12 Sexy Days Of Christmas

Sexy Christmas Countdown

Looking for a Christmas countdown that’s more naughty than nice? Our revamped and refreshed 12 Sexy Days of Christmas will make NIGHTTIME your favorite holiday tradition! The 12 Sexy Nights of Christmas printable download includes everything needed for you and your holiday honey to have yourselves a very Merry Christmas. From the bold bed backdrop to twelve colorful quilt squares, we’re sure our calendar is unlike any you’ve ever seen. This is one sexy Christmas countdown that should be on everyone’s list!

12 Sexy Nights of Christmas: Sexy Christmas Countdown

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Diva Disclaimer

A huge holiday thank you to Courtney at Paperelli for creating such wonderfully whimsical images! We couldn’t have done it without her! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop!

12 Sexy Nights of Christmas Calendar: Sexy Christmas Countdown

Ready to trade in those cuddles for something a bit more saucy? Our 12 Sexy Nights of Christmas countdown calendar is the perfect printable to do just that! Not only will its festive design serve to spice up the bedroom, but the hands-on component will leave the two of you feeling a little more than inspired…

12 Sexy Nights of Christmas Quilt: Sexy Christmas Countdown

Assembly is easy as pie and we’re here to help! Simply attach the top and bottom bed pieces, and slip on that Santa hat for an extra holiday vibe!

12 Sexy Nights: Sexy Christmas Countdown

Let the individual Christmas quilt squares take center stage on your beautiful bed backdrop—just the ticket for a ride (or twelve!) to remember! Simply cut, apply a thin strip of adhesive to the bottom, left, and right sides of each square, and affix to its coordinating outline!

12 Sexy Nights of Christmas Inserts

Next, come the inserts – they’re as cute as they are clever! Each Christmas themed prompt will have you oh-so-excited for that long winter’s nap (no sleeping needed).

12 Sexy Nights of Christmas for Couples

Once your calendar is complete, you’re ready to do the deeds! Take turns selecting and reading each evening’s task and get ready for 12 hot nights of sexy delights! It’s going to be a magical Christmas, in more ways than one…

12 Sexy Nights of Christmas Bed

Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I love the smells, the meaning of the season, the giving hearts, and the love that permeates the air! As a rule I try not to get caught up in the busyness of the Christmas season but busyness always seems to sneak in. I have to remind myself that simple is best and it always is! For those of you who are just like me and tend to get busy, you might put quality time with your spouse to the back burner. This year, with Diva Becca’s fabulous idea, we are going to change that.

To get these printables… scroll ALL the way to the bottom of this post for the download link!

*      *      *      *      *

You are going to make plenty of time for your spouse with The 12 Sexy Days of Christmas!

 You will fulfill their wishes, spend plenty of quality time together, and make all their Christmas dreams come true!

 Before we begin Becca is going to tell you a little about how this post came about…

“Three years ago, I was trying to come up with a great Christmas present for my husband on a very small budget.  I asked him what he wanted and he replied, “You KNOW what I want.” I just laughed and said, “No really, what do you want?” He looked me straight in the eye and said, “Why can’t I want that? I just want YOU.”  So I decided that for Christmas, I wanted to give my husband a happy, stress-free wife and a WHOLE lot of lovin’.

 And that is how The 12 Lays of Christmas came about!

 I sat down and wrote up some flirty poems to add a sexy twist to the 12 Days of Christmas.  My friend, Cher, even came up with some fun printables to go with them on her blog, Love Actually.  And I have to say- it was a major HIT!  Hand downs- his favorite Christmas present EVER!  *wink*  And I’m SO excited that Michelle has come up with this NEW and IMPROVED version to share with you!   Take it away, Michelle!”

Without any further ado, allow me to introduce you to the…


My husband and I have one very important Christmas tradition that was started our first year of marriage. The only gift we are allowed to exchange with each other is a love letter that reflects upon the year, our growing love, and the excitement we have for next year.  Now what does that have to do with this post?! Thanks to Becca’s idea and Paige’s help I’m adding the 12 Sexy Days of Christmas to our Christmas traditions because I love it THAT much!!! After you read this post you are going to want to add this to your traditions too!!!


