52 Weekly Date Night Ideas

Weekly Date Night Ideas for a Whole Year!! 

Date night is such an important part of staying connected as a couple! We know that you (our lovely readers) want fun, new and exciting date ideas, that are all prepped and ready to go, so that dating your spouse is EASY! That’s why we put together this adorable 52 Dates for Two album – with a date for every week of the year. That’s right, OVER 52 weekly date night ideas comin’ at ya! The fun part is, after you complete each weekly date night, you can jot down memories and add a photo to make this a memorable keepsake that you can enjoy for years to come! What a fun book for your kids to look at too… they will know you are working hard on your relationship and it will set a great example!

In LOVE with this 52 Weekly Dates Night Ideas printable! There are 52 date night cards to plan dates for a whole year. #TheDatingDivas #WeeklyDateNight

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Oh my lanta! Before we even dive into putting this weekly date night book together, just look at how gorgeous these are! 52 date night cards designed by the lovely Alexa from Alexa Z Design! They are bright and fun with so many fun patterns that will make you smile. And not to mention take the stress out of planning your weekly date night ideas!

Weekly Dates Night Cards

Weekly Date Night Ideas Pack

Here’s a little sneak peek of what you’ll find in the 52 Dates for Two pack:

  1. Steps & Tips for Putting the Album Together – We wanted to make the assembly process as easy as possible for you! And once you’re done with this part, you’ve got weekly date night covered for the rest of the YEAR!
  2. Gift Tags and Instruction Card – To give your gift of weekly date night a more personal touch, we have a variety of cute tags to choose from.
  3. 52 Weekly Date Night Cards – Bright and colorful cards with an exciting date for every week of the year!
  4. Blank Cards & Photo Cards – So that you can add your own fun weekly date night ideas!!
  5. 16 Bonus Date Cards – To give you even more weekly date night ideas to choose from!

Weekly Date Night Ideas Kit

Don’t know where to start!? No worries! We’ve included everything you need to know to put these printables together as a gift! It would be great for your spouse or for a wedding gift for a couple just beginning their own little adventure. Can you imagine getting such a meaningful gift to help you start off your marriage? Any newlywed couple (or just ANY couple!) could use a year of weekly date night ideas!

Ready to make this fun, romantic, and unique keepsake? Let’s get started!

Weekly Date Night Ideas Album

To make the 52 Dates for Two album, first you’ll need to print off all 52 date night cards and find a 4×6 photo album to keep them all safe! We love this one because it allows you to showcase the date night picture right next to the date card! No matter what album you choose, make sure it has enough slots for at least 52 date cards. Once you have everything printed and cut down to size, place the date cards into the album. Now it’s ready to gift….

Weekly Date Night Ideas for Two

When putting together this gift, you’ll want to wrap it up and personalize it with an adorable gift tag. Simply choose one of our prepped and ready-to-go gift tags. We’ve included tags for your spouse, as well as tags to use for a wedding gift!

Weekly Date Night Ideas Gift Tags

We’ve also included an Instruction Card that explains how to use the gift!

Weekly Date Night Gift

Using the 52 Date Night Cards

If you’re giving this gift to your spouse, you’ll both benefit! We love these kinds of gifts… you know, the kind that get you excited to date your spouse AND strengthen your marriage for a whole year!! There’ll be no excuse for not having a date night, plus you’ll make so many fun memories along the way! After all, that’s what weekly date night is all about!

Dates for Two Bonus Cards

Set up the date card album by choosing 52 dates from the cards provided. We’ve come up with 52 general date cards, plus 16 bonus cards that have some of our FAVORITE dates from our website. So many choices!!!!!

Dating Divas Year of Dates for Two Categories

When weekly date night comes along, you can use the categories on the date cards to help you decide. Looking for something out-on-the-town? Just look for all the cards that have that box checked! Want something for at home after the kids are in bed?? All those categories are checked, too. Now it’s easy to plan a date that works for your weekly schedule.

52 Dates for Two

Date Night Pictures

Don’t forget to take pictures of each date! Making memories is the best part and now you can capture those memories and keep them right along with the date card, where there is a space to record some of your favorite thoughts and moments from your date. Take a few selfies or even set up a tripod and get some more natural looking pictures so that years later you can look back on all your romantic and fun date memories!

Then add them to your album!!

Weekly Date Night ideas

I bet you can’t wait to start filling up your own 52 Dates for Two album!! Go ahead and click now to get all the printables for this gorgeous album that will enhance your marriage with a weekly date night for a whole year!

52 Dates for Two Album

Weekly Date Night Cards Printing Options 

To make life even EASIER for YOU, we’ve created 2 different printing formats to put together this album. Both of these options will be available when you purchase the kit!

  1. PDF file– Print this on cardstock at home or send to a print shop and then cut out each card.
  2. 4×6 JPEG files–  Download the JPEG files and send them to a photo printer (like Walgreens, Walmart etc.). No cutting, and each photo will only cost a few cents!

How do you get your hands on these printables for this gorgeous album that will enhance your marriage with a weekly date night for a whole year??!! Click below and make a weekly date night a reality by putting together your own 52 Dates for Two album!!

Download your

52 Dates for Two 

here for just


Add To Cart

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Take Back Date Night

Bring back those lovin’ feelings with our amazing Date Night Guide AND our 52 Dates for Two album! The Date Night Guide has planning materials and surveys to get you both on the same page for your date night expectations, along with some fun coupons and gift tags to get you both motivated to plan dates for each other!

Date Night Guide Questionnaire

This will give you a date night for every week of the year, along with all the tools to make it happen!

Date Night IOU Love Coupns

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Take Back Date Night Bundle

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  1. Is there a list of dates? I’m thinking of getting this for my husband for Christmas, but wanted to see what dates were included before I bought it.

  2. I just ordered this through the ultimate bundle. Are there photo albums that hold vertical pictures? I thought that I saw in the video of Tara explaining the bundle, that she had a photo album that held vertical photos while showing this off. I have looked in a few stores but have only been able to find photo albums that hold horizontal pictures.

    1. I’m pretty sure you can find both horizontal and vertical albums. We have a link to one in the post that is super cute! Good luck with your search!

    1. Katie, I JUST prepped this date last night because I am giving it to my hubby for Christmas. I printed it on regular since I wanted it to fit into a photo book- that way it isn’t too bulky and also since it doesn’t need to “stand on it’s own since it will be in the book! I am going to mount the tag on card stock and put a little hole punch through it. Hope that helps! XO