12 Sporty and Active Date Ideas

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The Dating Dudes:

Why We Loved The Sporty Date Kit

As you have probably figured out, the Divas are all married to some pretty amazing men. We love them with all of our hearts! BUT – one thing that we hear over and over again from them is how they wish we had more “manly” dates up on our site. We are well aware that most of our FANTASTIC readers are women, but we’ve been gaining more and more eager male followers lately, and we are thrilled about it!

Our #1 goal is to strengthen your marriage, so to see couples working together and coming to our website as a team is soooo huge to us. We want to make our site a good place to come for anyone to plan a fun date for their spouse. So – we decided to start a new little category, just for our male readers!

Say “hello” to The Dating Dudes!

The Dating Dudes are inspiring men who put our ideas to the test! We thought we’d kick off our new category with our newest gorgeously fun product, The Sporty Date Night Kit.

These are such fantastic active date night ideas!

Jake & Catharine

Here is what Jake had to say about our Sporty Date Night Kit:

“My wife loves to cycle. To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect for date night – would we just bike around? What is so unique about that? When I saw all that was involved and included in the pack, though, I became immediately excited. There is so much to all of these dates – every single one of them, all year long! The photo scavenger hunt was so much fun – these active date ideas were really unique, and some tasks made us laugh pretty dang hard. (Plus, one of the tasks was kiss each other. Always a good thing.) It’s fun to do something on the more active side with my wife, and it was really easy to put together because everything was already planned.”

These are really fun active date ideas - puts a unique twist on classic sports!

Heather & Marcos:

“It was fun to do something out of the norm. I’m glad we got to be around a golf atmosphere because I enjoy golf a lot. My favorite part was getting to hang out with my wife while playing one of my favorite sports.” – Marcos

These are some really fun sport date ideas, and really easy to plan!

Megan & Tom

“I played soccer when I was a kid, and it was such a big part of my life for a long time. I really enjoyed getting to show off my skills (my wife was way impressed – she had no idea!) and enjoyed teaching her a few things along the way. It was really nostalgic for me, and I liked having my wife be a part of my past. It was way more fun than drilling and practice as a kid – if we’re being honest, it’s probably due to the fact that it was hot that day, and my wife looked smokin’.” – Tom

All of these dates are really easy sport date ideas!

Shanelle & Brigham

“I liked this date because it got us outdoors and doing something active. I also like that it requires minimum prep and equipment – the park already had the net, we just needed a ball.  I always enjoy getting fed delicious food and treats – it’s even better if I get to pick what I want to eat. It was also just fun horsing around in the sand.” – Brigham

These active date nights are all really fun and easy to plan.

Carisa & Scott

“My wife and I love being outside doing things that help us stay fit. This date was so fun because we got to do something active together that we both love. I can’t wait to do it again!” – Scott

I really like these active date ideas - they are fun and easy to plan!

Our Sporty Date Night Pack seems like it gets a giant “YES” from The Dating Dudes!

So grab your Sporty Date Night Pack! You are going to LOVE the unique twists we put on traditional games you know and love. It’s such an easy way to liven up date night. Plus – there’s tons of sports-related intimate ideas to top off the evening… and I’ll just leave it at that!

Get your Sporty Date Night Pack today, and get to planning all of these fun and active date ideas ASAP!

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  1. I gave this to my husband for Christmas. I was so excited because I knew what adventures would be inside. After our first sporty date, he told me he totally underestimated the value of my gift.

    1. Leeann, we LOVE hearing that! Sounds just like my hubby! I thought he would think things were “cutesy” but he loves them and looks forward to them! Thank you so much for sharing and your kind words! XO