 The Gift

Grab a cute little box, I used a snowflake take-out box, to place all of your lovely, sassy, flirty, and teasing ornaments into.  Place the first day of Christmas ornament, any additional items, and the note card into the box. Put on the finishing touches by tying the 12 Days of Sexy Christmas tag to the box with a ribbon. Place the gift next to your tree for your spouse to discover. Upon opening the gift place the ornament on the tree as a reminder of what’s in store! Each day you will prepare a sexy rendezvous for the two of you. On each new day place the ornament into the box for your excited spouse to open!


The Ornaments

Aren’t these ornaments beautiful?! A big shout out to Sameeha of The Inked Leaf for making these printables.  She is divine to work with and always makes what I’ve imagined ah-maz-ing.  Head on over and take a peek at her lovely designs, you will see why we love her so much!

To make each ornament or tag into a hanging ornament, punch a hole at the top and tie a ribbon through.

Each ornament has an accompanying little gift to help you fulfill your sexy deeds.

The items needed are:

Day 1: One Pear Sugar Scrub or any body scrub will do

Day 2: Two chocolate turtles or Dove chocolates

Day 3: Three hershey kisses

Day 4: One Whistle

Day 5: Five golden rings tied with a ribbon around a several lingerie outfits.

Day 6: Six Rolo’s

Day 7: One bottle of Temptations Dreamy Bubble Bath or Feeling Smitten Bath Bombs (these were on Oprah’s favorite things, they are ah-maz-ing!!!) along with Crayons and Finger Paints

Day 8: One box of Milk Duds

Day 9: A romantic CD

Day 10: One Mountain Dew

Day 11: One toy pipe/flute Whistle

Day 12: A ticket for a private drumming session and the note finishing the 14 Sexy Days of Christmas (these are found on the last page of the printables)



The Tree 

Thanks to my hubbies snipping skills we put together this twig tree. Making your own tree will be simple and easy all you need to do is find a tree with pretty twigs, snip them off at the length you would like, and carefully arrange the twigs to look like a pretty tree! Place your twig tree into a mason jar that you’ve covered with burlap and ribbon. Place in your room in a cozy place that is easily seen by the two of you.

Some of you might be thinking this is way too much work for just one gift. I completely agree with you! Keep this tree up all year round and create a sexy countdown for different occasions. On Valentines replace the red ribbon with a pink one and make sexy coupons out of  hearts to hang from the tree. In March write reasons they are “lucky” on shamrocks and use a green ribbon. For April, use a pastel ribbon and hang easter eggs with steamy gifts inside them. In July use stars to hang on the tree and tie with a patriotic ribbon. When Halloween arrives hang treats on the tree with little coupon notes wrapped around them and use an orange ribbon. For November hang leaves from the tree and tie with a brown or white ribbon. And we all know what to do in December! See how much fun this twig tree made just for the two of you will become!!!


 The End

On the last day of the Sexy Days of Christmas, after you have fulfilled your treat, present this little enticing note.

Is it the end? No this is just the beginning!!!  As long as you keep your spouse a priority, the two of you will enjoy countless love making sessions!!!

The Printables

Grab your 12 Sexy Days of Christmas printables. Print onto glossy sheets of cardstock for a very shimmery look! To make the card follow the instructions on the page with the card.

To keep up the sexy fun during Christmas check out Merry Kiss-mas, Santa’s Cookies Bedroom Game, and The Sexy Stocking.

No more stalling, gather all your items and fill your Christmas season with lovin’, in and out of the bedroom!


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I'm a friendly gal who's obsessed with all things marriage and Hubby-related :). When I'm not having adventures with my Sweetheart, you can find me in photographer mode, deep in a Netflix binge, or getting my sweat on - after all, 'endorphins make you happy!' I also enjoy treasure hunting (aka. thrifting), dark chocolate, and eating as much sushi as possible!

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59 Responses to 12 Sexy Days Of Christmas

    1. Hi Jenn! You should have started 12 days before Christmas. If you haven’t started yet, that’s ok. If you start tomorrow, you’ll go past Christmas. If you start on Christmas the two of you will enjoy each other for the week and a half after Christmas, which is a great way to start the year! Hope this helps! Merry Christmas! xox

    1. Hi Crystal! If you don’t have a tub, maybe you can just create a “spa” type environment in your room with candles, some soothing music, and maybe give each other massages?

  1. I LOVE THIS IDEA! I attempted to do it last yea but ran out of time. I had a branch last year but gave it away (because I thought I wouldn’t use it) so this year I found a $20.00 pre-lit branch type tree at Wal-Mart. I ran the printable off on white cardstock and laminated them. I also set up the tree on a round table in my bedroom with a few plastic diamond looking things to cover the boring bottom of the tree. My husband and i have a peacock theme going on so I added a few peacock feathers and peacock bags to the table for some decor. It looks fantastic!

