worms.

62. Magic Foaming Snowman¬†–¬†This cute little snowman is going to melt in a very foamy fashion.¬†

Educational Boredom Busters2

63. Melt a Mini (Indoor) Snowman РBring the snow indoors and see a snowman melt and temperature change with the use of a hairdryer. 

64. Uno Twist РMatch Uno card colors and/or numbers.

65. Snow Slime¬†–¬†Experiment with white school glue and water – What could happen?!

66. Grow a Crystal Tree РLearn why crystals grow up the cardboard with this tree cutout. 

67. Marshmallow Tinker Toys РThe world needs more engineers, get your kids started with marshmallows and toothpicks.

68. Read a Word РBuild a Snowman РWhat better motivation to read than an adorable snowman?

69. Mitten Match Up РMemory is always a hit, winterize their favorite game with mittens.

70. Winter Garden¬†–¬†We need green in our lives! Bring some to your home with your windowsill winter garden.

16 Exercise and Game Winter Boredom Busters

Even the snow can’t stop the wiggles. Get your kids moving with these new and exciting games and exercises.¬†

16 Winter Game Boredom Busters

Game Winter Boredom Busters1

71. Emotional Animal Dice Game РCombine an animal with an emotion and create funny memories.

72. “Snowball” Shooters¬†– A fun variation of a snowball fight!

73. Indoor Snowball Fight¬†– If you don’t get snow where you live – simply use cotton balls or batting¬†to hold a snowball fight indoors!¬†

74. Indoor Flashlight Games РNight comes early in the winter months Рmake it fun with some flashlight games. 

75. Spider Web Course¬†– String up a “web” and challenge¬†the kids to move through it without touching the strings!¬†

76. Race Track РThe only supplies you need for this activity are tape, cars, and your kiddos.

77. Nerf Gun Range РThis activity is sure to please! Set up some cups and grab the Nerf gun to open up your shooting range.

78. Snowman Bowling РDIY snowman bowling uses tissue boxes and can be done inside or outside.

Game Winter Boredom Busters2

79. Stuffed Animal Run РThis game was made for kids, by kids! Toss the stuffies on the ground and run, run, run around!

80. Kids DANCE Videos¬†– Link up to some incredibly fun dance instruction for the kids… and you!

81. Pom Pom Race РCreate a tape track, find some pom poms and a straw and start blowing!

82. Animal Yoga for Kids РYoga promotes balance and focus, animals promote fun.

83. ABC Exercise Cards РCombine letter practice with movement in this fun activity. 

84. Balloon Ping Pong¬†– Cardstock or paper plates work perfect for the “paddles” and a balloon will be the perfect ball (and it won’t break your nice vase!).

85. Monster Punching Bag Р Kids get moving as they use a DIY Monster as a punching bag!  

86. Penguin Waddle Race РThis site has movement and exercises that come with a large side of giggles.

15 Cooking Boredom Busters

I’m always down for a snack and so are the little ones! Combine the¬†two and you’ve got a fun afternoon whipping up something good to eat.

15 Winter Cooking Boredom Busters

Cooking Boredom Busters 1

87. Winter Bento Boxes РThese cute snack boxes are all the rage! Make yours with these fun winter themes.

88. Penguin Banana Pops¬†– If you’re a banana lover, you’ll love them even more once they are dressed up in chocolate and looking like penguins.

89. Tortilla Snowflakes РTake those paper snowflake cutting skills and apply them to some delicious cinnamon tortillas. 

90. Snow Ice-cream РFind some nice WHITE snow before whipping up this homemade ice-cream. 

91. Chocolate Trees РSquare shaped chocolate cereal and powdered sugar combine for little trees of chocolatey goodness. 

Cooking Boredom Busters 2

92. Snowman Pancakes РEasy to make and delicious to eat Рthat is my style! 

93. Chocolate Dipped Clementines with Sea Salt РClementines are perfect this time of year. Your kids will love dipping them in chocolate and sprinkling sea salt for a tasty treat. 

94. Nutella Banana “Sushi”¬†– Snack time fun with bananas and Nutella, and who doesn’t love Nutella!?

95. Snowman Sundaes РTurn an ice-cream treat into a cute little ice cream snowmen.

96. Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshakes РThis Chic-Fil-A copycat shake is to die for! Delicious! 

Cooking Boredom Busters 3

97. Snowman Pizza РFabulous twist for pizza night Рbuild a snowman pizza!

98. Polar Bear Vanilla Milkshake РEmpty honey bear containers hanging around? Put them to an ingenious seasonal use by filling them with this delicious vanilla milkshake.

99. Penguin Chili¬†– Chili and cheese are winter’s lifeblood. Put them together in penguin form to get your littles excited for dinner.

100. Snowman “Soup” {White Hot Chocolate}¬†– Crockpot + hot chocolate create a delicious drink for winter.

101. Peanut Butter Snowballs РSnowballs are fun, peanut butter snowballs are even better. 

With SO MANY ideas – ¬†you should easily get through this winter! Next time you hear the dreaded, “I’m bored!” just whip out one of these quick and easy boredom busters and turn that pouty frown upside down!

For more boredom busters check out Candice’s 101 Summer Boredom Busters. If you are looking for some fun for just you and your honey, hop over to Kari’s 65 Fabulous Winter Date Ideas. Don’t forget to keep checking The Dating Divas for more hints on making it through the chilly months!


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