12 Free Sexy Christmas Coupons

DIY Printable Christmas Coupons

12 ready-to-go printable Christmas coupons with a sexy flair – what could be better than that? If you’re like us, you’re always looking for the best Christmas gift ideas for your spouse, but can it be tough or what?! Well, you can stop your search here, because we’ve created the best (and sexiest!) Christmas gift experience for you and your snow bunny! The best part? It’s FREE!

12 Sexy Days of Christmas Coupons

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The Design

Sexy Christmas Gift Ideas for Him or Her

 Christmas gift ideas were never so cute and coordinated as these 12 Sexy Days of Christmas Coupons designed by the fabulously gifted Kensie Kate! She has a talent for mixing patterns and colors for an eye-popping look and carefully works with you to create the best possible product! You NEED to go check out her website. Like right now! We promise you will not be sorry!

{We really cannot get over the festive and bright colors accentuated by the pop of dazzling, glittering gold!}

Pre-Made Sexy Christmas Coupons

12 Days of Sexy Christmas

We’ve found that gifting an experience to your spouse can be so much more memorable and rewarding than a store-bought gift, so we’ve created 12 Sexy Days of Christmas Coupons! Not only is your spouse going to love this Christmas gift idea, you’ll be reaping the benefits as well {Wink}! That’s what we call a win-win situation, my friends!

Best Sexy Christmas Gift Ideas

Forget a huge, creative production! This is for all our readers who are a little less crafty or simply don’t have the time for an elaborate Christmas gift idea. We definitely understand that you still want your gift to have heart! Our pre-made set includes an introduction card to let your sweetheart know what to expect over the 12 days as well as 21 Sexy Activity Cards and utilizes items you have around your house already!

Sexy Christmas Present Ideas

The 12 Sexy Coupons

  1. Hot & Lathered – The rush of the season can leave us feeling stressed, so let’s wash the day away…together!
    1. Diva Tip: Find a festive shower gel or take it to the next level with a bath bomb!
  2. Baby It’s Cold Outside – So let’s heat things up! We’ll be getting cozy in close quarters by the fire.
    1. Diva Tip: Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you can cue up one of the many videos of burning logs which pop up around the holiday season! That’s sure to bring a laugh to your spouse’s lips!
  3. Jaw-dropping Christmas Card – Get ready to have the sexiest photo shoot ever. Wear something steamy and meet me in the bedroom.
    1. Diva Tip: Pick your spouse’s favorite get-up or give them a nice, new surprise, and make sure your bedroom is clean!
  4. No Place Like Home for the Holidays – Our bed has some great memories, but let’s make some more at a new location in our home!
    1. Diva Tip: For this one, make sure you pick a time during which you won’t be disturbed by anyone else!
  5. Jingle Bell Rock – Today we are going to steam things up with some dirty dancing. Bring your favorite music and naughtiest moves!
    1. Diva Tip: If you’re feeling a little awkward, turn down the lights and turn up the music!
  6. Being Naughty Feels Oh So Nice – It’s time to bring out the dirty talk and describe our deepest fantasies in every naughty detail.
    1. Diva Tip: A little shy? Try writing down what you’ve been wanting to do, and then have your spouse read it out loud.
  7. Baby Please Come Home! – Because I want to get my hands on you! Massage anyone?
    1. Diva Tip: Don’t feel like you have to spring for a really expensive massage oil — though you totally can! Lotion or coconut oil works great too!
  8. You Know Dasher and Dancer… – Just like the reindeer we have our favorite position, but let’s try switching our line up!!
    1. Diva Tip: We think you’ve got this one under control {Wink}!
  9. Santa Baby – Let me tell you what I want for Christmas. Take a seat and enjoy the show!
    1. Diva Tip: Be bold and give your sweetheart a lap dance!
  10. Sensually Sweet Treats – Let’s sneak away with some leftover Christmas treats, but WE are going to be each others’ plates! Bring your appetite!
    1. Diva Tip: Make sure to put aside some of your honey’s favorite sweets earlier in the week!
  11. Twas the Sexy Night Before Christmas – Tonight we are going to have a sexy sleepover you’ve only dreamed of, but we won’t be getting much sleep tonight!
    1. Diva Tip: Start a tradition of getting sexy sleepwear for Christmas Eve!
  12. Merry Christmas, Sexy! – All the presents have been claimed…except one. Meet me under the tree to SLOWLY unwrap our final gift.
    1. Diva Tip: This time focus on “unwrapping” each other slowly. Or you really could spring for a final, sexy gift of your choice!

DIY Christmas Present

 DIY Sexy Christmas Present Ideas

Now, say you don’t love one of the cards we’ve created for you? No problem! Switch it out with one of your own making! Our pack includes blank cards which you can use to create alternative cards or a whole alternative set for next year while still utilizing Kensie’s beautiful designs! Remember this is a gift from YOU, so don’t be afraid to make it your own! After all, you know best what will peak your spouse’s interest {Wink}!

Sexy Christmas Gifts - 12 Days of Sexy Christmas

So, really! What are you waiting for?! Print these beauties on some of this, grab some of the supplies above and you will be all done! This has got to be the easiest Christmas gift idea that still creates a TON of connection between the two of you!

Have a Merry, Sexy Christmas!

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12 Sexy Days of Christmas Coupons

Printables Designed By Kensie @ Kensie Kate Exclusively For The Dating Divas


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