    I would love to order these printables but have the colors changed. Where can I do that?

    1. Hi Iliana! Wow! Thank you for your fabulous comment! I love that you had them laminated to make them more sturdy… great idea! And if you want to order them but in a different color, you can contact Sameeha, the designer. She is linked up on the website! Good luck!

    1. Hi Becky! We’re SO glad you love it and would like to try it out! In terms of downloading, be sure to click directly on the “Click To Download Our” bar near the bottom of the post. That should bring up your PDF file!:) If you’re still having trouble accessing it, let us know! We’d be happy to have a member of our Customer Service team email it to you!

    1. Kendra, thank you so much for your comment! Feel free to make any necessary adjustments or substitutions according to your (and your sweetie’s) tastes! You might also consider taking a look at some of our other festive posts- there’s truly something for everyone! Wishing the both of you a very Merry Christmas! 🙂

  2. Hi! What a great idea. I took this idea and made it my own. We don’t have a bathtub big enough for two and we don’t like soda or candies like Rolo. So I’m going to rewrite them with different ideas.

    Also, just a note– the 12 Days of Christmas start on December 25th and end on Epiphany, January 6th.

    1. Lisa, thank you SO much for sharing what made this successful for you!:) While we like to use this idea as a specific countdown to Christmas Day itself (ie. the 25th), feel free to make it your own by tweaking the days as you wish! We hope you and your sweetie enjoy this idea for years to come!

    1. Hi Kat! Thanks for reaching out! 🙂 This post contains TWO different sets of printables so I can definitely see your confusion! However, if you scroll down to very end of the post, you’ll see a pink box with the wording “Click to Download Our” followed by light green wording that says “12 Sexy Nights of Christmas.” If you click on that pink box, you’ll get the printables you need. Let us know if you need help with anything else and hope you enjoy the countdown! Xoxo

  3. I’m so excited to try this!! I have always wanted to do 12 days of Christmas for my husband in a sexy way… but I am not creative with stuff like this!

    One question…. we are not fans of lingerie or dancing. Do you have any other suggestions on what to replace that with?

    1. Hi Des! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! 🙂 I think you guys are in for a real treat with this idea- it’s A LOT of fun! To replace the lingerie and dancing, here are a few ideas (and titles if you need them!): ice-play (Ice-Ice Baby), full body massage (Mistletoe Massage), a naughty gift of any kind (Naughty or Nice?), string up Christmas lights in the bedroom (Let it Glow), back-to-back sexy time (Checkin’ it Twice) etc. Those are just off the top of my head but DEFINITELY feel free to switch things up and make it your own! Let us know if you have any other questions and hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Xoxo <3

  4. Hey- I’m having a hard time finding the printables for the “bed” version. I can find the ornaments, but really would like the other version… any help?

    1. Hi Amy! If you scroll to the very end of the post, you’ll see a pink box with white wording that says “Click to Download Our,” followed by “12 Sexy Nights of Christmas.” Give that pink box a click and you should be good to go! 🙂 Let us know if you have any other questions! Xoxo

  5. Hey! I love this idea. But is there a blank version of the ornament or the tag? I would like to change some of them slightly like the bathtub one, I don’t have a bathtub but I can’t seem to figure out a way to edit them. Can you please help me, I really want to do this idea.

    1. Hi Maria! So glad you love the idea. 🙂 Unfortunately, there isn’t a blank version of either the ornament or the tag but don’t let that stop you! Many readers switch/replace things to make the idea work for them and I’d definitely encourage you to do the same. You could create your own ornament to replace the bathtub one, or even try tracing one of the original ornaments and adding your own wording! 🙂 Hope this helps! Xoxo

    1. Hi Jaime! Thanks for reaching out! 🙂 If you scroll down to the very end of the post, you’ll see a pink box with white wording that says, “Click to Download Our” followed by “12 Sexy Nights of Christmas.” Give that pink box a click and the PDF download should open for ya! Let us know if you have any other questions! Merry Christmas! Xoxo

    1. Hi Madison! Scroll on down to the very end of the post until you see the pink bar with white writing that says: “Click to Download Our” – give that pink bar a click and you should be good to go! 🙂 Enjoy!